09/21/21 – The Re-Emergence of Skill & College Campus Intel

On Tuesday, 09/21/21, I ventured off to check out Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. It has a mid-sized student populace of 9,000 and is predominantly filled with cute Latinas. Overall, it’s a venue I’d consider hitting up again during the Winter when I need to game in-doors.

Before I officially begin this report, I’ve been scouting colleges campuses within Chicago to determine if they’re viable day game venues. The upcoming section will primarily be for my personal reference, but if you’re a pickup artist unafraid of gaming college cuties, feel free to use this as intel.

Northeastern Illinois University:

  • Tier List Score: B tier
  • Total Enrollment: 9,000 (mid-sized)
  • Gender Ratio: 59% female, 41% male
  • Observations:
    – Predominantly Latinas, barely any white girls – or anything else, really.
    – Lots of 5s, 6s and 7s.
    – Girls come from mostly poor or low middle class families.
    Pro: Relatively close to my apartment.
    Pro: Great for Winter temperatures due to hallways which connect to campus buildings.
  • Revisit?: Yes

Loyola University Chicago:

  • Tier List Score: A tier
  • Total Enrollment: 16,500 (large)
  • Gender Ratio: 67% female, 33% male
  • Observations:
    – Predominantly white girls, a few minorities scattered about.
    – Girls come from affluent upper middle class families
    Pro: Massively disproportionate gender ratios
    Pro: Lots of 7s, 8s and a few 9s.
    Pro: Perfect for street day game due to sheer amount of quality targets
    Con: Has Marquette University vibes (sheltered, boujie white girls)
    Con: Highly restricted access to campus facilities. Enforced by security personnel.
    Con: Coffee shops and instadate venues are sparse
  • Revisit?: Yes, with caution. Exclusively for street day game.

University of Illinois Chicago:

  • Tier List Score: C- tier
  • Total Enrollment: 33,000 (massive)
  • Gender Ratio: 52% female, 48% male
  • Observations:
    – Diverse student body. No one ethnic group dominated the campus.
    – Girls ranging from poor to low middle class families.
    Con: Lots of 4s, 5s and 6s. Who knew such a diverse community could birth so many ugly chicks lol
    Con: Far away from my apartment
  • Revisit?: No

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get back to the report.

Approach #1 – The Shy, Nerdy Latina

Synopsis: At Northeastern’s library, I met this isolated cute, 22 y/o Latina HB 6 scrolling through her phone. She was def the nerdy type, who giggled a ton and was going to college to learn finances. I ran a good mix of both comfort/value game, before closing my target to a cafe nearby. Once I moved her, we chatted a bit before she had to go. So, I snagged her number and we’ve been texting back and forth.

In my opinion, this was textbook game I ran prior to moving to Missouri.

It was smooth, calculated, and I was running with a plan in my head. Of course, this isn’t to say I’m 100% back to my old self, but if I had to give a wild ass guess, I’d say I’m 60% there lol.

I def did lots of things right, but quite a few things wrong at the same time.

What I Did Right:

Lead, Lead, Lead: I felt fully entitled to the Latina and therefore, my game wasn’t stifled one bit. I inherently knew I had much higher value than my girl, nor did I feel the need to prove myself. I ran textbook game on my target and felt like I did a particularly good job leading her when applicable.

Good Mix of Comfort/Value: Since I’m still practicing on “lowering the bar” out infield, I’m able to calibrate value based game when necessary. I may have thrown in too much value at times, but I def balanced it out with comfort.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Allow My Target To Qualify Enough: I kept talking… and talking… and talking. I don’t know why. If I had to re-do the set, I’d have the Latina qualify herself in the convo + let her contribute by asking me personal questions and getting to know me as a person.

Too High Value: I felt like I was waaaaay too confident and high value compared to the shy, nerdy Latina.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Allow My Target To Qualify Herself: JP states it’s best to let your target do all the work during instadates. As is, bringing her to the cafe cost me loads of social energy. After a while, I begin burning out. It’s best I conserve my energy for upcoming sets and let my target ask ME questions while I take a back seat.

Leveling: As stated above, I was too high value for this girl. If I leveled myself and dropped my value 1 or 2 points below, she’d feel much more relaxed.

Comments: N/A

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48yTbwXtriE

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