When I’m Infield, Practice F.R.E.D.

After gaming for approximately 1 1/2 weeks in Chicago, I discovered I get blown out way more than I should – particularly in college campuses. Yes, I do observational openers, but they’re not good enough. As fate has it, Todd V submitted a video on YouTube entitled “From Hello to Interested Every Time”, which details a model ensured to hook my target in all instances.

The model is called F.R.E.D.

Looking back, I’m able to execute ‘F.R.D’, as in Focus, Relevance, and Decision. I’m missing Emotion. Let’s look at each individual step.

Focus – I must get her to pay attention to me. This is easy enough and a step I already do. A simple “hey, excuse me,” is good enough.

Relevance – she needs to feel whatever I’m saying to me as a person must have relevance or meaning or something in her life. For example, “you have the most LA look I’ve seen all day.” It implies she has a fashionable sense and it specifically about her outfit.

Emotion – she needs to feel a compulsion to halt whatever resistance she to you. Use emotionally charged words like ‘troublemaker’, ‘devious’, etc. These kinds of phrases have a sexual, yet flattering connotation. It hints at a man-to-woman conversation. For example, let’s say I meet a liberal arts major, I could say, “Anyway, you look like trouble, but interesting.” IMPORTANT: I need to work on this.

Decision – make her accept the proposition. For example, “I’ve gotta go soon, but I’m a little curious about you. I’m Adam, and you are?”

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