Inner Game Strategies

Shower MeditationTrauma Energy Absorption

In this situation, I will meditate each time I go into the shower. I will be present in the moment, allowing myself to sit upright and intentionally bring trauma up. It will be embraced and converted into raw, dark side power.

It reminds me of how Plagueis trained Sidious on Mygeeto during the brutal, unforgiving cold. “Tell me how you killed them again,” but in this situ, “Bring up all your fears and worries again.”

Note: In Milwaukee, I used a blanket to cover me up while meditating in the shower. Not this time.

Conversion MeditationCovert Trauma Energy to Raw Energy

When a panic attack arises – or if I’m feeling anxiety/fear in general – don’t aim to get rid of it, but rather, embrace it as raw energy. You are a human being. Denying fear or anxiety is denying what makes me, well, me. The goal isn’t to eliminate natural human emotion – but to embrace it for what it is.

The Power of Now Out on Walks, Train Rides, Etc

This is a classic inner game strategy I’ve been working on since early 2021. As a pickup artist, I know I need to be present in the moment in set, but even more than that, being present in all aspects of my life. No matter if it’s talking to my co-workers, going grocery shopping on Tuesday afternoon, etc.

This is accomplished by clearing my mind -> going into my body -> projecting my focus out into the world.

When I’m talking to a girl, all I’d need to do is actively listen to what she’s saying and calibrate. Any and all outer game will come out by itself. Don’t worry about if I need to do a push-pull here, a qualifier there. No, just be present in the moment and trust yourself with the fun, flirty vibe that you’ll succeed.

Fun, Flirty VibeIn Set, As My Primary Vibe

While projecting sexual intent IS important, it’s far better to project a fun, playful, yet flirty vibe as my primary framework. Girls are inherently attracted to the cool guy who won’t judge them. Once attraction has been established, I’d still project my fun vibe, but that’s when I can begin injecting sexual intent on and off.

However, being a fun, cool guy isn’t as straightforward as, say, projecting sexual intent on and off.

What I’d need to do is this: Be present in the moment -> once that’s accomplished, give out a cocky smile; envision myself as the cool future Adam who knows what the fuck he wants ->open up the girl in a slow, meaningful tone that’s genuine and sympathetic.

It may take a bit of practice – or it may be immediate, we’ll see – but this is def a top priority frame in set.

Projecting Sexual IntentOn & Off Based on Calibration

Sexual intent is a mix of both outer game and inner game. It is a charged energy you project out into the real world. If utilized correctly, sexual intent is a powerful body language technique which switches the interaction from platonic -> Man-to-Woman without uttering a word. Of course, projecting too much sexual intent makes you look creepy. It’s why you’ve gotta flip it on and off – increase or release the pressure valve, if you will – to make it work correctly.

In this situ, I’d first and foremost convey a fun, flirty vibe to my target, before calibrating and projecting sexual intent.

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