Pickup Is About the Journey

You are a Jedi Knight of Pickup.

It is Monday, 10/04/21, and I have been gaming in Chicago for exactly 2 weeks now.

My first two weeks back, I focused on re-gaining my pickup skills, but I feel like I’m obsessed – way, way too focused – on becoming the “old PUA Adam”. When in reality, what made pickup fun and exciting was the journey itself. Yes, value-based concepts like push-pulls, qualifiers, etc are slowly manifesting back into my game repertoire; but I’m desperately trying to rush the process.

I’m in too much of a hurry to re-gain lost time.

This is why I’ve been getting blown out during day game so much.

Girls sense I’m not approaching with sincerity. Like they’re genuine, thinking people with emotions and desires. They’ve become a faceless number; stepping stones to brute force my way past without calibration or empathy.

In the past, I viewed pickup artistry like an MMORPG or hell – if you’re really into geeky shit – like a Force user from Star Wars who learns new Light Side / Dark Side techniques. It really solidified the idea pickup was a fun adventure. Better yet, it came off in set.

Of course, my old sticking points have reared their ugly head, too. For example, overgaming the girl when I gotta realize game is 70% comfort, 30% value. Be entitled. Trust yourself – because I am enough.

What I must do now is realign my mindset.

As John Sonmez states, “You can never really lose anything, because you have experience now. It’s just a matter of realizing that your game will constantly evolve. Don’t try and get back to the old, instead find the new new if that makes sense.”

Drop the ego. Let my game flow freely. Do not strive to replicate the past. That is impossible. I am a constantly shifting entity; fluid in all ways. Do not fight it. Accept my new journey in becoming a master pickup artist.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

I’m like a guy who started replaying his favorite video game and is just starting to relearn the controls.

Have fun.

IMPORTANT: Remember, inner game first. Techniques second.

IMPORTANT: Drop the ego. I cannot reiterate this enough. My ego is killing me. I must get worse before I get better once again.

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