10/06/21 – Being Present In The Moment + Projecting A Fun, Cool Guy Vibe

This field report will be short. It was created to showcase what a correct mindset can accomplish in set.

On 10/06/21, Wednesday, I ventured off to Loyola University since the Red Line was shut down due to a toppled over crane. I live literally a mile away, with the total walk being 20 minutes. It was given ample time to relax -> become present in the moment -> once I was 0.2 miles away from the campus, refocus on projecting a fun, cool guy frame.

It worked like a fuckin’ charm.

I met this 18 year old Indian chick who was sweet, receptive, and into me. Unfortunately, since I didn’t go to Loyola, she was a little on edge, but I project strong Light Side energy to keep her in set for a bit longer.

Of course, my verbal game and persistence could have used a little work, but my fundamentals were great.

This is how I will start my game session.

Walking to Red Line -> on the train, I will exclusively be present in the moment.

Once I hit downtown Chicago, focus on having a fun, cool guy vibe and use that as my framework while approaching.

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