10/09/21 – Something Better

On 10/09/21, Saturday, I ventured off from Grand Ave -> Washington Square Park -> Gold Coast -> Lincoln Park (the literal park and neighborhood) -> DePaul. It was a fuckin’ adventure where I met people on my journey to hit up different landmarks. Better yet, these neighborhoods were filled with receptive 7s and 8s, compared to the standoffish women you see at Magnificent Mile.

Therefore, I believe it’s in my best interest to heed SundaySermon’s advice and to exclusively focus on neighborhood game when college campuses aren’t in session.

Within my long trek from Grand Ave to DePaul, I did a few approaches, but two are worth logging in this report.

Approach #1The Far Left Extremist

Synopsis: During the first half of my journey, I was instructed to hit up ViTri in Gold Coast. Lots of hotties, but the trek was long. So I stopped at Washington Square Park, which was spacious and dotted in 7s. I met a girl: Soft HB 7, fit like a yoga instructor, receptive, yet bookish.

She was chilling in the park, reading a book in the shade. I opened the set and began running game.

Turns out, she was a far left extremist lol – like straight up hates anything right-wing, was a socialist, Antifa-aligned, etc. I didn’t care tho, since all I wanted was to snatch that ass.

Somehow, I managed to turn her from receptive -> highly receptive and at the end of the set, she asked me to text her.

Tried instadating her, but she had to go to work within 30-40 mins.

What I Did Right:

Focused on Comfort Over Value: Yes, while I tried instadating her and I suppose that could be additionally listed as ‘What I Did Right’, I have a strong tendency to overgame women. It’s been a sticking point of mine since I first began my pickup journey.

I’m extra proud of myself when I just keep present in the moment -> listen to what my girl is saying -> calibrate correctly no matter if it’s comfort or value.

Made A Narrative With Her: Even though my girl was a far lefty, I made a joke where we both should take over a country in the Bahamas. She’d be “La Presidente” and I’d be the cool, chief of security guy. It was a fun running joke between the both of us that lasted throughout the set.

Sticking Points:

Lack of Premise: My target had a vague idea I was attracted to her, but I didn’t project sexual intent nor injected subtle hints of a Man-to-Woman convo.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Presence + Fun, Cool Guy + Sexual Intent: What does that mean?

a.) As a foundation, be present in the moment.

b.) Next, with your foundations laid down, project a fun, cool guy frame as your primary vibe.

c.) Since I’m present in the moment and I’m a fun, cool guy girls love… let her know I’m a guy with balls and project sexual intent on and off; possibly throw in subtle premise to add a little spice.

Comments: Overall, pretty fuckin’ good set.

Approach #2The Pajamas Girl and Her Three-Legged Dog

Synopsis: During the last half of my day game session, I was dead tired. Therefore, I decided to hit up the Red Line in Lincoln Park, where I ran into the girl sporting pajamas and a three-legged dog. She was drunk, but a fun person. I initial thought she was in some NYC silk get-up, but after closer inspection, it was anything but lol.

She was from the South and moved to Chicago as a mental health worker.

The funny part is how I opened her. It was totally unintentional and I knew I wanted to continue approaching, but I wanted to warm myself up again. So I just said she had an adorable dog. After that, we managed to get into witty banter and things just started kicking off.

At the end, she said she’s a traditional girl and wants me to take her out to dinner.

We’re now texting back and forth.

What I Did Right:

Indirect, Unintentional Approach: I honestly didn’t intend to approach my target until I got a closer look and originally planned to use her dog as a warm-up. Thankfully, since she was cute, it worked out in my favor and I controlled the set with an inherent Man-to-Woman vibe.

Focused on Emotion: It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it. I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary and projected myself as this fun, cool guy girls love.

Sticking Points:

– N/A. Tried instadating her, making plans later on that night, etc. Did everything I possibly could.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– See Sticking Points.

Comments: It’s awesome making a true, unintentional indirect approach work. Truly has romantic comedy vibes.

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