10/12/21 – Patience > Dogma

On 10/12/21, Tuesday, I ventured off to DePaul University to try my hand at college campus day game before dipping into Lincoln Park proper. Needless to say, I’m performing better on the streets due to the fact it’s less densely populated and I’m able to game without worrying about eavesdroppers listening in. Unfortunately, I really wished I brought my mic yesterday afternoon.

I managed to do a few great sets which I did 90% good in and 10% bad. If I only recorded the 10% and sent it off to r/CovertPickup for analysis.

Nevertheless, I’m reminded the dangers of laziness and not devoting your body, mind and spirit to Game.

That will never happen again.

Approach #1The Ohio Trumpet Girl

Synopsis: After scouting ALL of DePaul University and determining vital intel when and where to game women, I did a few approaches that really didn’t go anywhere. However, I found DePaul’s School of Music and ran into this soft HB 7, trumpet player, who has moved into Chicago for approximately a month.

God damn, she was into me.

She fell into my frame – shit, even adapting how I spoke and carried myself – qualified herself, obeyed my leading and commands, and overall, while I don’t think we had instant chemistry, I loved how “submissive”, I suppose you can say she was. Despite her loud personality lol

However, I fucked up and I believe this defining moment killed any chance of contacting her again.

I knew I couldn’t lead the set any further, yet my target had class in 10 minutes. So I ejected out of set on a positive note. But…

When it came to number closing my target, she stated she was busy on Wednesday and mostly busy on Thursday. I became pushy since I didn’t want to lose the set. I told her it’s scientifically proven people forget another people’s faces within three days. And we should meet on either Wednesday or Thursday.

I wasn’t a relaxed, chilled dude who didn’t care since I’ve got 5 more girls on standby. In hindsight, I should’ve said, “Yeah cool, we’ll plan something out on text” or something like that.

I felt like I was too pushy – too needy, to be precise – and that killed it.

Remember: Yes, it’s optimal you meet a girl within 24-48 hours. That’s PUA dogma. But I met my ex-girlfriend on Monday and didn’t meet with her until Friday.

Patience > Dogma.

What I Did Right:

Virtually Everything: I ran push-pulls, qualifiers, was present in the moment, body language was on point. I did everything correctly.

Sticking Points:

Impatience: I suppose you could call this an experiment. I knew most numbers don’t generally pan out anyway, so I felt my value was high enough to try and push for a 24-48 hour meet up. If I calibrated correctly though, I should have just simply gone with Todd V’s text game plan and exclusively used texting for logistics.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Be Patient, Young Apprentice: Just find out her schedule for the week. State you’ll plan something out via text. That’s it. Once you begin texting, remember: Open -> flirty banter -> hit high note -> begin planning date.

Comments: We’ll get ’em next time.

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