10/14/21 – My Inner and Outer Game Goals

After returning to Chicago on 09/19/21, I struggled to get my bearings infield. I didn’t know what game skill I wanted to focus on, so instead I opted to, “get back into the feel of things,” before slowly but surely regaining my pickup skillset.

I’d say I’m doing relatively well now. While I haven’t 100% got everything back, I’d say I’m 60-70% there. I still have some big friggin’ holes I need to patch up (that I didn’t have before), but I trust I’ll be able to fix those within a few weeks to months.

However, after contemplating what I’ll work on infield, I discovered they fall down to two aspects of pickup. Like always, there’s an inner and outer game component:

Outer GameOpen Without Thinking

My best sets occur when I’m thinking about absolutely nothing. Not even a pre-planned opener. Like, if I see a girl in the distance, don’t even think, “Oh she has the most NYC look, I’m gunna open her with that.”

IMPORTANT: Moreso, you see her -> she looks good -> don’t preplan and just head in her direction -> once she’s in front of you. Just open with whatever pops in your head.

It can literally be anything.

And better yet, it makes you hella present in the moment.

Looking back, I thought scripted and observational openers were my best strategies. Let’s peel a layer off the onion for a second.

Yes, observations (ie. “You’ve got a total NYC look”) are good for newbies/intermediates. But they still involve you relying on a system to open. So there’s a big chance they won’t come out 100% natural.

When your mind shuts up, yes you MAY go off an observational opener based on pure instinct and/or training, but they’re much more fluid if you’re not actively thinking about it.

Inner GamePresence + Fun, Cool Guy Vibe

Presence – or the Power of Now – is essential when it comes to meeting women or life in general. You want to be present in the moment, able to actively listen and calibrate toward the girl. Once I established the Power of Now in my game repertoire, my skills skyrocketed.

However, it’s still a baseline and being present in the moment isn’t enough inner game.

IMPORTANT: The next step is projecting a fun, non-judgmental, cool guy frame who everyone collaborates with.

This won’t completely get you in state, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The longer you are in set sporting the fun, cool guy frame, the better your game increment.

In Conclusion

To reiterate, what am I practicing?

Inner Game: Presence + fun, non-judgmental, cool guy frame

Outer Game: Open Without Thinking. Follow the 3 second rule.

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