How To Best Open A Girl

My best sets occur when I’m thinking about absolutely nothing. Not even a pre-planned opener. Like, if I see a girl in the distance, don’t even think, “Oh she has the most NYC look, I’m gunna open her with that.”

Moreso, you see her -> she looks good -> don’t preplan and just head in her direction -> once she’s in front of you. Just open with whatever pops in your head.

It can literally be anything.

And better yet, it makes you hella present in the moment.

Looking back, I thought scripted and observational openers were my best strategies. Let’s peel a layer off the onion for a second.

Yes, observations (ie. “You’ve got a total NYC look”) are good for newbies/intermediates. But they still involve you relying on a system to open. So there’s a bif chance they won’t come out 100% natural.

When your mind shuts up, yes you MAY go off an observational opener based on pure instinct and/or training, but they’re much more fluid if you’re not actively thinking about it.

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