11/02/21 – The Importance Of How Sexy You Really Are

On Tuesday, 11/02/21, I decided to venture off to Logan Square after “advisement” from r/Chicago here. The normies were right. The neighborhood is lined up with tons of coffee shops and a decent amount of street traffic. Mainly hipster / young professional women. Interestingly enough, they’re unusually more receptive compared to most of the Chicago districts I’ve gamed in.

Unfortunately, my sets last 10-30 seconds at most. This is primarily due to the fact I’m not as grounded or present as I’d like to have been today.

My best stratagem moving forward is to get off at California (Blue Line) and pace up and down Milwaukee Ave. Gator around coffee shops and bars. Traffic is ample enough to get my sets in.

… If you can withstand the Chicago winter, that is.

But enough of that.

Due to negative inner game creeping in due to tragic events outside of game, my pickup skills aren’t up to par as they used to be. I know that and I’m working toward fixing up what Julian calls “trauma energy”.

It’s been affecting my game and it’s been a slow road back to my prior skillset.

However, today I challenged myself and accomplished an approach I didn’t think I’d do.

Approach #1The Hipster Art Student On Train

Synopsis: After I decided to eject out of Logan Square since I wanted to find a more target rich environment, I met this adorable brunette sporting short wavy hair. She looked like a librarian based on how she wore her outfit. Very cute. She was adjacent to me and even though I peered at her, before looking away, I never ran game on a train before.

It felt awkward since she was trapped without any meaningful way to exit if she just wasn’t into me or I made a mistake in my game which prematurely ended the set.

Sooooo… I sat there, right next to my target, for about 10-15 minutes.

Fuck it, I minus well get the reference experience, I thought before opening my target.

Aaaaand she was hella receptive.

Like, I talked about this to u/fastlife15 and he said what I did took massive balls, hence why attraction sparked in my girl. Celebrate my reference experience since I can open hotter girls next time I go out – but most importantly, if I want to succeed at this, practice closing with certainty.

I’m glad I did the approach, but I made a few fatal errors which cost me the set. For example, I was too platonic. Yes, I threw out a few premise statements and made her qualify a few times. But her responses felt too friendly. In hindsight, I didn’t project sexual intent, nor did I let her know I was a man who desired her. In words, yes. But that’s not enough. I needed her to feel strong, masculine sexual and fun energy radiate into her.

Hence why I’m focusing on inner game vs outer game.

The set ended since her stop was a few minutes away and I didn’t even number close.

Sticking Points:

Too Platonic: This stems from entitlement issues again. Once I recognized how receptive my target was, I slipped into friend zone mode. It felt like two strangers talking to each other since they’re coincidentally on the same train. Yes, I threw out a token push-pull, perhaps a few go-to qualifiers I utilize in set, but it didn’t have that oomph behind it. No sexy eye stare, no I-want-you gestures or body language.

Didn’t Number Close: As Todd – and virtually every PUA states – always be closing. It didn’t matter if my value/comfort wasn’t high enough, nor the fact it may not have been a solid number. It’s always good practice to play to win, and this situ, that meant number closing.

What I Did Right:

Train Approach: I’ve had multiple opportunities to approach women on the Red Line, but I never made a solid effort to do so. This is primarily due to three reasons:

a.) Time constraints: A girl is typically on the Red Line or any of the CTA trains for approximately 10-15 minutes, possibly less. If I ran hella solid game, yeah, I could make that # count. But I can’t instadate or push the set as far as humanly possible. All I can do is # close.

b.) No Escape: If shit goes South or if the girl just isn’t into me, she has no where to go. While I can bask in awkwardness thanks to my training as a pickup artist, it’s highly unlikely a girl could.

c.) Loud: Especially once the train zooms down tunnels. There was multiple times in set I could barely hear what my target was saying.

However, I didn’t let those three points stop me. It’s not the train approach itself per se, it’s the fact I was willing to push past my comfort zone and completed the set despite mental obstacles.

“Rambling”: Rambling is a Roosh V term. Other PUAs call it “free association”. I was able to hook off my target’s verbals and continue the conversation while injecting a meaningful statement here and there. My verbals can only improve if I stick to game.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Hold Frame: If we really narrowed down my sticking point, I wasn’t entitled, nor presented myself as a confident, sexy guy who graced my girl on the train. It was slightly awkward, but I was moreso a normal dude who mustered up the strength to say hello.

That won’t happen next time.

Hold frame. Tease her. Want her. Let her know what the fuck is up.

Project Sexual Intent: I know I won’t be able to inherently project sexual intent like I did prior to Missouri, but it’s time I flex those muscles again. If I can’t project my desire to a girl, verbalize it. Say premise-y lines or intent based on how I’m vibing with my target. Try to give her that ‘I want to fuck you’ look at least once in set.

Qualifiers: In my experience, qualifiers are far more powerful than push-pulls. I just keep going back to push-pulls since they’re easier to build up value. Only use it to amp up attraction, before cashing out on said attraction by having her qualify a fuckton + lead. Best way to keep a girl interested and in set.

Comments: As Roosh states, “Do not stop. Just keep going”.

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