11/05/21 – Push It To the Limit (NG)

On Friday, 11/05/21, since Chris wasn’t able to make it to Chicago and the fact I had a major upgrade at work on Saturday which required my full attention, I figured it was best to run night game on Friday. Unfortunately, I’m not able to day game on Saturday, but that’s totally fine. I initially went out with bad inner game, got blown out a few times, before nailing a set which taught me soooo much about gaming in the night trenches.

At the end, I had a blast, and the reference experience I picked up will propel me forward to further learning night game in the upcoming months.

Approach #1The Boujie Dallas Girl

Synopsis: I’d say 2 hours after hitting the clubs in River North, I ran into this HB 7, 30 y/o, half latina / half black chick who was dressed hella boujie. I’m talking beret, wool coat, etc. She looked like she stepped outta the plane from Paris directly to Chicago lol. Super white-washed. Visually, I’d say she best looked like Hannah John-Kamen with an upbeat, positive personality, but a strong frame.

After teasing my target about her dress-up, she took it with stride and immediately we began vibing. Our chemistry was on-point, but I felt like at certain times, I was projecting too much value. I felt this was wasn’t an issue since I was operating during night game; but in hindsight, I def should have dialed it back a bit. Still, I did soooo many things right that night. I performed way, way better than I anticipated due to a few reasons:

a.) The scene: I thoroughly enjoy classy venues which play deep house music. Maybe it’s cuz I’m older idk, but when I’m around more sophisticated, middle upper class people I do better in set. Compare that to college bars or Top 40s clubs where I won’t do as well.

b.) Her vibe: I think because my subcomms were on-point and she was in a super upbeat mood, our energies meshed in sync. It’s nice meeting a girl you vibe with so easily.

I’ll include a big list of what I did right in set on the below section, but after hitting the streets of River North, I tried pulling her to my apartment despite the fact logistics were fuuuuucked. I was roughly 25-30 minutes away from my apartment and I made the mistake telling my girl I lived in Chicago.

When it comes to meeting girls at bars / clubs in River North, its best I tell them I’m visiting Milwaukee so I can reserve my hotel room at a moment’s notice in the bathroom or something.

At the end of the night, I tried seeding the pull, leading my target to another venue, trying to find logistics on her apartment (she was bunked with a business partner–so kinda fucked that end, too), etc.

Unfortunately, at that time, she inherently knew I was trying to close hard. Like, I was tryna push the set as far as humanly possible and she knew this. At the end, she took my number and the set ended.

What I Did Right:

– Qualifiers: I qualified my target a fuckton. Granted, I ran a slew of push-pulls, too. But I relied moreso on getting my girl to qualify compared to mere push-pulls. Tho I feel like my girl ate up my fun, flirty push-pulls better than my qualifiers. Nevertheless, I increased my value in my girl’s eyes, which allowed me to pull off higher investment strategies like leading, tryna bar hop with my girl, etc.

In a matter of fact, my value got so high she started buying me drinks. Like, shots of fireballs + chasers together. I was a little surprised!

– Leading (Despite Strong Frame): My girl had a seriously strong frame. After speaking to u/fastlife15, he states it’s because she’s 30. She’s had her fun times and now she knows what she wants. If she was 7 years younger, it’d be a done deal and she’d be in my bed next to me chilling. Anyway, I led her outside to smoke, but I mainly moved her around from spot to spot or made her comply with my commands.

– Fun, Playful Vibe: I had a suuuuuper fun, playful vibe with my girl. Like, more than I’d usually run in a day or night setting. Thing is, she ran in sync with my energy and we totally had a great time. It didn’t feel like pickup — and when I did have to run technical game, I was able to easily stop -> shut off my brain -> determine the next best course of action.

– Subtle Premise Early On: I subtly inserted premise by utilizing the we frame (ie. “cheers to the two coolest people in the bar”, I feel like you’d be the crazy one in the relationship, etc), projecting sexual intent on and off, “I feel like you’re a bad influence, nothing is going to happen tonight”, and allowing her to comfortably sink in how much of a cool, sexy Asian dude I am.

– Rejuvenating the Set: Every time my target had to hit the restroom, she was given ample opportunity to engage her business partner who was supposed to hit her up tonight. But apparently she’s a boring bitch so she met this certain cool, sexy Asian dude instead. Nevertheless, when she popped out of the restroom, she’d be noticeably more chill, logical compared to before she hit the restroom.

At multiple instances, she was debating on heading back to her hotel room with her business partner.

All I had to do was ran a more calibrated, fun high energy game + qualifiers before she threw that idea out the window.

Sticking Points:

– Too Much Kino: At the middle of the set, I decided doing a little kino was a bright idea to convey intent. And to be fair, it was. I wrapped my arm around her for a few seconds before letting go (and finding out she had straight-up hard abs), pulled her close to me a few times, and allowing her to lean in. She grinded up to me for a few mins while dancing, but I felt like it was a bit much.

I was riding on the validation while sacrificing good game imo.

Yes, kino is an excellent tool, but too much can hurt the set.

– Followed Her Frame: As stated in the beginning, my girl had a hella strong frame. A few times, she made the call as to what we should do, and I kinda just followed. I inherently knew this was a bad idea, but I felt like she qualified enough so some qualifying on my part was acceptable.

– Semi Late Premise: At first, I ran a fun, playful vibe without injecting premise. Next, I went with a more subtle approach, but I felt like I should have inserted a bit more of an overt premise early on in the interaction so I can set the Man-to-Woman dynamic right from the start.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– Inject More Comfort: I was 90% value, 20% comfort. This is primarily due to the fact I’m operating in a night setting vs day where it’d be 80% comfort, 20% value. I def need to adjust my percentages for night game lol. Maybe if I added just a little more comfort, a little more interpersonal interaction, I’d have a better set overall.

– Add Premise Earlier: This. Depending on the girl’s vibe and BT, I’d shoot for overt premise (NOT intent) or subtle premise. In this situ, def overt > subtlety. Girls hitting 30 and over aren’t ones for player antics. Game is absolutely required, but not the value-based tactics required for early 20-something year olds.

Comments: This was a crucial positive reference experience which boosted my learning curve during night game. Remember, when all seems lost, when you’re tired, weary and just want to hit the bed — just keep going. Fate rewards the strong.

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