Balance, Centeredness is the Key to True Presence

… And awareness is not enough.

On Tuesday, 11/16/21, I ventured off to Downtown Chicago once again with the intent of practicing projecting sexual intent + being present in the moment. Like most game sessions, things didn’t go as planned. I was aware, yes, of my cold fingers in the winter Chicago wind, of the sounds of the train, the people around me, but I wasn’t centered.

As James Marshall states, “Step one is awareness. Step two is being centered, balanced despite adversity. If you only do step one, you aren’t truly aware.”

When I was day gaming today, I wasn’t pleased with my situation – the cold wind, the darkness of Chicago winter, being bored of hitting up Mag Mile every game session – and consequently, I wasn’t centered.

IMPORTANT: Once again, I was aware. But not centered.

Even now as I type this, my cat is yowling at me to be let outside. Will I stop what I’m doing and tend to him? No, that would be me breaking concentration – ie. centeredness – and letting the ego wrestle back control.

Same thing happened at my day game session.

I got blown out a few times since my mind was wandering a bit. The cold Chicago wind, being too dark at 5pm, the fact I’ve been taking trains like half my day game session to get a new experience, etc.

I let my desires toss me to and fro and not FOCUS on the true objective of the day: Approach girls. Instadate them.

IMPORTANT: If I get rejected, blown out, whatever accept the situation, don’t let it affect the day, all in all, be balanced, centered and continue on.

Why am I writing this blog post?

Because at the end of my day game session, once I accepted that I’m out here, approaching girls, and not let my prior blow-outs get to me, I instantly gained more presence.

I met this cute Latina who was drawn to my sexual projection. I was focused, she knew I wanted her. This was after I accepted the situ and surrendered to day game. While my verbals weren’t on point completely, I was able to intrigue + hook the set due to pure presence and sexual intent.

This is exactly what James Marshall means by centeredness.

It’s the HARD PART of meditation.

Awareness is relatively easy in comparison.

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