I Am Going On TRT

Whelp, ladies and gents. I’m going on testosterone replacement therapy.

I made a post a few days ago on Reddit asking about TRT and social confidence with girls.

Decided to go to a TRT clinic to check my testosterone levels yesterday… and I got results back today. My fucking testosterone is 113 ng/dl with almost ZERO estrogen. My doc said instead of the .75ml they instruct patients, I need the full ml for the test cyp they’re shipping me tomorrow… and not to take the AI they provided me. Not yet anyway.

Damn, didn’t expect I’d have such low test as a 29 year old male.

Looking back, I believe it stems from a traumatic event which occurred May of this year. My best friend died of cardiomyopathy. It hit me how fast life can flash before your eyes – it can happen to you, your family, your neighbor across the street today, tomorrow, or hell, 50 years from now – and you can’t control it.

Once I realized that, I started developing panic attacks, obsessive compulsive thinking, mild depression, and my sex drive took a fuckin dive.

I still work out at the gym, hit up girls in the club, and whatnot. But not due to motivation (never relied on it anyway, it’s so fleeting), but moreso it’s routine for me


I can use this to my advantage game-wise.

Apparently, testosterone sharply rises 24 hours after intramuscular injection, before slowly declining within the span of a week. At day 7, I should be at 600 ng/dl according to More Plates, More Dates.

What does this mean exactly?

My most game heavy days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Three full days hitting both day and night game venues fuckin’ HARD.

If I inject 12PM Thursday afternoon, my testosterone levels will have spiked to near supraphysiological ranges by Friday. I will project FAR stronger sexual intent, more drive, focus to bang my girl, etc at the clubs.

Therefore, I’ve made an injection schedule fitting a pickup artist.

Testosterone Cypionate HCG
200mg (Thursday @ 12PM) .25ml (Tuesday & Wednesday @ 12PM)
  • Take Ashwagandha 2 pills/AM
  • Multivitamin & Probiotic gummies/AM
  • Take Krill Oil at lunch time
  • Continue taking lisinopril at night
  • Once 12/23/21 hits, include weight loss cycle

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