Notes Regarding MENT


Thinking about using MENT with my TRT. Here’s a few posts I found from a guy who uses MENT exclusively for the mental benefits:

My personal experience. I have run masteron up to 500mg along side test. Last use was 400/300/300 Test/NPP/Mast. I have had blood work done while on it and it did not lower my estrogen levels. It def mitigates the symptoms of high e2 but didnt lower my e2. It raised my ldl about 20-30% from a baseline and lowered my hdl significantly. It def kept me dry, elevated my aggression in and out of the gym, and made me horny af.

I have never tried any GHR peptides.

One feel good compound I can say really boosted mood, sex drive, motivation, etc.. is MENT. Running it low dose 5-10mg a day along side trt has been super beneficial and doesnt skew my bloodwork by any measure difference at those doses.

Im not a bb by any means either, just a 40 yo trying to stay in shape not get huge. Ment, tren, nandrolone are all 19-nors. I have only run tren ace once @ 300 wk. Mental sides, night sweats, appetite issues, etc turned me off of it. I have run NPP at moderate doses. Nandrolone after 8 weeks or so makes me apathetic and depressed, I have tried it a few times with the same result. Gotten decent gains. Stayed dry and kept my sex drive high running mast w/ the npp. I have run MENT ace up to 25mg a day w/ 120mg test (wkly). I have run it twice for 12 weeks and then cruised on 120mg test w/ 5mg ment in between. To me ment has all of the benefits of tren, nandro, and test with little to none of the sides. I gained way more size/fullness, vascularity on ment and test than any other compounds I have ran. Mind you my previous blasts used for comparison would be small to an experienced gym rat.

I dont bloat from it. I have no need for and ai on it. Up to 25mg a day anyways, thats the max I took it. Appetite is crazy, killer sex drive, killer gains, great recovery, feel great mentally, a calm focus. I can grind through workouts on it like a madman. Its worth researching for a possible run.

I mean you get used to feeling a certain way, so after a while thats your new “norm”. I would say cycling it would help you hold on to that mental feel. For the 12 week runs at higher does I stayed driven the entire time, workouts were awesome, sex life on point, etc. cruising on it I just feel more upbeat, easier to engage, more focused. That stuff seems to shave stuck around if I think about it.

I inject all compounds im using 28g 1/2″ insulin pins. I pin the ment ace daily, shallow im. When I first started it, i started low and was titrating up; I actually injected twice a day. I was trying to be careful with it and monitor for sides like gyno and bp issues. But they never came. R/steroids has a really good compound wiki that explains ment in great detail. That really swayed me into trying it after a few months of researching it.

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