My Supplement/Medication Schedule

I am on a medication schedule which I believe will best benefit my mental health / inner game as well as assist me throughout the Winter. Since they are quite numerous, I’ve listed them out here:

PS: My morning regimen is based on an anti-depression post I found on Reddit here. Let’s see how it works.


– Vitamin B Complex Pill
– 5000 iu vitamin D
– 400mg liquid ionic magnesium in 00 capsule
– Multivitamins


– Krill Oil (2 capsules)
– L-Theanine w/ Caffeine


– Ashwagandha (2 pills)
– Lisinopril 10mg

Tuesday & Wednesday:

– HCG injection (@ 12pm)


– Testosterone Cypionate 200mg injection (@ 12pm)

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