How To Get My Game Back – Definitive Edition

IMPORTANT: Follow this guide like God himself.

After getting back into pickup for approximately 5 weeks now (11/02/21), I’ve been trying to get my “mojo” back, after weeks of trying. I couldn’t hook, my opens – but most importantly, vibe sucked. I’ve tried everything under the sun: A rigid vitamin regimen, TRT (it does kick ass tho), etc.

… But this article from opened my eyes.

It all made sense. When I was in set, my verbals are hella solid. I knew how to qualify, push-pull, provide comfort if necessary, etc. The problem wasn’t my mid or end game, it was the initial approach – or the beginning game.

My fundamentals took a major hit.

Here’s a quote I found on getting back into pickup after a long hiatus:

I don’t know why, but when you hit low momentum, the first things that take a hit are your fundamentals and your opening and hook game.

Your opening and hook game will usually take a hit because it is the phase of the pickup and seduction process that is most reliant on state and vibe. 

This is what I should exclusively focus on. My inherent pickup skills I’ve learned after a full year infield will return automatically; hell, it already has!

So, what does that mean practically?

It means I must tear down my game and rebuild everything from scratch, with an acute focus on fundamentals and opening and hooking. According to the girlschase author, I must make a simple fundamental game plan and stick to it.

What I’m Working On Now (spend 3-4 weeks on this):

FOCUS ON THIS: When infield, after my open do NOT say, “You’re not from here, are you?” or something along the lines. They 100% DO NOT GO ANYWHERE. Go with an “extended opener” instead. For example, “… You look like you’re about to chill at an indy cafe lounge with your pumpkin spice latte. No sugar of course.”

After that, chill out and your ingrained game should take over from here.

Secondary Objective: When I’m running day game, go for 10 approaches or 1 instadate per session.

Prior Goals I Was Working On:


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