12/11/21 – Girl Threw Herself At Me… And I Bombed Due To Lack of Entitlement

On Saturday, 12/11/21, I ventured off to Rocbar with Chris preparing for a loooong night game session leading up to 4AM. Before this, on Friday, we had a pretty successful night filled with learning lessons – and that Saturday was no different. Possibly even more so, just different aspects of game.

At first, it was an average Saturday night for us. Run a few sets -> hook girls -> but Chris and I would hit a deadlock or some external event prevented us from moving the set forward. Rinse and repeat. However, at the tail end of the night, I met this 23 year old, South African lawyer who hoped I’d game her correctly. Unfortunately, I made a critical mishap which cost me the set. I’ll be detailing the interaction in this report.

Approach #1The South African Lawyer

Synopsis: At 3-4AM, I was chilling with Chris, going over his most recent set. He made this Pakistani chick all over him, but her friends cockblocked like mad. That’s when this chick sporting a black dress, heavy makeup, I’d say a soft 7 came over and sat next to me.

This wasn’t a coincidence.

Quite a few couches were nearby and she chose to sit directly adjacent to me. It was easy pickings.

I forgot what I opened her with, but it was super casual. The first thing I noticed was her personality: She was a highly intelligent, yet negative individual. She was direct and to the point, despite her attempts at “subtlety”.

I tried running standard game: Push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. They didn’t have a strong effect. In hindsight, she was definitely a comfort girl. My value was high enough simply by being there.

We vibed most of the time… and then I asked her why she was so tired. Like, the girl looked like she reeeeally didn’t want to be in the club.

Her response: “I don’t want to send the wrong vibes, but I’m tired and want to go home. I’d rather save that energy for sex.”

You DON’T just say that without conveying some overt ass intentions.

In all honesty, I was awestruck. My brain was like, “uhhhh…”

And since I didn’t know how to handle the situ, my brain reverted to giving a thirsty response lol. It was terrible game and I felt truly awful for going the chode route. This was def a learning lesson I’ll avoid in the future.

“So, you’re a lawyer, right? That means you probably have a sweet ass apartment.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Some of the shit doesn’t work, but I like it.”

“Shit girl, I’unno I’m a poor boy and I’m kinda curious to see how it is.”

Aaaand she said she had a boyfriend haha. We chatted for a bit longer, but at the end, I snagged her number. It was a flake. Meh.

IMPORTANT: After speaking to u/fastlife15, he said “Sometimes girls are just down and all you need to do is chill, not be too thirsty, and lead.” That’s it. Be a cool, fun guy.

What I Did Right:

– Pushed The Set As Far As Possible: While I fucked up, at least I didn’t freeze & eject or simply ignored what my target. This served as a massive learning lesson to truly chill, not be too thirsty, and lead as u/fastlife15 put it.

Sticking Points:

– Handling Direct Girls: I definitely wasn’t entitled as I should have been. If I was, I would have inherently knew I was a high value dude and this was common to me. Next time, I’ll…

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– Chill -> Don’t Be Thirsty -> Lead: … do this. Gotta remember if a girl is overtly interested in me, to simply chill, don’t be thirsty, and lead.

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