Ideas as a Digital Nomad

  • Go to university to learn Russian in Minsk (most receptive girls) while working as a digital nomad. Run social circle game.
  • Start off in Cebu for optimum balance of work & sex life.
  • Live in Cebu for the Winter (4-5 months) -> relocate to EE during the Summer/Fall
  • Before I become a digital nomad, save at least $20,000. Preferably $30,000. Optimum $40,000.
  • As a digital nomad, game 4 times a week after work.
  • Officially leave Chicago in September & remain in Stockton to try and save $40,000 before quitting my job. If not $40k, then $30k.
  • When I’m in Stockton, I will focus on studying freelance writing / digital nomad planning on my spare time. The rest of my time will be devoted to cardio + 3 days of game.
  • Do NOT remain in the Philippines for long. According to this post from Zamski, lots of dudes get entitled since they’re getting laid so much in the Phils. Once they arrive to EE, they complain it’s too hard. I absolutely do NOT want to become one of those guys.

Digital Nomad Schedule:

  • Leave September 1st, 2023 to Cebu. Stay in the Phils for 6 months (March 1st; University of Wroclaw begins 02/24 – ends 06/18).
  • Avoid Poland during the Summer (May – July; August is ok). Too much tourists aka too many dudes.
  • Countries to avoid: Western Europe, Ukraine, Russia.

Year 1 Schedule:

Schedule inspired by reports on Swoop The World.

  • The Philippines (Cebu): Beginning of October – beginning of April.
  • Romania (Bucharest): Beginning of April – Beginning of July.
    • Total time: 3 months.
  • Poland (WroclawKrakow Poznan): Beginning of July, 2023 – beginning of July, 2024.
    • Note: Base time around college semesters.
    • Note: This will act as my home base around Europe.
    • Note: Get D-Type National Visa for long stay
    • Note: Stay in each city for 4 months each
    • Note: Do not hit Krakow during the Summer. It is flooded with tourists.
    • Note: May have to hit up Wroclaw first -> Wroclaw second (for Fall semester) -> Krakow third
    • Total time: 12 months.

Alternative Year 1 Schedule:

I have created an alternative Year 1 Schedule in-case I want to jump from country to country for a few reasons.

a.) Don’t have to deal with the Visa hassle. I can stay in a Schengen country for 90 days, before bouncing to a non-Schengen country for 90 days before bouncing back.

b.) Different countries, different styles. While many PUAs love Poland, what if I don’t? What if – say – I do really well with Romanian women? Jumping from country to country and learning which one I perform well in is essential to mastering my pickup artist journey.

  • Latvia (Riga): Beginning of April – Middle of May
    • Total time: 6 weeks
    • Do college campus game
  • Lithuania (Vilnius): Middle of May – Beginning of July
    • Total time: 6 weeks
  • Romania (Bucharest): Beginning of July – Beginning of October.
    • Total time: 3 months.
  • Belarus (Minsk): Beginning of October – Beginning of December
    • Total time: 2 months
    • Once I get near the 30 day mark, take a plane to Ukraine, fly back and restart the 30 day cycle. This will total a 2 month stay.
    • If I like Belarus enough, I will sign up to the biggest university to learn Russian for a year or so.
  • Croatia (Zagreb): Beginning of October – Beginning of December
    • Total time: 2 months
    • In hindsight, learning Russian will put a massive dent on my freelance writing business and could hurt me in the long run. If I decide to not learn Russian, ditch Belarus and instead travel to Croatia for 2 months.
  • Poland (Wroclaw): Beginning of December – Beginning of March
    • Total time: 3 months

My Springfield Schedule:

  • Practice day game on Monday – Wednesday – Saturday
  • Do cardio on Friday – Saturday – Sunday
  • Learn/do digital nomad stuff on Tuesday – Thursday – Friday (after cardio) – Sunday

Freelance Writing Notes:

  • My work hours will be Monday-Friday, Sunday in the morning (8AM – 12PM), take a nap and late afternoon (2PM – 4PM). Take Saturday off. Work 5-6 hours M-F and Sunday. Most people lose their will to work after 5 hours. Most freelance writers work 30 hours a week. URL here:
  • Most freelance writers write 1-2k words per day.
  • When I’m learning freelance writing, work on it 2 hours a day of my scheduled time.
  • Starting off my freelance writing career, I will ask for 10c/word.
  • I want to have my portfolio completely finished by May, 2022.
  • Like game – don’t focus your time researching too much, just do.

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