Of Sith Philosophy and The Concept of Good and Evil

On Monday, 03/28/22, I watched a movie called The Theater Bizarre. Overall, it was a terrible horror flick – and one of, if not the worst, horror anthologies I’ve seen thus far. However, one segment entitled “I Love You” caught my attention.

The plot revolves around a jealous, needy husband and his adulterous wife. While the acting itself was atrocious, it taught me a few valuable lessons: Was I like that? Should I feel bad for the needy husband or learn a lesson from him?

It allowed me to reminiscence my relationship with Nicole. I was the needy one. Was I so different from the husband? Did I desire to visit Nicole more and more that I drove her away? Did I need her so much that I clung onto her like a child the last night we hung over? The answer is a resounding yes.

This lead me down a rabbit hole of sorts. What is the proper response of myself and the husband? To realize women are all around me – and if I am required to distance myself, so be it. If, to improve my standing in the Game itself, I am required to sleep with other women as to reduce neediness – so be it.

It is not evil nor good. It is what is required to succeed in pickup and life in general.

Sometimes, I must do things that society deems immoral or wrong. These things are not that. They are simply required to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

To make sacrifices in my relationship to NOT end up like the husband or the jealous boyfriend or the simp boyfriend who wails at the thought of his girlfriend leaving him.

I am reminded of the Sith philosophy. The Sith did not consider themselves good nor evil. They wanted the best for their lives and others. For some, their actions were considered cruel or evil.

Think about it – I will give a girl a wonderful experience in life. But, what is required of me to provide such a service? To live as a so-called “fuckboy” and to sleep around.

She will learn, grow, and benefit with a relationship with me.

All that is required on my end is that I sleep with other women, exude confidence so I’m well aware I have a slew of other women on speed dial, and keep my distance when necessary.

Remember: You are a winner in life. Win at all costs.

If I need a reminder of what losing looks like, look no further than the poor sod on I Love You.


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