What to do next as a freelance writer?

I’ve already written the four blog posts required to meet my quota. What’s next? Here’s what I’ll do in order:

  1. Get rid of my Medium article on TRT and programming.
  2. Go to the Good Man Project and read their editorial requirements. Make changes to my TRT/programming blog post to satisfy said requirements.
  3. Before I submit the article, I need to draft an author bio. I will write it on my blog before submitting it on Good Man Project.
  4. Submit the article.
  5. Once I submit the article, it may take a while to get approved. Since this may be the case, my next objective is to format my freelance writing website.
  6. IMPORTANT: Before I find ANYONE, write up a big draft of what I require.
  7. Find a web site designer and send them my requirements.
  8. Each day send 10-15 cold emails. After I hit 100, see how successful I was; if I get enough responses, resume my pitch; if not, change it. The optimal response rate is 5%. In a matter of fact, instead of doing Pomodoro. Send out 10-15 cold emails. Once I’ve done that, I’m finished for the day.

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