Cebu City Expenses

If I get fired from my job due to this whole background check thing, I want to ensure I spend approximately 1,000 USD per month in Cebu City. To do that, I need to seriously monitor my expenses.

  • Rental: $300
    • I’ve successfully secured a lease costing me 16,300 PHP, which includes internet.
  • Utilities (water, electricity, etc): $140
  • Transportation: $70
    • Don’t use Grab unless I’m taking a girl home.
    • My primary source of transportation will be Angkas. It’s a motorcycle service used like Uber or Lyft. A single ride literally costs $1. So, let’s say I day game 5 days a week: $2 x 5 = $10/week x 4 = $40/month.
    • Only use Angkas when I’m going for day or night game. Most of the time, hang around my neighborhood.
  • Phone and Connectivity: $10
    • Internet covered with rent.
  • Food (my biggest expense): $200
    • It’s cheaper to eat at a carinderia than it is to cook. They cost $1 – $2 USD for a meal. If you do that twice a day, that leaves you with $4 – $5 USD for eating lunch and dinner.
  • Dating: $80 – $100
    • Let’s say I meet a girl and I take her to a cafĂ©. The average price of a coffee in Cebu is $2.50. If we include two, that ends up totaling $5. So, 5 x 4 = 20. 20 x 4 = $80.
    • Remember, we’re not going for relationships. Only spend enough $$$ to net a bang.
    • Don’t invite them over at night. Only during day – if I invite them at night, they stay longer and my expenses go up.
  • Health Insurance: $52
    • Going with SafetyWing. It’s $42/month. However, I put it on credit card, so it’s $52/month.

TOTAL: $872/month

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