Philippines Hit List

According to most pickup artists, the Philippines is an incredibly easy country to get laid. By all metrics, it’s far easier to meet girls in the nightclubs, streets, etc than in the United States. In a matter of fact, I’ve read multiple field reports of dudes banging 2-3 chicks a day on Swoop The World.

While I could draft up individual lay reports for girls I’ve slept with, I think it’s best if I logged my encounters in a spreadsheet. They will be organized by the following:

Notch #:
HB Score: (1-10)
Game Style: (Day game, Night game, Online)
Description: (Include how she looks, but most importantly, write up the lay report like a fun adventure. Like how I did with Drew, my Bogota report, etc)

Notch #: 6
Name: Shamae
Date: 07/17/22
HB Score: 5
Game Style: Online
Description: On Sunday, 07/17/22, literally a few hours after I got off the plane, I met Shamae from Filipino Cupid. She’s a chubby Filipina with dark rashes all over her body. She says it’s due to stress, but I digress. Given she’s 28, Shamae wasn’t ready to jump into bed the moment I met her.

It took approximately 30 minutes before we started making out -> I began undressing -> she started sucking my cock.

After that, we had sex. But damn man, she was crazy submissive and a sex addict. We banged three times throughout the night. I had to reiterate this – and let my boys on CovertPickup know – that Filipinas were submissive. It’s easy to see why old white dudes fly over to PH to marry Filipinas.

Within a few hours, Shamae gave me a massage, washed my dishes, offered to fold my clothes, put out on command, etc. She’s the definition of a 1950s American housewife. It was pretty hot… but unfortunately, she was NOT.

I’ll need to find a way to ditch her. I think the best way to do that is by cutting off contact very slowly…

Notch #: 7
Name: Nennen
Date: 07/19/22
HB Score: Hard 6
Game Style: Online
Description: Nennen is a cute, shy and fit Filipina I met on Filipino Cupid. She was relatively attractive with small tits, small ass (which, I might add, I loved grabbing), and a cute face. When she stood up to take a shower after we had sex, I could see why US Marines called Filipinas “LBFMs” or Little Brown Fuck Machines.

After I met Nennen, it literally took 15-20 minutes to have sex with her. She spoke really shaky English, so I couldn’t verbally communicate with her too well. So, what did I do? Physical escalation.

It worked like a charm.

We had sex twice before she left my apartment. Unfortunately, when we were texting, she made up a BS story about how her “brother needed a tetanus shot at the hospital”, and asked for money. Yeeeeeeah, I don’t play by those rules. While I may keep her, Nennen wasn’t particularly special, I feel.

It’s funny: In the United States, I’d have loved to kept Nennen as apart of my main roster of girls. A man’s options are strikingly limited. But in the Philippines, we feel like gods.

Notch #: 8
Name: Cherry
Date: 07/20/22
HB Score: Soft 6
Game Style: Online
Description: After banging out Shamae and Nennen, I realized I just wasn’t satisfied banging out 5s and 6s. I thought I wanted easy lays, but it turns out, this wasn’t the case. I distinctly recall I had trouble cumming when I had sex with Shamae, but less so with Nennen. What does this mean? The more attractive the girl, the more energized I was.

However, I decided to hook up with one final 6 before opting to hook up exclusively with 7s and up.

Her name is Cherry. Honestly, she’s my favorite. She’s got a great sense of humor, has that traditional Filipina submissiveness, and is open-minded. She’s well-aware I hook up with other Filipinas. And while she prefers exclusivity, doesn’t mind hanging out with me.

Other than that, while Cherry is a Filipina, she has a distinct Hispanic look to her. I’m pretty sure she has a not-too-distant Spanish ancestor she’s inherited her looks from.

Like the last two notches, we hooked up the first night we met. It wasn’t long, either. I’d estimate 30 minutes or so before we started banging. But it wasn’t the sex that I admire, it’s how far she was willing to go help me in the Philippines.

She accompanied me to the dentist’s office, to Ayala Mall to buy towels, and showcasing cool places around Cebu City.

I’m definitely planning to keep in contact with Cherry.

Notch #: 9
Name: Yassi
Date: 07/30/22
HB Score: Soft 7
Game Style: Online
Description: At this time, I only day gamed twice in the Philippines and relied heavily on online game to get laid. Why? Too many tasks in Cebu City. From focusing on my business, going to the doctor’s office to donate blood, etc. However, at this time, I met a cute Filipina, a soft HB 7. She wore a frilly shirt – apparently apart of Filipino culture – and had the sexiest legs and the firmest ass.

Unfortunately, she was hella shy. Like, she literally went behind me a few times when we first met lol. Thankfully, I was able to learn enough comfort game + balance it out with kino to open her up, slowly but surely.

She lived in Lapu-Lapu City. It’s adjacent to Cebu City and I had to spend 200 PHP just to meet her. We had a nice date at a supermarket-like bar. It took an hour or so for us to hit up her place: A dingy, ass-backward shack which apparently cost her 2,300 PHP/month to live in.

It wasn’t long before we made out. Eventually, I fucked her. And god, did she love anal. In a matter of fact, she had the tightest asshole I’ve ever fucked. It was hard keeping my load in. After laying her on her stomach, I pounded her ass until I ejaculated hard inside her ass.

Notch #: 10
Name: Masumi
Date: 08/02/22
HB Score: Soft 6
Game Style: Night game
Description: I definitely wanted to try Cebu City night game. The guys on SwoopTheWorld raved at how easy it was to pull cuties back to your airbnb/apartment/hotel. To be fair, it’s a half truth. NG in the Philippines is much easier than the West, to be sure, but it isn’t effortless.

For one, Asians are shy. Literally, no other guy except me was cold approaching women at Icon. Thankfully, my hard labor paid off.

In my only night game notch, I met a cute, mid-30s Japanese businesswoman at a club called Icon. It played irritatingly loud EDM music and dotted with Filipinos and Koreans.

After half a dozen failed approaches, I ran into Masumi in the middle of the dance floor. She had jet black hair, a sundress, and was in the Philippines to learn English.

However, Icon was crazy loud, so verbal game was out of the picture. Instead I opted to run with a high-energy, fun vibe. She LOVED it. I led her around the bar and we chilled a bit. Unfortunately, I played to not lose and didn’t play to win. Masumi was fuckin’ down. But I pussed out and accepted her phone number instead.

A few days later, I received a text from Masumi. She wanted to hang out at a tiki bar in IT Park. Eh, why not, I figured. When I arrived, I recall Matsumi sitting on the bench with this Vietnamese dude.

We chatted a bit, before Masumi said, “Hey, do you have good wifi?”

Me: “Oh yeah, internet’s great!”

Masumi: “Ooooh cool, mind if I check it out? If the internet’s good I can stay at your place.”

Holy fuck, that’s 200% bait. Like, even some random, run-of-the-mill dude could see through that. Masumi needed a socially acceptable excuse to chill at my airbnb in front of this Vietnamese dude… but the funny part? I DIDN’T FUCKIN’ GET THE HINT LOL. I legit thought she wanted to use my wifi. Damn, living at my sister’s house made me a rusty PUA.

Anyway, I lead her back to my airbnb and we chat a bit. Literally, right when I close the door, we sit on the bed, she gives me a smile, and we begin making out. Que sex scene.

All in all, Masumi stayed at my place for two days. We had sex 3-4 times a day. And tbh, she was one of my fav notches in the Phils.

Notch #: 11
Name: Jov
Date: 02/06/23
HB Score: Soft 7
Game Style: Online
Description: At this point, I was living with June and building my business up. But I grew tired and bored. I flew to Manila due to a.) the sheer 15 mil pop that massively increased my options of women and b.) the stories of guys pulling multiple times a day. So, I flew off to Manila for two weeks.

Jov was my first (and favorite) notch in Manila. She was hella cute, sweet, innocent. But most importantly, served as an excellent reminder how important comfort is in game.

Since I hadn’t practiced game in 5-6 months at this point, I ran with engrained PUA techniques I learned back in the States: push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. It helped, but she was still nervous. I was this cool, sexy guy and Jov was this Filipina who never dated a foreigner before.

We met at Starbucks, chatted, before I brought her back to my place. It took two hours to get her comfortable. After I reminded her of how she’s special, I’m the only guy she’ll ever need… tbh, a bunch of BS to get her guard down, she gave in.

It was a simple fuck. Missionary, blowjob, stuff like that. We also fucked in the shower.

Still, it was interesting tapping into the Dark Side of the Game to net this notch + implement comfort.

Notch #: 12
Name: Laramie
Date: 02/07/23
HB Score: Soft 6
Game Style: Online
Description: Honestly, I don’t want to go deep into this one. Laramie was a bit overweight and she came directly to my place after I messaged her on Tinder. She hadn’t had dick in a while and we legit had sex 30 mins after she arrived.

End of story.

Notch #: 13
Name: Riri
Date: 02/09/23
HB Score: Soft 7
Game Style: Online
Description: I had two days before I left Manila and I def wanted to get another notch in. So, I met this Instagram-loving girl named Riri. After PMing her on Tinder, we chatted for a bit before she came directly to my airbnb.

She’d def looked like a lower-tier model when I met her in person. After leading her to my apartment, we chatted for a bit, before I whipped out my most powerful pickup technique: truth or dare.

So, I’m definitely implementing the “truth or dare” technique as a last resort. It’s crazy how far you can get under the pretences of a simple game. Better yet, it lets girls think “it just happened” without anti-slut defenses popping up to cockblock you.

It’s simple: do something small (e.g. hold my hand, give me a kiss on the cheek), before ramping up the stakes (e.g. kiss me on the lips, take off your bra, let me kiss your neck), and finally the crescendo (e.g. “give me two minutes of what I want to do to do”).

It worked on Riri and Laramie. I def want to try it in Colombia if I’m out of options tryna pull due to LMR or otherwise.

Anyway, you get the gyst: we play truth or dare and it isn’t long before we begin fucking in missionary position.

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