Digital Nomad Finance Plan

  1. If I have $8,000 USD saved up, begin making plans to travel to Cebu City.
  2. If I have less than $8,000 USD saved up, stay at my sister’s place for 1-3 months working on my business. Whatever it takes to have $8,000 USD.

I just checked my bank account. I believe the best thing for me to do is to withdraw $100/week, starting Saturday, 05/28/22 and live off it for an entire week. That means spending $15/day. Given that I’m at my sister’s place, this is very plausible. Hell, I could spend far less than $15/day.

Another plan to jumpstart my business? Pitch 15 cold emails per day. After reading this post by Elna Cain, she states it’s a good rule of thumb to send 15 cold emails per day.

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