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Cold Pitch #1

I’m reaching out to see if you need someone who can help with your content at (business). I’m (Name) and I’m a freelance writer. I’ve been featured in (x),(x) and (x), and I extensively write about (niche).
I’d like to know if you need a freelance writer who can help with your content needs. I can help with writing blog posts, articles, newsletters and any other content marketing needs.
I’d be happy to discuss my experience and how I can be of help, if you’re interested.
Do you have time this (day of the week) for a quick call?
(Your Name)

Cold Pitch #2

Hi (Name),
I ran across (Business) [mention how you found out about this business] and was really impressed by your company. I love that it’s your mission to [find out their mission statement as a way to connect with them.]
As a freelance writer with experience in [niche], I want to reach out and see if you’re in need of expanding your writing team. I share your mission and would love to work with you.
Feel free to check out my Hire Me page for more information, my client testimonials for references or these publications to see some of my work:
Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3
Also, [mention a noteworthy gig or additional information to seal the deal]
I’m confident that I would be a great addition to your team. I’m detail oriented and mindful of time management and meeting deadlines.
I have a couple of quick ideas in mind that we could apply to your current blog to make it more reader friendly.
I look forward to your response,
(Your Name)

Cold Pitch #3

Hi (Company/owner),
I came across your website today and noticed you don’t have a blog. Did you know that blogging can introduce you to new prospects and increase the loyalty of your current clients?
Why should you care?

  1. Blogging can help grow your business exponentially
  2. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those that don’t have a blog
  3. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors

Who am I?
I’m (name), a freelance writer (can mention location if pitching to local businesses) – (located not far from your office). I would love to help you get started blogging for your business.
I have two great ideas that we could get started with ASAP. Let me know if you want to continue the conversation.
~(Your Name)
P.S. Want a sample of my writing style and skills? Click Here!

Cold Pitch #4

Hi (Company/ Owner Name),
[open with a story about their product or service. This pitch means you have to have at least heard of their product or service first]
I recently learned about (product) and was impressed by the way your website makes (product) seem not only enticing but completely feasible even for the “average” homeowner who doesn’t have a big estate and vast economic resources.
I immediately shared your site with all of my home-owning friends and I can’t wait to see which one [uses product/service] first.
A little about me – I’m a freelance writer and blogger for hire with experience blogging for small businesses like yours.
I would love to join your marketing team to create a blog that generates leads and adds even more value to the services you already offer your clients.
I noticed that your blog has slowed. You must be incredibly busy as (job title), and updating a blog does take a lot of time and effort.
I offer blog posts that are SEO-friendly and ready-to-publish on your ideal time frame. In other words, my job is making your job easier.
You can see my examples at (x), (x) and (x) and on my writing portfolio, all of which demonstrate my ability to capture a brand’s specific voice in engaging blog posts. I’d also be happy to provide testimonials from other clients.
If you’re interested, I’ve got several ideas I’d love to discuss with you to get started. Let me know what you think?
(Your Name)

Cold Pitch #5 (When Using Facebook Groups)

Hi there (Name),
A friend tagged me in your Facebook post on (Facebook Group) about you needing help with your content strategy, and I was so excited to read your post.
I’ve been a freelance writer for over two years now, and it’s been an amazing experience (and kind of a whirlwind one!).
I know how tough it can be to create content on a regular basis for your business. And time-consuming. I would love to help you out!
As a freelance writer I can:

  • Provide four blog posts a month based on your ideas or I can pitch topics to you
  • Upload my post in your backend
  • Create shareable and Pinnable images for each post
  • Provide SEO content and engaging content for social media
  • Editing
  • Email copywriting

So, you have a few options here! But honestly, based on your Facebook post, I think you might want to consider the four blog posts a month bundle that includes uploading my posts to you backend, optimized copy and images.
Do you have time (day in the week) for a quick call? I would love to discuss some content ideas for you.
(Your Name)

Cold Pitch #6 (From a Google Search)

Hi (name),
My name is (name) and I’m a freelance writer with experience in (your niche).
I found you on Google (or through a friend, using your product, etc.)
Now, wait. I know what you must be thinking –
Here’s another pitch with cookie-cutter copy.
Oh, no you didn’t! As a freelance writer I know how to capture a reader’s attention and help begin your inbound strategy on your blog.
With my (#1 years) experience in (niche), I can really help grow your brand and bring that loyalty with your audience by providing emotional-based copywritten content.
I see from your site that you’re selling X/writing about X/, and I’d love to help bring the masses to your service/product. I already have several content ideas that can help you reach your target market. Hear a few of them:
Idea 1 | Idea 2 | Idea 3
I’d be more than happy to discuss this further – just hit reply or we can hop on a call!
Thank you for your time,

Cold Pitch #7 (Using a Contact Person)

Subject line: Contributing to XYZ company/website/brand

Hi (name),

I’ve been following your [company blog/website/social media accounts] for a while now and you’ve been turning out some stellar content, especially your latest piece on [XYZ topic]. [Include relevant comment showing that you read the piece]. I was recently talking with [Contact name], a contributor to your site, and he/she suggested that I reach out to you to discuss the possibility of contributing some content as well. I write about [XYZ relevant topic] and I have some ideas I’d love to share you with about [XYZ topic that represents a content gap for the site]. Here’s a peek at some of the stories I’ve covered lately:

Link 1

Link 2

Would you be open to a quick chat?

Hope to talk soon!

(Your name)

Cold Pitch #8 (Using a Contact Person)

Your customer service rep (name) suggested I contact you about finding out whether you’re currently looking for contributing writers to help with content on (site name/blog). As an active enthusiast of both (name niche like Keto health) and (ex: mindful meditation), I’d love to know if I can lend my experience in a way that really helps your business grow.
My name is (Elna) and I’m a writer who specializes in (list out niche specialities). I’ve written for (mention notable brands or clients if applicable) and other large publication with large audiences.
Of course, my aim isn’t simply to supply you with content to fill up your blog – my main goal is to provide highly valuable content to get you results quicker. Whether that’s sales, a newsletter subscriber, a social share or something else, I want to help you get more out of your visitors.
I’d also be happy to discuss helping with (list other services like: guest posting, white papers, case studies, website copy) and any other marketing materials you may need.
I’ve taken a look at the content and products on (site name) and would like to suggest a few headline ideas I’ve come up based on what I’ve seen:
(for a Keto living site)
“X of the Most Beneficial Keto Foods You Need to Succeed Long Term”
“How to Easily Incorporate Mindfulness When Eating on a Diet”
“X Benefits You’ll Notice Immediately After Starting a Keto Diet”
If you’d like to see more of my work, please feel free to check out some of the articles in my portfolio (portfolio link).
I’d love to discuss my experience and how I can be of help, if you’re interested.
Thank you and would you be open on (day of the week) for a quick chat?

Cold Pitch #9 (Supply Topic Ideas)

Subject line: Do you need help with [XYZ type of content]?

Hi (name),

[XYZ site/blog/brand] has been producing some great content lately! Your recent post on [XYZ topic] helped me [include a relevant

result/outcome]. I wanted to reach out and see if you needed any help with your content schedule. I’m a freelance writer specializing in [XYZ topic] and I’ve previously worked with brands like [brand name]. I’d love an opportunity to share my skills and expertise with you. I’ve put together a few topic ideas that I think could be highly valuable for your readers:

Topic #1: Include a brief description of your pitch

Topic #2: Include a brief description of your pitch

Topic #3: Include a brief description of your pitch

Would any of these be a fit for [XYZ site/brand]? Hit reply to continue the conversation!

(Your Name)

P.S. My portfolio [insert link] showcases some of my recent work and brand collaborations.

Cold Pitch #10 (Simple approach)

Hi (Name),
My name is (X), and I’m a writer. I’m reaching out because I’m very interested in creating content for (business/blog).

All of my content includes keyword research, SEO, images, and up to three edits. I write with the goal of improving ranking and increasing website traffic.

I’d love to talk more about possibly working together. Can you tell me a little more about your goals for your blog?

I’d love to hop onto Zoom to discuss your project needs.

Warm wishes,

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