The Cold Pitching Process

Elna has shared a cold pitch sheet that I’ll be using to track my leads. Remember, with cold pitching is a numbers game. I have to send lots and lots of pitches. And keep track of them, too. However, Elna is providing an optimized cold pitch so I don’t have to spend hours cold pitching to companies.

Elna’s Process:

What Elna does is go from company website to website -> check if they have a blog -> if they do, put the website on her spreadsheet.

Once that’s done, she goes to LinkedIn -> inserts the company name -> Goes to ‘People’ -> And searches for the Content Editor or someone in charge of the blog.

After that, she finds the email address of the content editor -> sends her a personalized cold pitch (review The Cold Pitching Process vid; it’s excellent) -> Sends email.

Elna recommends looking at the cold pitching templates and working off that.

IMPORTANT: Elna also STRONGLY RECOMMENDS following up with your cold pitches. Freelancers who are successful follow up with their contacts. Do this twice.

IMPORTANT: Send 20-30 cold pitches a day.

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