Cebu City Game Schedule

In Cebu City, I will be practicing pickup five days a week. They are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will dictate my day game locations starting off, before setting up a night game schedule once I start getting comfortable.

Tuesday: SM City Cebu

Wednesday: Ayala Mall

Friday: Banilad Town Centre (there’s three malls adjacent to each other)

Saturday: SM Seaside

Sunday: Ayala Mall


  1. As long as I get THREE new bangs a week, I’m happy. That’s the optimum number I’m aiming for. Once I hit 50 total bangs, take a month off game to save up money.
  2. Get 5 phone numbers each game session. Go the STW route and snatch phone numbers and plan dates there. If the girl is REALLY into me, go for SDL if possible.
  3. This week, 07/24/22 – 07/31/22, do old fashioned game (ie. meet with girl, talk to her, etc). If I don’t get many leads, go the route most PUAs recommend. Write my number on a piece of paper + hand it out to them. This is gunna be weird, but try out, “This is for you” or “You’re cute” and hand out the paper. A good reference is:
  4. So comfort tests are HUGE in Cebu City. Girls think you’re cold approaching every girl. They want to feel special, like they’re the only one. Make them feel special. If they ask if you’re doing this to other girls, just say, “No, I’m a very monogamous guy. I can’t think of ever dating two people at once.

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