07/22/22 – Learning Night Game in Cebu City

I’m back, baby! Been waitin’ to run game in SEA for years now lol. Y’all can look forward to my FRs and how international pickup compares to the United States.

On 07/22/22, Friday, I decided to try out night game in Cebu City. While I could have hit up Mango Square like most foreigners – and Filipinos – do, I felt it best to start off at Icon. Why? It’s an EDM nightclub visited by the elite-tier of Cebu City. Which consequently means hotter girls.

Unfortunately, I absolutely hated how loud the club was. Worse yet, the dudes and girls whispered everything. It wasn’t like the USA where people would yell so you can hear them over the music. Nah son, Filipinos, Koreans, and the Chinese I met last night are SUPER SHY. Only the Koreans made ANY effort to communicate coherently over the loud ass music.

Nevertheless, that’s why PUAs say bars > clubs. Easier to communicate = easier to game.

However, I learned valuable lessons when I went clubbing in Cebu City. Specifically, the difference between American style NG vs Philippines NG.

You see, as Americans, you have to run value-based game in order to catch the attention of your target. You’re also competing against literally hundreds of other dudes tryna get your girl’s attention, too. In the Philippines, the guys aren’t really competing against you (thank god). I’m pretty sure I was, like, 1 of 5 dudes at Icon running game.

IMPORTANT: But here are the key aspects of PH nightgame that I learned.

  1. Walk up to your girl.
  2. Speak slowly, in English.
  3. Tell her she has a cute look or – better yet – that she’s cute.
  4. Have a normal conversation (ie. “Are you Filipino? Do you come to [club] often? How are you?”). Very simple questions.
    • Resist the temptation to speak fast if you get excited. Keep calm and stay grounded. That’s far more important than “verbally finessing” her.
  5. Lead + escalate

Once I discovered the game style to run in Cebu City, I felt fuckin’ relieved. It’s easy. Real easy. Do not overcomplicate things. Treat all of them like cats. You’re careful, cautious, and don’t make any sudden movements. You don’t want to scare off the cat. Slowly bring them to your side. Be patient.

But yeah, other than that, I had a great set yesterday. I spent approximately 2 hours with this Japanese exchange student at Icon. I learn a ton of valuable things with her on how Eastern women operate.

Approach #1: The Japanese Foreign Exchange Student

Synopsis: After running a few sets at Icon, I was having trouble hooking any sets. My game was too high energy, my English too fast. And girls had trouble following. This wasn’t like in the USA where girls fed off high, fun energy levels. Nah, it was best if I kept to a calm, casual tone. Almost zero game. Except to lead + escalate.

So, after approximately 3 or so sets, that’s when I met her.

My target was a Japanese foreign exchange student living in Cebu City to study English. She was an HB 7, in a sundress, and a bit shy.

I distinctly recall opening her about how cute her sundress looked. She smiled, said thank you. After that, I simply ran with boring ‘ol: “How are you doing? Have you been in the Philippines long? How do you like it?” And she just lit up. Honestly, I didn’t understand why lol. It was just so boring. Like, this wasn’t even fun conversation topics. Moreso shit you’d say sitting next to someone in a bus or plane.

Whatever the case, it worked like a charm.

Unlike the USA, it’s ok if you buy a girl a beer in SEA. So, after buying her + myself a Red Horse, I immediately began leading. I wanted this girl to get invested in me. So, when I went for a smoke, she followed. When I wanted to dance, she obeyed. At one point, she started dragging ME everywhere lol. That’s how I knew my game was working.

I met her friends. And they were pretty cool. Nothing too big to note. Thankfully, they didn’t try cockblocking me – which seems to be a thing in the Philippines. If you’re cool with the guy you’re with, the girls won’t try leading their friend away. It’s fucking awesome.

But here’s the thing: I only did the most MINOR of kino. Like, handholding. I was at a point she starting rubbing my hand with her thumb + leading me around. I knew I should have escalated. But god damn, the fact I realized the game style required for Cebu City and the mad validation I was getting from this Jap was too good.

I played not to lose… I didn’t play to win.

Who cares if I lose this girl, right? I could snatch another one minutes later. But my mind starting fucking with me. What if I get too high energy again? What if I make mistakes – even though I knew the right answer? It was a little stifling, so I opted to go with the safe route and hang out with the Jap.

At the end of the night, I legit got bored. And my girl slowly started to lose interest at the 1 hour, 30 minute mark. So, what did I do? I snatched the Jap’s number and ejected out of set. Bummer.

After speaking with u/fastlife15, he said the following what I’d damn well better do next time: “Move her around a little + seed food/drinks”. Yeah, I should have done the last part. Specifically, seed food/drinks OUTSIDE the night club. Even with her friends being ok with me, it must have been hella hard to escalate without her ASD going off lol.

What I Did Right:

Learned the Right Style of Game: Or, more accurately, calibration. After three sets, I knew high-energy game wouldn’t work. Like Colombia in 7 days, I had to calibrate. Thankfully, it only took me a single night out to realize this fact. The slow, sexy English is what I’ll be opting for next time I hit the night trenches.

Lead, Lead, Lead: I lead my girl everywhere. I knew I had to make her invest. Even though she didn’t smoke, I led her to the smoking area. If I wanted a drink, we went to the bar. Even in the most useless areas, she followed me like a puppy. It was glorious.

Sticking Points:

Spoke Waaaaay Too Fast: Yah, this one is a biggie. Especially since this ain’t the States. Girls, even Filipinas who DO speak English, but don’t use it as their primary language, had a tough time listening to me. The music was stupidly loud. And I just ran my mouth 100mph.

Too High Energy: I had a similar issue in the United States. Since I was excited to NG in a new environment, I’d consequently be high energy as fuck. It was a little problematic in the States, but at least I could get girls to hook. In SEA countries, girls – hell, people – are inherently shy and introverted. Being high energy in general simply will not fly.

Played To Not Lose: God, I hated myself for this one. But yeah, it’s a learning experience. I knew I had to escalate, but I was afraid my target’s friends would drag my girl away. And I feared rejection. I mean, I put so much time and effort into the set – why risk losing it? At least, that’s the lie I told myself.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Go Direct: This is the name of the game. If you convey direct intentions (ie. “I think you’re cute and I had to say hi.”) girls will light up. This is a far cry from the United States. Such an opener will absolutely murder the set. Full-on. But in the Philippines, direct is the ONLY way to go. Girls don’t get subtlety. They don’t get cute push-pulls, cold reads, etc. Just be straight. If you like a girl, straight-up tell her. Don’t sugarcoat it.

Speak Slowly In English: Ok, I think the fact I’m excited + have prior experience with NG in the United States is why I spoke fast. Next time, I’ll speak slowly, with meaning and focus, and less on what I say.

Project Sexual Intent: If I’m going to do anything game-y, focus on inner game. A practical inner game technique which translates infield is projecting sexual intent. I give the girl ‘I-want-to-fuck-you’ eyes, while training my focus on her.

Focus on HOW I say my words: Like in Colombia, it’s how I say things, not what I say. Simple as that.

Focus on Inner Game: In hindsight, very little – if any – outer game techniques are required in SEA. If I’m going to focus on anything, make it inner game. Practice mindfulness meditation, project sexual intent, become more entitled with 8s, 9s, and 10s.

Comments: Remember: Slow, meaningful English. Boring convo topics. Ditch the Todd V value based game in SEA. I don’t need it.

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