Cebu City Expenses With June

Since I’m living with June, she’s agreed go give me 6,000 PHP a month for rent/electricity. I’m going to be boring for 08/14/22 – 11/14/22. I’ll be making $1,045/month, so I need to try and actually MAKE money per month. To do that, I need to seriously monitor my expenses.

  • Rental: $300
  • Utilities (water, electricity, etc) + condo dues: $120
  • Transportation: $30
  • Phone and Connectivity: $10
    • Internet covered with rent.
  • Food: $40
    • It’s cheaper to eat at a carinderia than restaurants. Go to Colon Market or any supermarket nearby.
    • June pays for additional +$40. Total is actually $80
  • Health Insurance: $52
    • Going with SafetyWing. It’s $42/month. However, I put it on credit card, so it’s $52/month.
  • Visa Renewal: $50
  • Taxes: $313
  • Netflix: $8
  • June Assistance: +$107
  • Note: Get Resident Evil tattoo on September 5th

TOTAL: $816/month


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