Tattoo Locations

  1. Left side half sleeve tattoo… (Do 1st at Needlepoint; ask for Mards)
    • Base it off this image:
      • Balancing brain and heart means not to overthink, yet not to be overcome with emotion. For example, enjoy the pleasant things in life, don’t overthink it. Also, for emotion, don’t get jealous or get too attached. Don’t be clingy.
      • Replace hand and book with waterdrop. That’s the representation of mindfulness. Example here:
      • IMPORTANT: This tattoo style is called “fine line”. Unfortunately, fine line tattoos are prone to fading. Ask if it’s possible to get the same picture, but with a style that’s less prone to fading. For example, a black and grey tattoo or dotwork tattoo.
      • IMPORTANT: This post states how well a similar tattoo will age.
  2. Alternatively, get this tattoo. Next to the staircase, add a brain and heart to symbolize a journey to mindfulness. Instead of Zeus, add Marcus Aurelius who practiced mindfulness. On the stairs, add an arch, with a brain and heart with water drop in middle which signifies balance. Example of arch here. Add in “glass” shapes in heart, brain and water drop like so (heart example and brain example). Or simply add an actual brain and heart in the spaces like so (better image quality here). To prevent fading, maybe add bigger arch window for brain, heart, and water drop. Replace cult viking sigil with eagle stonework – it represents freedom (and example here).
  3. Underside of left arm: Atlas tattoo. He represents persistence. Have it as a connecting half sleeve. Example here. Have a band around the Earth that says “Steep is the way to mastery.” A list of perseverance quotes is here. (Do 1st at Needlepoint; ask for Mards)
  1. Chest (heart area): Exploding man in suit tattoo or USA map + compass (Do at 032 Tattoo) (Do 2nd)
  2. On top of left shoulder: Put 1992 in Roman numerals. It would be: “MCMXCII(Do 3rd)
  3. Left side of bicep: 3d shark with shadow (Do at Needlepoint Tattoo)
  4. Left middle of bicep: Minimalist American flag (Do at Needlepoint Tattoo as extra)
  5. Back of bicep: Either realistic courage the cowardly dog, geometric world map, or compass and map tattoo. (Do at Needlepoint Tattoo)
  6. Middle back: Lord Recluse clawing out of skin (Do in Chiang Mai)
  7. Flat area of right forearm: Snake and rose tattoo. It means temptation. Just tell girls I’m a passionate guy lol. (Maybe get this tattoo)
  8. Screaming Patrick Bateman left calf tattoo in pop art style. (Do in Chiang Mai or Needlepoint, depending on how good Philip does Resident Evil tattoo)

Note: In total, get 4-5 more tattoos in Cebu City after the Resident Evil one. After that, I’m done. They are: Modern half sleeve -> Map + compass -> MCMXCII + 3d shark with shadow

Note: For heart area of chest, do USA map + compass or exploding man in suit tattoo. Depending which one looks better with the left side half sleeve

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