Full Sleeve Tattoo Idea

This is the last tattoo idea I’ll be doing in the Philippines. It will be a full sleeve tattoo encompassing my entire right arm and chest. I will do it at Needlepoint Tattoo. It will be done by Mards. It will also be a black and grey tattoo. This post states how well a similar tattoo will age.

  1. Upper arm:
    • It is inspired by this tattoo.
    • A few changes will be implemented: Next to the staircase, have a heart and brain floating above the pillars to symbolize a journey to mindfulness. A good example of floating heart/brain is here. Note: Work REALLY hard with Mards on ways to make the heart/brain tattoo to last longer. Because ironically enough, the two most smallest parts, are also the most important parts. Why? Because they mean the most.
    • Alternatively, I was inspired by this vid, but have a brain and heart balance beneath Marcus Aurelius at an equal balance.
    • Instead of Zeus, add Marcus Aurelius who practiced mindfulness. A good tattoo picture of him is here, here, here, and here.
    • On the stairs, add an arch with a water drop in middle which signifies balance. Example of arch here.
    • Or simply just add a water drop.
  2. Bicep: Atlas tattoo. He represents persistence. Have it as a connecting half sleeve. Example here. Have a band around the Earth that says “Steep is the way to mastery,” or alternatively, like in this tattoo, replicate the style on “In Actis Esto Volucris” beneath Atlas. Whatever the artist thinks will look better.
  3. Outer forearm: A sword balancing a heart and brain. An example of sword design is this. An example of sword with balance is this.
  4. Inner forearm: Janus, the Roman god of decisions, with the body of Hecate. It will have two heads, one man and one woman. They will be holding six items which represent something.
    • A seashell which represents love.
    • A US dollar sign which represents money.
    • An eagle which represents power.
    • A mirror which represents outer aesthetics
    • An olive branch which represents inner peace.
    • A cross which represents God.
    • ALTERNATIVELY: Have the traditional Michael slaying the devil tattoo, which signifies defeating evil in my life.

5. Chest: A quote on my left chest which quotes Marcus Aurelis: “You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Stages of design: Upper arm -> bicep -> inner forearm -> outer forearm -> Shoulder/chest

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