Full Sleeve Idea to Present to Elina Lavrienko on Fiverr

Note: Copy/paste this post directly to Elina Lavrienko.

Hey Elina,

My goal is to get a full-sleeve tattoo which covers my entire arm. This includes my upper arm, bicep, outer forearm and inner forearm. I’m a big fan of the religious/greek mythology style of tattoo. A few good examples are this, this, and this.

The central theme of my tattoo is mindfulness. It is a state of awareness that fully embraces the present moment and to let go of anxiety, worry, and fear. Since it’s an important concept to me, I figured I’d contact you to get the best artistic representation I can buy.

There are two must-have components in my sleeve tattoo:

  1. A heart and brain on a scale. It represents the balance between mind and emotion. If possible, make it large enough so it doesn’t fade easily over time.
  2. A water droplet similar to this. It is the symbol of mindfulness and represents the past, the future, and now. Representation here. However, unlike the heart and brain on the scale, I don’t know exactly where to put it on the tattoo. I’ll let artistic freedom decide how to fit it in.

The overarching narrative behind the tattoo is: An angel (or goddess) will be carrying a heart and brain on a scale. She will be fleeing (or fighting) monsters trying to reach her, but she successfully fights them back. This represents my subconscious attempting to overwhelm me with anxiety, worry, or overthinking when I’m enjoying the present moment.

A good artistic example is this tattoo here.

[include cover-up work]

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