Full Sleeve Idea to Present to Philip at Needlepoint Tattoo

Note: Copy/paste this post directly to Philip. This section is for the full-sleeve on my left arm.

Left arm full sleeve

Hey Philip,

As you already know, I’m going to get a full-sleeve tattoo which covers my entire arm. While we’re going with irezumi, I’d like the color palettes to match traditional Japanese tattoos. So, colors like black, dark green, red, and so on. Color examples are this, this, and this.

The central theme of my tattoo is mindfulness. It is a state of awareness that fully embraces the present moment and to let go of anxiety, worry, and fear.

The overarching narrative behind the tattoo is: A dragon will be flying away and carrying two lanterns in its claws. One of the lanterns will have the kanji symbol 心, which means heart and mind; the other lantern will have a 和, which means peace. Example of lantern here.

It’s also important we add a water drop or some variant of it. I don’t know where we can put it, but some cool variants I found online are this, especially the lotus variant. The original variant looks like this. You can use artistic freedom to best determine where it’d fit.

The bottom of the sleeve will have an oni mask looking up.

a heart and brain on a scale. She will be fleeing (or fighting) monsters trying to reach her, but she successfully fights them back. This represents my subconscious attempting to overwhelm me with anxiety, worry, or overthinking when I’m enjoying the present moment.

An artistic example that kinda hits the theme is here.

Right arm full sleeve

Hey Philip,

For my right arm full sleeve, since I already have a pre-existing tattoo that needs a cover-up, I want to add an oni mask that looks up. On the upper arm, we’ll have a phoenix flying upward. Throughout the tattoo, let’s have cherry blossom branches blooming with cherry blossoms themselves.

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