Spanish Lessons: Level 1

Note: Begin lesson 6

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Do lessons 3 again to practice es and donde since i cant say them off the top of my head

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Go through each lesson twice. The first time I can pause to translate. However, the second time around NO PAUSING.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Don’t Google Spanish words to try and translate them. From here on out, I will not translate individual words into their English counterpart.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! In order to use Pimsleur effectively, I need to be able to speak whatever they’re asking without pausing. Therefore, I need to spend 2-3 days per lesson. Repeat the lesson until I find it effortless to speak the contents. Since I focus on pausing + memorizing what they’re saying, I need to start at Lesson 5 and move onward.

The point is to access the language learning part of my brain. Writing anything down interrupts that process. Source here:

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 1:

You understand = entiende

I understand = entiendo

Es usted = are you

Usted = you (formal)

Tu = you (informal)

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 2:

de = of, from or about

como estas = how are you?

bien = fine or good


  • IMPORTANT!! Spanish has two words for “are”, like “you are”. “Es” is most often used for something permanent (e.g. nationality, race, etc), while “esta” is for temporary situations (e.g. health, how you’re doing, etc).

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 3:

no soy = I’m not

de donde = from where (practice)

buenas tardes = good afternoon

buenas noches = good evening

la tarde = the afternoon

el dia = the day

noche = night

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 4:

nos vemos = see you (practice)

mucho gusto = nice to meet you (note: don’t use encantado since it means “charmed”, but no one uses it)

donde esta = where are you? (temporary, as in location)

aquĆ­ = here

esta aqui = it’s here

restaurante = restaurant

donde esta el hotel = where is the hotel? (practice)

alli = there (pronounced ah-gee) (practice)

esta hotel aqui = is the hotel here?

esta = it is, you are

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 5:

de nada = it’s nothing

sabes = do you know (informal) (practice)

no se = i don’t know (practice)

Tienes = do you have (practice) (extra practice – i keep forgetting this one)

Tiene = do you have (more informal) (practice)

tu = you (informal)

tengo = I have (practice)

dolares = dollars

solo = only (practice)

un = a

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 6:

yo soy = I am

no tienes = you don’t have

entiendes = you understand

muy poco = very little

no mucho = not much

muchos = a lot

en = in

es = it

quantos = how many

trescientos = three hundred

doscientos = two hundred

cien = one hundred

no es muchos = it’s not much

queiro = I want

tu queires = you want

esta bien = it’s okay

donde estas = where are you

como = how

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 7:

cuesta = cost

trienta = thirty (30)

trienta y tres = thirty-three (33)

que = what

comer = eat

vamos = let’s go

a = to (“vamos a comer” = let’s go to eat)

me = I

algo = something

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 8:

cuesta = cost

al = to

o = or

refresco = soda (or just say soda)

tomar = drink (literally means “take”, though) (practice)

Spanish Level 1 – Lesson 9:

tambien = also

voy = I’m going

al donde = to where

vas = are you going

pay = pagar

Yes, also I’m going to drink = si, y tambien voy al tomar

No, you’re not going to pay = no, tu vas al pagar

nueve = nine

tiempo = time

minutos = minutes

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