08/13/23 – Beginning The Peruvian Expedition

On Saturday, 08/12/23, I landed in Arequipa, Peru, and plan to jumpstart my game + learn Spanish by talking to cute Inca hotties around the city. I spent the first day in Arequipa scouting the city to find perfect day game spots and check the quality of Peruvian girls.

The girls:

From what I’ve seen Peruvian girls aren’t as hot as Colombianas nor American chicks. I’d say they’re hotter than Filipinas, but I’ve had to walk a good minute around Arequipa to find a suitable target.

In Bucaramanga or Bogota, the second I walked out the door, I’d easily find an HB 7 – 8 within 5 minutes or less. But Peru? Increase those numbers to roughly 15 – 20 minutes.

Appearance-wise, many Peruvian girls look indigenous mixed with Hispanic features. Picture darker skin tones, prominent cheekbones, straight black hair, and dark eyes. If that’s your thing, you’d love Peru.

In terms of HB levels between girls I’ve met from different countries, I’d say: Colombia -> USA -> Peru -> Philippines.

Day game spots:

During my time walking around Arequipa, I found three distinct day game spots where I’ll be running game and hitting up hotties.

Plaza de Armas: Plaza de Armas is the city center of Arequipa. There’s a ton of native Peruvians with gringos sprinkled in. The plaza itself is wide, open, and you can easily approach a girl and bounce to an instadate revenue seamlessly.

Most HB 7s I’ve spotted around Arequipa can be found in Plaza de Armas.

Unfortunately, any hot gringas I spotted on my journey are typically with a boyfriend, their family, etc. Most gringas are European – I’ve only met one American gringa… and she was my housemate lol, not to mention she was, like, a soft 6 at best.

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