Going back to the Past (and Schedule)

On 01/10/24, I discovered I didn’t have enough savings to live in Europe. It’s a shame since I wanted to meet attractive women in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. However, this is NOT a failure. I will not be a Diane Selwyn. My dreams are not broken, they are on hiatus. My objective is to live in Europe at 33 (aka in two years).

Instead of focusing on a business, I need to save $24,000 to spend at least $1,000/month + make the difference via freelance writing. I need to live in Europe for two years. In the meantime, it’s back to hitting the streets in the USA for me: college campuses, malls, the good ‘ol days.

But… I need to go back to being a software engineer. So far, I’ve had a 1 1/2 year hiatus. I quit DentaQuest in July, 2022. Tech companies will question that. I’ll state I wanted to be a tech writer so I can create my hours. If I work at an American company, I’ll have to adjust to their schedule.

Anywho, I’m rusty. I need to regain my skills. I should be able to do this via re-watching Udemy courses, creating mock projects, etc. I’ll need to do Pomodoros. Since I’m starting off being disciplined again, I’ll start slow. After I get comfort, I’ll titrate up.

Here’s my Pomodoro schedule:

Work days (3 Pomodoros): Do this FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. This is because my brain will be sharp and fresh. After I do my Pomodoros, I can submit my daily meme on r/slaytheprincess.

Pomodoros so far: 1, 2,

Off days (6 Pomodoros): Do this FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. When on my 3rd Pomodoro, submit my daily meme. After that, I can check on the status of my posts during my 5-10 minute breaks.

Finance calculator:

My goal is to save $7,000 before I leave for my sister’s place so I can start doing interviews. However, I need to ensure I have enough saved up before I can do that. Let’s go over my finances:

Total per month: $1,300

Health insurance: $150

Vape: $120

Credit Card: $60

Upvotes: $70

Total potential savings per month: $900

Pomodoro goals (today):

  1. Go through LinkedIn profile and send relevant resume information to resume writer.

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