The Ways of the Jedi in Europe

For a long time, I’ve compared pickup artistry and game as a whole like the Sith and Jedi from Star Wars.

Depending on what’s required, you use dark side abilities (e.g. cocky funny, negs, sexual aggression, prioritizing value-based game) to build up your value or light side abilities (e.g. the power of now, projecting sexual intent, mindsets, comfort).

Of course, one does not outweigh the other. There needs to be a balance in pickup. You use both “dark side” and “light side” abilities in set–oftentimes simultaneously.

However, I do notice you’ll use dark side game (e.g. value-based game) or light side abilities (e.g. comfort based game) stronger in some countries vs others.

For example, in the United States it’s more reliable to rely on dark side game to pick up women. Light side game is required, too, but overall, you’re more likely to get farther using the dark side.

On the reverse, countries like the Philippines are almost totally light side aligned. Projecting too much value-based game is a detriment. Being a so-called “good man” who can comfort girls is much more powerful.

Now, here comes the fun part…

In Europe, there’s certainly a market for more light side based game over dark side game. However, I’ve noticed some dark side game is required, too. It’s a tricky balance.

Therefore, when I’m training, it’s far more important to focus on the light side (primarily inner game) and THEN focus on the dark side (primarily techniques) as a secondary objective.

This is almost certainly the optimal path in the Netherlands.

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