How To Best Open A Girl

My best sets occur when I’m thinking about absolutely nothing. Not even a pre-planned opener. Like, if I see a girl in the distance, don’t even think, “Oh she has the most NYC look, I’m gunna open her with that.”

Moreso, you see her -> she looks good -> don’t preplan and just head in her direction -> once she’s in front of you. Just open with whatever pops in your head.

It can literally be anything.

And better yet, it makes you hella present in the moment.

Looking back, I thought scripted and observational openers were my best strategies. Let’s peel a layer off the onion for a second.

Yes, observations (ie. “You’ve got a total NYC look”) are good for newbies/intermediates. But they still involve you relying on a system to open. So there’s a bif chance they won’t come out 100% natural.

When your mind shuts up, yes you MAY go off an observational opener based on pure instinct and/or training, but they’re much more fluid if you’re not actively thinking about it.

10/14/21 – My Inner and Outer Game Goals

After returning to Chicago on 09/19/21, I struggled to get my bearings infield. I didn’t know what game skill I wanted to focus on, so instead I opted to, “get back into the feel of things,” before slowly but surely regaining my pickup skillset.

I’d say I’m doing relatively well now. While I haven’t 100% got everything back, I’d say I’m 60-70% there. I still have some big friggin’ holes I need to patch up (that I didn’t have before), but I trust I’ll be able to fix those within a few weeks to months.

However, after contemplating what I’ll work on infield, I discovered they fall down to two aspects of pickup. Like always, there’s an inner and outer game component:

Outer GameOpen Without Thinking

My best sets occur when I’m thinking about absolutely nothing. Not even a pre-planned opener. Like, if I see a girl in the distance, don’t even think, “Oh she has the most NYC look, I’m gunna open her with that.”

IMPORTANT: Moreso, you see her -> she looks good -> don’t preplan and just head in her direction -> once she’s in front of you. Just open with whatever pops in your head.

It can literally be anything.

And better yet, it makes you hella present in the moment.

Looking back, I thought scripted and observational openers were my best strategies. Let’s peel a layer off the onion for a second.

Yes, observations (ie. “You’ve got a total NYC look”) are good for newbies/intermediates. But they still involve you relying on a system to open. So there’s a big chance they won’t come out 100% natural.

When your mind shuts up, yes you MAY go off an observational opener based on pure instinct and/or training, but they’re much more fluid if you’re not actively thinking about it.

Inner GamePresence + Fun, Cool Guy Vibe

Presence – or the Power of Now – is essential when it comes to meeting women or life in general. You want to be present in the moment, able to actively listen and calibrate toward the girl. Once I established the Power of Now in my game repertoire, my skills skyrocketed.

However, it’s still a baseline and being present in the moment isn’t enough inner game.

IMPORTANT: The next step is projecting a fun, non-judgmental, cool guy frame who everyone collaborates with.

This won’t completely get you in state, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The longer you are in set sporting the fun, cool guy frame, the better your game increment.

In Conclusion

To reiterate, what am I practicing?

Inner Game: Presence + fun, non-judgmental, cool guy frame

Outer Game: Open Without Thinking. Follow the 3 second rule.

10/12/21 – Patience > Dogma

On 10/12/21, Tuesday, I ventured off to DePaul University to try my hand at college campus day game before dipping into Lincoln Park proper. Needless to say, I’m performing better on the streets due to the fact it’s less densely populated and I’m able to game without worrying about eavesdroppers listening in. Unfortunately, I really wished I brought my mic yesterday afternoon.

I managed to do a few great sets which I did 90% good in and 10% bad. If I only recorded the 10% and sent it off to r/CovertPickup for analysis.

Nevertheless, I’m reminded the dangers of laziness and not devoting your body, mind and spirit to Game.

That will never happen again.

Approach #1The Ohio Trumpet Girl

Synopsis: After scouting ALL of DePaul University and determining vital intel when and where to game women, I did a few approaches that really didn’t go anywhere. However, I found DePaul’s School of Music and ran into this soft HB 7, trumpet player, who has moved into Chicago for approximately a month.

God damn, she was into me.

She fell into my frame – shit, even adapting how I spoke and carried myself – qualified herself, obeyed my leading and commands, and overall, while I don’t think we had instant chemistry, I loved how “submissive”, I suppose you can say she was. Despite her loud personality lol

However, I fucked up and I believe this defining moment killed any chance of contacting her again.

I knew I couldn’t lead the set any further, yet my target had class in 10 minutes. So I ejected out of set on a positive note. But…

When it came to number closing my target, she stated she was busy on Wednesday and mostly busy on Thursday. I became pushy since I didn’t want to lose the set. I told her it’s scientifically proven people forget another people’s faces within three days. And we should meet on either Wednesday or Thursday.

I wasn’t a relaxed, chilled dude who didn’t care since I’ve got 5 more girls on standby. In hindsight, I should’ve said, “Yeah cool, we’ll plan something out on text” or something like that.

I felt like I was too pushy – too needy, to be precise – and that killed it.

Remember: Yes, it’s optimal you meet a girl within 24-48 hours. That’s PUA dogma. But I met my ex-girlfriend on Monday and didn’t meet with her until Friday.

Patience > Dogma.

What I Did Right:

Virtually Everything: I ran push-pulls, qualifiers, was present in the moment, body language was on point. I did everything correctly.

Sticking Points:

Impatience: I suppose you could call this an experiment. I knew most numbers don’t generally pan out anyway, so I felt my value was high enough to try and push for a 24-48 hour meet up. If I calibrated correctly though, I should have just simply gone with Todd V’s text game plan and exclusively used texting for logistics.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Be Patient, Young Apprentice: Just find out her schedule for the week. State you’ll plan something out via text. That’s it. Once you begin texting, remember: Open -> flirty banter -> hit high note -> begin planning date.

Comments: We’ll get ’em next time.

10/09/21 – Something Better

On 10/09/21, Saturday, I ventured off from Grand Ave -> Washington Square Park -> Gold Coast -> Lincoln Park (the literal park and neighborhood) -> DePaul. It was a fuckin’ adventure where I met people on my journey to hit up different landmarks. Better yet, these neighborhoods were filled with receptive 7s and 8s, compared to the standoffish women you see at Magnificent Mile.

Therefore, I believe it’s in my best interest to heed SundaySermon’s advice and to exclusively focus on neighborhood game when college campuses aren’t in session.

Within my long trek from Grand Ave to DePaul, I did a few approaches, but two are worth logging in this report.

Approach #1The Far Left Extremist

Synopsis: During the first half of my journey, I was instructed to hit up ViTri in Gold Coast. Lots of hotties, but the trek was long. So I stopped at Washington Square Park, which was spacious and dotted in 7s. I met a girl: Soft HB 7, fit like a yoga instructor, receptive, yet bookish.

She was chilling in the park, reading a book in the shade. I opened the set and began running game.

Turns out, she was a far left extremist lol – like straight up hates anything right-wing, was a socialist, Antifa-aligned, etc. I didn’t care tho, since all I wanted was to snatch that ass.

Somehow, I managed to turn her from receptive -> highly receptive and at the end of the set, she asked me to text her.

Tried instadating her, but she had to go to work within 30-40 mins.

What I Did Right:

Focused on Comfort Over Value: Yes, while I tried instadating her and I suppose that could be additionally listed as ‘What I Did Right’, I have a strong tendency to overgame women. It’s been a sticking point of mine since I first began my pickup journey.

I’m extra proud of myself when I just keep present in the moment -> listen to what my girl is saying -> calibrate correctly no matter if it’s comfort or value.

Made A Narrative With Her: Even though my girl was a far lefty, I made a joke where we both should take over a country in the Bahamas. She’d be “La Presidente” and I’d be the cool, chief of security guy. It was a fun running joke between the both of us that lasted throughout the set.

Sticking Points:

Lack of Premise: My target had a vague idea I was attracted to her, but I didn’t project sexual intent nor injected subtle hints of a Man-to-Woman convo.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Presence + Fun, Cool Guy + Sexual Intent: What does that mean?

a.) As a foundation, be present in the moment.

b.) Next, with your foundations laid down, project a fun, cool guy frame as your primary vibe.

c.) Since I’m present in the moment and I’m a fun, cool guy girls love… let her know I’m a guy with balls and project sexual intent on and off; possibly throw in subtle premise to add a little spice.

Comments: Overall, pretty fuckin’ good set.

Approach #2The Pajamas Girl and Her Three-Legged Dog

Synopsis: During the last half of my day game session, I was dead tired. Therefore, I decided to hit up the Red Line in Lincoln Park, where I ran into the girl sporting pajamas and a three-legged dog. She was drunk, but a fun person. I initial thought she was in some NYC silk get-up, but after closer inspection, it was anything but lol.

She was from the South and moved to Chicago as a mental health worker.

The funny part is how I opened her. It was totally unintentional and I knew I wanted to continue approaching, but I wanted to warm myself up again. So I just said she had an adorable dog. After that, we managed to get into witty banter and things just started kicking off.

At the end, she said she’s a traditional girl and wants me to take her out to dinner.

We’re now texting back and forth.

What I Did Right:

Indirect, Unintentional Approach: I honestly didn’t intend to approach my target until I got a closer look and originally planned to use her dog as a warm-up. Thankfully, since she was cute, it worked out in my favor and I controlled the set with an inherent Man-to-Woman vibe.

Focused on Emotion: It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it. I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary and projected myself as this fun, cool guy girls love.

Sticking Points:

– N/A. Tried instadating her, making plans later on that night, etc. Did everything I possibly could.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– See Sticking Points.

Comments: It’s awesome making a true, unintentional indirect approach work. Truly has romantic comedy vibes.

New Excuse Why I’m at College Campuses In Chicago

Improved Infiltration.

Chicago college girls definitely aren’t like their sisters up north in Milwaukee. They’re alert, on point, and able to sniff out an intruder pretty quickly. This calls for improvised tactics.

When it comes to asking why I’m at the campus, I have a pre-canned excuse. Namely: “So, what are you going for?” In which I respond, “I’m not a student here, but my buddy is. I’m waiting to pick him up.” To really seal the deal and to make your cover story believable just say, “Ever met someone who says they’re going to be here in 5 minutes and next thing you know, you’ve waited an hour. That’s him.”

In Milwaukee, my excuse worked like a charm. No girl ever pressed the issue any further.

In Chicago, I swear an exclamation point pops above their head and the PUA alarm goes off – and the set is gone moments later.

After meeting with SundaySermon at Friar Tuck, he offered me a viable alternative: Say you’re at the campus for continuing and professional studies.

What does that mean?

It’s a continuing education program offered for adults who already have a career. For example, I’m a self-taught software engineer without any formal degree. My company wants me to at least possess a Software Engineering certificate (which Loyola has btw). I can simply state I’m at [insert college here] for continuing education in IT.

This will allow me to bypass a girl’s PUA alarms and access campus facilities without alerting security – like Solid fuckin’ Snake.

IMPORTANT: Let’s do a little roleplay…

“So, what are you going for?” In which I respond, “Me? I’m here for a certificate.” To really seal the deal and make my cover story believable just say, “I already work as a Software Engineer, but my job really wants me to get a certificate. Turns out, Loyola [or some other college] has a Computer Science certificate program.”

IMPORTANT: Since each university is unique, let’s compare different certificate programs I can roll off of as an excuse.

Loyola University: Computer Science certificate

DePaul University: DevOps certificate (add dumb comment that it sounds like a badass hacker team or something)

Northwestern University: Web Development certificate

Let’s get back to the mission, soldier.

10/06/21 – Being Present In The Moment + Projecting A Fun, Cool Guy Vibe

This field report will be short. It was created to showcase what a correct mindset can accomplish in set.

On 10/06/21, Wednesday, I ventured off to Loyola University since the Red Line was shut down due to a toppled over crane. I live literally a mile away, with the total walk being 20 minutes. It was given ample time to relax -> become present in the moment -> once I was 0.2 miles away from the campus, refocus on projecting a fun, cool guy frame.

It worked like a fuckin’ charm.

I met this 18 year old Indian chick who was sweet, receptive, and into me. Unfortunately, since I didn’t go to Loyola, she was a little on edge, but I project strong Light Side energy to keep her in set for a bit longer.

Of course, my verbal game and persistence could have used a little work, but my fundamentals were great.

This is how I will start my game session.

Walking to Red Line -> on the train, I will exclusively be present in the moment.

Once I hit downtown Chicago, focus on having a fun, cool guy vibe and use that as my framework while approaching.

Inner Game Strategies

Shower MeditationTrauma Energy Absorption

In this situation, I will meditate each time I go into the shower. I will be present in the moment, allowing myself to sit upright and intentionally bring trauma up. It will be embraced and converted into raw, dark side power.

It reminds me of how Plagueis trained Sidious on Mygeeto during the brutal, unforgiving cold. “Tell me how you killed them again,” but in this situ, “Bring up all your fears and worries again.”

Note: In Milwaukee, I used a blanket to cover me up while meditating in the shower. Not this time.

Conversion MeditationCovert Trauma Energy to Raw Energy

When a panic attack arises – or if I’m feeling anxiety/fear in general – don’t aim to get rid of it, but rather, embrace it as raw energy. You are a human being. Denying fear or anxiety is denying what makes me, well, me. The goal isn’t to eliminate natural human emotion – but to embrace it for what it is.

The Power of Now Out on Walks, Train Rides, Etc

This is a classic inner game strategy I’ve been working on since early 2021. As a pickup artist, I know I need to be present in the moment in set, but even more than that, being present in all aspects of my life. No matter if it’s talking to my co-workers, going grocery shopping on Tuesday afternoon, etc.

This is accomplished by clearing my mind -> going into my body -> projecting my focus out into the world.

When I’m talking to a girl, all I’d need to do is actively listen to what she’s saying and calibrate. Any and all outer game will come out by itself. Don’t worry about if I need to do a push-pull here, a qualifier there. No, just be present in the moment and trust yourself with the fun, flirty vibe that you’ll succeed.

Fun, Flirty VibeIn Set, As My Primary Vibe

While projecting sexual intent IS important, it’s far better to project a fun, playful, yet flirty vibe as my primary framework. Girls are inherently attracted to the cool guy who won’t judge them. Once attraction has been established, I’d still project my fun vibe, but that’s when I can begin injecting sexual intent on and off.

However, being a fun, cool guy isn’t as straightforward as, say, projecting sexual intent on and off.

What I’d need to do is this: Be present in the moment -> once that’s accomplished, give out a cocky smile; envision myself as the cool future Adam who knows what the fuck he wants ->open up the girl in a slow, meaningful tone that’s genuine and sympathetic.

It may take a bit of practice – or it may be immediate, we’ll see – but this is def a top priority frame in set.

Projecting Sexual IntentOn & Off Based on Calibration

Sexual intent is a mix of both outer game and inner game. It is a charged energy you project out into the real world. If utilized correctly, sexual intent is a powerful body language technique which switches the interaction from platonic -> Man-to-Woman without uttering a word. Of course, projecting too much sexual intent makes you look creepy. It’s why you’ve gotta flip it on and off – increase or release the pressure valve, if you will – to make it work correctly.

In this situ, I’d first and foremost convey a fun, flirty vibe to my target, before calibrating and projecting sexual intent.

Pickup Is About the Journey

You are a Jedi Knight of Pickup.

It is Monday, 10/04/21, and I have been gaming in Chicago for exactly 2 weeks now.

My first two weeks back, I focused on re-gaining my pickup skills, but I feel like I’m obsessed – way, way too focused – on becoming the “old PUA Adam”. When in reality, what made pickup fun and exciting was the journey itself. Yes, value-based concepts like push-pulls, qualifiers, etc are slowly manifesting back into my game repertoire; but I’m desperately trying to rush the process.

I’m in too much of a hurry to re-gain lost time.

This is why I’ve been getting blown out during day game so much.

Girls sense I’m not approaching with sincerity. Like they’re genuine, thinking people with emotions and desires. They’ve become a faceless number; stepping stones to brute force my way past without calibration or empathy.

In the past, I viewed pickup artistry like an MMORPG or hell – if you’re really into geeky shit – like a Force user from Star Wars who learns new Light Side / Dark Side techniques. It really solidified the idea pickup was a fun adventure. Better yet, it came off in set.

Of course, my old sticking points have reared their ugly head, too. For example, overgaming the girl when I gotta realize game is 70% comfort, 30% value. Be entitled. Trust yourself – because I am enough.

What I must do now is realign my mindset.

As John Sonmez states, “You can never really lose anything, because you have experience now. It’s just a matter of realizing that your game will constantly evolve. Don’t try and get back to the old, instead find the new new if that makes sense.”

Drop the ego. Let my game flow freely. Do not strive to replicate the past. That is impossible. I am a constantly shifting entity; fluid in all ways. Do not fight it. Accept my new journey in becoming a master pickup artist.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

I’m like a guy who started replaying his favorite video game and is just starting to relearn the controls.

Have fun.

IMPORTANT: Remember, inner game first. Techniques second.

IMPORTANT: Drop the ego. I cannot reiterate this enough. My ego is killing me. I must get worse before I get better once again.

Quickie: How To Get Present In The Moment

This post will only be a paragraph or two long.

I’ve been trying to become present in the moment for approximately 2 weeks now. Today, I’ve found the answer. Yes, I had to re-learn how to become present, aware, and mindful of the girl and my surroundings, but I (re)figured it out.

All I have to do is get into my body and project out. That’s it. Focus on everything around me by projecting my energy outward.

Next goal: Project a fun, positive vibe throughout the set.