01/09/21 – First Attempt At Closing To Girl’s Hotel

On 01/09/21, I ventured off to Chicago to game with part2pete, and initially was performing poorly during the first half of the day. I was dehydrated, dealing with ‘Adderall hangover’ after working on a big project yesterday, and barely ate anything within 24 hours.

Due to 6 1/2 months of extremely consistent practice, my game wasn’t bad, per se, but it could have been better.

Overall, I did a dozen or so approaches, but only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1The Colombian Expat

Synopsis: Toward the middle-end of our game session, I ran into this Colombian expat from Bogota. She’s been in Chicago for two months, but lived in the States multiple times in her life. Overall, I’d say she was receptive, but like JP said in our last call, (native) Colombian girls take 5-6 hours to lay – but they’re incredibly easy to get along with.

I’m not sure if it applied to Catalina, but I’m going to show JP the recording this Friday to hear his thoughts.

At the end, I went on an Instadate with Catalina, and clumsily tried closing to her hotel.

What I Did Right:

Tried Hotel Closing After Instadate: I knew I had to push myself so I tried finding out Catalina’s logistics before trying to hotel close. I admit, it stumbled around alot, as if I didn’t know what to say; I was nervous, but I still pulled through.

Kept It Flirty, Yet Balanced With Comfort: I felt my entire interaction was relatively solid. I was flirty, yet I balanced it with normal conversation. I did a pretty good job establishing comfort by asking interview style (or personal) questions + flirty/witty banter after her response.

Sticking Points:

Not Confident On Hotel Closing: Since I hadn’t tried pulling after an instadate, I came off pretty fucking nervous. I imagine, over time, this will get far easier, but I distinctly recall fumbling over myself – hesitating – to hotel close Catalina.

Comments: Work on a smooth, casual transition for closing (ie. for instadates, going to her/my place and number)

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NURTn0PwodE

JP Call #11: Questions and Notes


  1. I ran into this Colombian expat from Bogota in Chicago. She’s been in Chicago for two months, but lived in the States multiple times in her life. If you listen to the set, does her personality reflect most girls from Colombia or are they a bit different from her? 

  2. What is a good line for a casual, smooth transition to close to a girl’s place? Since I hadn’t tried pulling after an instadate, I came off pretty fucking nervous. I imagine, over time, this will get far easier, but I distinctly recall fumbling over myself to hotel close Catalina.

  3. My Airbnb host said it’s okay if I brought an unregistered guest into the apartment building. I’m kinda worried she’ll change her mind once I get to Bogota. Can you bribe the door people lol

  4. You’ve traveled around the world. Aside from Colombia, what are other good countries to visit for game?

  5. My focus has shifted from getting numbers to instadate + pull. What are some suggestions to make the pull easier? Once I get to her/my place, any suggestions to escalate?

  6. Lots of guys talk about logistics in the pickup community. My primary game venues are 10-15 minutes away driving distance. Is that considered good or bad logistics? With that distance in mind, would it be best to go to her place or mine?

  7. Kind of off-topic, but I’m learning Spanish. It’s eating up into my pickup schedule. Like, I used to go out 5 days, but now I only go out 4 days a week to game. In your personal opinion, do you think I should drop Spanish and focus exclusively on pickup or do both?

  8. How do you not rely on wings for game? When I go out solo, I’m not as enthusiastic to approach girls, my game isn’t up to par, and I leave the venue earlier compared to going out with a wing.

    On the other hand, when I go out with a wing, my game gets far better ’cause I feel like I gotta prove my worth to the other guy, I can game for hours on end, etc.


Interview Questions + Witty/Flirty Banter After Her Response

When it comes to early game, I project far too much value; particularly if a girl is neutral after the open. It’s all attraction with no substance.

I recall countless times a girl was anxious after my approach. Worse yet, it’s visibly obvious by her body language (ie. fidgeting, nervous tonality, etc) she’s uncomfortable.

Since I rarely go out infield to practice establishing comfort, my “game reflects” kick in and I respond by showering her with more value (ie. “Omg, it’s always the adorable ones. You’re the biggest troublemakers out there.”).

It’s uncalibrated, unnecessary, with that time spent getting to know the girl to establish comfort.

What happens afterward? The girl tells me she has a boyfriend, she scatters off to God knows where, and I lose the set.

After speaking with fastlife15 – and from personal experience – it’s acceptable to use interview style questions during the comfort phase. As long as I follow up her response with a tease + witty banter.

A good example is when I gamed Polish Paulina in Downtown Chicago. I had a perfect mix of witty banter + comfort (interview style or personal questions + witty banter after her response).

A bad example was today on 01/05/21 at Mayfair Mall. I met this super cute emo chick. She was incredibly anxious after my approach. At first she told me she had a boyfriend and had to meet him, but I pushed on and did a tiny bit of comfort. After I asked her again what she was doing… she said she was merely shopping lol

That was a clear-cut sign she wanted me to establish a more comfortable environment to game her in. It was painstakingly obvious to the untrained eye.

What did I do instead? Well… “Omg, it’s always the adorable ones. You’re the biggest troublemakers out there.”

Jesus Christ.

She simply said, “Uhhh, I gotta go it was nice meeting you!” before almost literally running off to I-don’t-know.

Henceforth, if I sense an awkward silence in set – just ask a simple interview style question.

You know how to respond afterward 😉

My New Objective: Instadate + Pull (Push EVERY set as far as I can)

After gaming Polish Paulina last Saturday, I discovered my next objective in game: Instadate + Pull.

I don’t want to write a long narrative of what instadates + pulling entails, but u/fastlife15 provided an excellent insight of what that is:

Honestly, for where you are right now, I’d focus more on trying to instadate and pull. Like that should be your goal. Here’s why:

  1. IME (which is mostly night game for the record, tho I have pulled during the day), it’s easier to pull than it is to get a girl to show up for a date.
  2. It will help you work through your entitlement issues quicker. Me pointing out where a girl is into you after the fact is one thing; but actually having that same girl back at your place, doing her thang an hour or two after you meet her is a totally different reference experience. Like if you had pulled this girl, the next suburban boujie white girl, you would be like, Hell ya, this girl wants me. I fucked a girl 10x hotter than her that one time.
  3. It will force you to work through logistics. Leaving on a high note with a number is an easy copout, versus working through those obstacles and objections and risking all that good validation. Plus, if logistics are fucked, you can still just settle for a phone number.
  4. Those kind of reference experiences (sleeping with a sober girl hella quick) will help you get a more accurate view of female sexuality in general, versus the guy who thinks girls don’t like sex and you have to take her on 3 dates and have all these super long text conversations (which will be 100% true if you’re not leading the interaction).

With that goal, you’ll be getting a shitload more references. And from there, you can start working on doing solid number closes.

Some girls give you very little to work with (like way less than this one or the Bosnian in Chicago). Some are more expressive. But the only way to know these are greenlights is to push the accelerator. Like I said, it’s one thing for me to tell you this (from my own reference experiences of pushing sets and escalating on girls where I literally thought, OMG, she totally HATES me but I’m gonna do it for science and having it work) vs. testing those IOIs for yourself and taking that leap of faith for yourself and seeing how girls react with your own two eyes.

If you keep pushing your comfort zones, you’ll grow into that entitlement, since you’ll gather those same references.

Learn to trust your gut. Your head is full of bullshit about being a short out of shape Asian and will psyche you out. Or better yet, fuck your gut and your head and just push it to see what happens. Like I said, I’ve pulled girls (including one of my all time favs) where I 100% thought they hated me and who I would’ve bailed on and ejected if I was listening to my gut or my head. 

This is actually a solid strategy. But instadate + pull. In fact, this would be my modus operandi for 8s, 9s, and 10s in general. They’re very, very, very hard to get out later. Like, it can happen, but even if you’re running really solid game in set, they have a whole world of options outside of it and you’ll have to really work those numbers and deal with a bunch of flakes and nonresponse and chasing girls around, sometimes for months at a time (ask me how I know lol). Vs. you have sex, shoot the shit a little, qualify her on being spontaneous, play it cool (like it happens all the time) and then she just comes over the next time you hit her up.

Just be ready to handle objections with stuff like: “Only for a minute.” “I’ve got to be up early tomorrow.” “I’ll give you a ride back to your car.” “I thought you were spontaneous.” Etc., etc. In fact, I’d probably throw in a false time constraint before even making that offer. And, if the girl’s more iffy, I wouldn’t mention my place at all. Just say you know a place to get drinks and then be like, “Oh, shit. I left my ID at my place.” Then when you get there, you can be like, “Actually, I have wine here. One drink.” Etc., etc.

Part of the reason you need to try pulling is so that you can learn to deal with all that stuff and actually figure out how to get from A to C instead of always stopping at B. Most of the girls you instadate will have other stuff going on and that’s cool. But that’s why you need to practice this stuff every chance you get. And it’s better to try something and have it bomb or get awkward (just recover by staying upbeat and being chill) and giving yourself a chance than it is not to try at all.

My new objective when it comes to 8s, 9s, and 10s is to go for the instadate; especially if I get mad IOIs like this one. When it comes to 6s and 7s, I’ll probably see how receptive they are. If they’re open (no plans for the day, bored, etc), I’ll probably go for the instadate. If not, probably number close.

Just trying to pull–even shakily–is a huge step forward. Next time, just focus on making it less of a big deal. The more you treat it like it’s the most normal thing in the world, the more likely she’ll be to fall into that frame.

01/02/21 – Pushing Past My Comfort Zone and Going For the Kiss (Breakthrough!)

Before I begin this report, I’d like to thank u/fastlife15 and JP for pushing me to my absolute limit in set – seriously, you guys are my heroes.

I haven’t felt this excited writing a field report since I started gaming June, 2020.

On 01/02/21, Saturday, I ventured off to Chicago with u/part2pete and ran game for approximately five hours. I was “in state”, and felt unusually invigorated walking up and down Michigan Ave.

As a few of you may know, I felt my game stagnate within the past few weeks. I relied on opening/early game concepts and affixed my attention on getting a solid phone number. Deep down, I didn’t feel entitled to getting the same day lay – or hell, going for a kiss on the instadate.

That changed this Saturday.

In this field report (Approach #2Polish Paulina), I went for the kiss. It didn’t matter if she didn’t display IOIs, if my head and gut screamed at me not to, I just fuckin’ did it.

Since the emotional spark wasn’t there, she rejected it. But that didn’t matter. I felt a rush of energy – like I was alive again; like I was the old Adam that discovered pickup anew.

I didn’t care she rejected my advances to kiss her, but rather, I had the courage to act despite nervousness.

All in all, I’ve nailed my opening/early game over a month ago.

Now it’s time to focus on the mid-game.

And if u/fastlife15 is right: I should blitz through this stage compared to opening/early game.

Approach #1: Die Uber Cougar

Synopsis: After stopping at a crosswalk with Pete, I ran into this attractive, late 30s woman who I initially mistook as much younger. It wasn’t a loss, since despite her age, she was still pretty damn hot. So I figured what the hell and decided to stay in set.

What I Did Right:

Ran A More Normal Game Than What I’m Used To: I wasn’t as gamey as I usually was since I was gaming an older woman. She seemed more calm and mature than most women I meet. I inherently knew I shouldn’t be too crazy, just a little.

Least favorite set of the day, but definitely a learning experience when gaming older women.

Sticking Points:

Gaming Older Women Requires More Logic Than Playfulness: Yeah, you should be playful, but it’s better to have a normal, yet high-value conversation compared to gaming her like a girl in her 20s.

Comments: I wonder how different it is gaming cougars in the 35+ range vs 18-25 year olds?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwGQb8_WV9k

Approach #2: Polish Paulina

Synopsis: At first, I didn’t catch Paulina, except for a side-glance of her crossing the street. Since I felt rather adventurous, I decided to jump at the opportunity before missing my shot.

Needless to say, it was the best decision I made within the past few months.

At first, she was neutral, leaning receptive. After I displayed high-value behavior, she began turning more and more receptive.

I managed to secure an Instadate at the coffee shop inside a Nordstrom. That’s when I noticed she started shit-testing my frame. Seeing if I was really the alpha I portrayed myself to be.

I felt like I went on an emotional roller coaster with Paulina – she was on one minute, off the next. However, I don’t believe I emotionally connected with her enough with her overall.

At the end, after finishing our coffee, we walked down a side street adjacent to Michigan Ave. I started holding her hand with no resistance, before I stopped her in-front of a dead restaurant. That’s when my gut and head told me NOT to do what I was about to do.

I hand both hands on her waist, whispered ‘fuck it’ to myself, before leaning up for the kiss.

She turned her head away, but I didn’t care.

I felt a spark of positive energy come over me. Like I did something good and amazing.

Even though I got her phone number – it was solid for a single text – I pushed my boundaries and hit new heights in my game.

What I Did Right:

Push Your Boundaries (Going for the Kiss): As stated in the summary, I was trapped in pickup limbo for the past few weeks. I didn’t make any progress and had no idea where to go. I was slacking on implementing comfort/calibration, but after I went for the kiss, I knew exactly what my next objective in was: Instadate + pull.

However, I felt 10x more free doing this in Chicago – a city I merely visit once a week. Maybe twice since Pete and some other PUAs we met that day are so fun.

Is it possible to act the same way in Milwaukee?

Sticking Points:

Fell Into Her Frame A Few Times: Particularly when she started talking about how her parents wanted her to get married/have kids. Either she’s putting me in the boyfriend frame or I established enough comfort for her to open up.

Needless to say, I think I fell into her frame. I told her my grandma asks me the same thing every time she calls me. I’m curious how I should have handled it personally.

Emotional Roller Coaster of Game: It’s hard always being on your A game, man. Even if you drop the game, you gotta display yourself in a high value manner. Since I’m technical with my sets, I notice my verbals starts decreasing at the 10 minute mark in any given interaction.

Not Enough Qualifiers: I felt like I was too nice, too complimenting, but I didn’t follow those up with qualifiers. I felt she would have been receptive (and solid), if I tested her frame more.

Comments: Always. And I mean always, push your set as far as humanly possible. Don’t trust your gut. Definitely don’t trust your head. Just push.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xjSCD-eBzE

Approach #3: The Doctor

Synopsis: A few hours after my instadate with Pauline, I met this incredibly well-dressed doctor from Kenya. Interestingly enough, she was white with an exotic name. We had an instadate, but I felt something was off with her overall demeanor. Like, she was receptive, yet friendly; but not in the good way.

Coming from the medical field, it felt like my Dad talking to one of his patients regarding the side effects of a medication.

I suppose you could call it “professional receptivity,” if I had to put a tag on it.

What I Did Right:

Politeness + Attraction?: Like Lindsay (the cougar), I knew exclusively running value-based game could be problematic. She’s older and probably wouldn’t resonate with game I’d run on girls from the 18-23 range.

I tried playful teasing, but nothing extraordinary if I’m running on memory.

Took Her On Instadate: When I treated an instadate as super casual, not a big deal, she accepted it without any worry. I think that’s the key to landing instadates every game session that I’m out. Remember: Instadates aren’t a big deal. It’s just two people who like each other going out.

Now, remember to always escalate, but during the transition, it never is a big deal.

Sticking Points:

Burning Out: As of 01/03/20, I can run amazing game for approximately… 0-10 minutes. After that, my mind wanders, I get bored, and my brain half-asses whatever verbals I got planned. This is what creates the “emotional roller coaster” during my sets.

0-10 minutes in: Great, amazing, the girl is hooked.

10-20+ minutes in: My energy dampens, I forget to qualify the girl. I tease her a bit, but there’s a noticeable downtrend. She’s on one moment -> the next she’s bored -> the cycle repeats.

I need a way to portray myself as high-value without getting bored for hours at a time.

Comments: Same comment as Die Uber Cougar: This woman was in her early 30s. How should I game someone like that?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DrvlYiTCaY

A.G. Hayden Zoom Call #1 – Don’t Overanalyze in Set and Staying in a Fun State

A.G. Hayden states my biggest mistake in game is the fact I analyze my sticking points and what I did right post-set. I’m getting a 1 out of 10 hit rate and Hayden says that’s way too low. What should I do instead? Focus on having fun!

After leaving the set, don’t try and analyze what I did right and wrong. Just looking at the bright side – a personal yes ladder, if you will.

Let’s say I’m waiting 10 minutes to find my next target: Keep myself in a fun, social mood by talking to random strangers. Complimenting them. Even if it’s old people, guys, whatever.

Just keep myself in a social mood.

12/29/20 – Handling the Illusive 9

On 12/29/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall after nearly a week long break in Missouri. Thankfully, I didn’t notice a decrease in my game ability, since pickup is one of the few skills that vanishes fast.

I did four approaches – two were married, so I didn’t push the set any further – and only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1The HB 9 Stripper

Synopsis: After doing 3 approaches, I wandered around Mayfair Mall for a bit. I saw this cute hipster looking girl. Incredibly hot and honestly, I was about to skip since I hesitated for a split-second. Fuck it, I turned around and did the approach anyway.

She was super chill. Like, her personality reminded me of a sloth. Relaxed 24/7, a true neutral 100% of the time. I tried push-pull, qualifiers, but didn’t project as much sexual intent as I’d like to.

She was a stripper from Madison, WI. She knew her value-level and honestly, wasn’t surprised I approached her.

What I Did Right:

Tried Emotional Spiking: With Olivia, I knew since I didn’t want to lose her, I began playing it safe for a few minutes. The accursed “conversation to nowhere” as Todd says. Once this realization kicked in, I began emotionally spiking the conversation which caused her to utter a few laughs.

She was a tough cookie, but at least I made a few breakthroughs.

Stayed In Set Despite Constant Neutrality: Even when she was about to leave, I knew taking her number right then and there would have resulted in a flake. That’s when I started changing directions and began playing to win.

Qualifiers When Fit: I had her qualify a few times to try and make the number solid. But she was incredibly hot. I felt like I should have tossed in a ton more qualifiers.

Sticking Points:

Too Game-y: I felt like I tried doing too many cold reads, push-pulls, and was too gamey in general. Since it’s rare meeting a 9 in Milwaukee, I fell back to my default game in hopes I could secure a solid number.

Slight Nervousness: It’s rare you meet a really hot girl in Milwaukee. Due to lack of experience, I was slightly nervous. It showed when I laughed a little too much at my own jokes, at what she says, etc

Boring Conversation + Interview Questions: Since I was playing to not lose most of the time, I did lots of interview questions at the start. Yeah, I tried making it fun and playful, but it was a “safe” fun and playful, if that makes any sense.

Thankfully, I realized this a few minutes in, and my mindset shifted from playing to not lose, to playing to win.

Should Have Gone For Instadate: She was really complying and displayed verbal IOIs in set more than a few times. For example, she said she didn’t have any plans throughout the week, was planning to go home, etc.

I felt like she wanted me to go for the instadate, perhaps pull if my game was solid enough.

If I had to guess, a guy asking her for a phone number isn’t enough for her – she wanted a guy who could push the boundaries and see how far he could go.

Comments: Remember, 8s, 9s, and 10s need a ton more qualifiers than the average girl

Audio infield here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNAQFXeIpAU

Work On Your Spanish

Many PUA sites which specialize in South America and Colombia state I should definitely work on my Spanish.

You’ll stand out from every gringo who doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish – even if you speak the absolute bare bones, minimum amount of it.

Henceforth, I’ve hired a Spanish tutor I’ll be working with for 3-4 times a week.

I, on the other hand, will study Spanish 5 times a week.

Like game, I’ve devised a schedule: Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Particularly on my off-game days and game days set during long weekends.

Once I finish my trip to Colombia, I will cut those days to four days a week: Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Particularly on the day I don’t go to Chicago.

My goal is to reach a B2 level of Spanish (or conversational fluency) within a year.

After that, I can hit the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and virtually every Spanish speaking country I desire.

International PUA Journey: Bogota, Colombia

It’s time I follow the footsteps of Roosh V and begin my flag hunting journey – starting with Colombia.

After talking with JP during our 1-on-1, he sold me on hitting up Colombia as my first international pickup journey.

He said the girls were so sweet and feminine – better yet, affectionate. When you combine all three aspects in a woman, I’m making plans ASAP. I’ve heard similar stories from guys who traveled to Colombia. If this is all true, I can’t wait to head over and notch up.

UPDATE: After JP responded to my question, he said comfort is paramount in Colombia. It will take me 4-6 hours to pull a girl. Even JP said it took him a long time to pull; the upside is, they’re not boring at all. They’re fun, feminine women that I’ll enjoying being around.

When it comes to Todd V’s System, focus heavily on Narrative. For example, when I open a girl, take her to a Starbucks/restaurant -> Go to a bar or club -> After that, see if you can pull. If not, keep moving her.

You need to focus on leading + comfort.

It will take me all night, but there’s an incredibly high chance I will get laid if I stick it out and get to know the girl.

During my trip, I’ll use only one opener instructed by JP:

In English it is, “Excuse me! Hey, my name is Adam, I just moved here from the United States and you had the cutest look – I wanted to come meet you.”

If we translate that to Spanish it is, “Disculpame! Hola, me llamo Adam. Me acabo de mover de Estados Unidos y estoy aquí por un ratico, pero estas muy bonita, y te quería decir hola.”

Let’s break that down:

  • “Hola, me llamo Adam” = “Hello, I’m called Adam”
  • “me acabo” = “I just”
  • “de mover de Estados Unidos” = “moved from the United States”
  • “y estoy” = “and I’m”
  • “aqui por un” = “here for a”
  • “ratico” = “while”

Words That I’m Having Trouble Comprehending:

  • “acabo” = “just”


  • During the weekdays hit up Zona T (aka Zona Rosa) venues (ie. Andino Shopping Mall, Santa Ana Mall, the streets, etc), but if I want to hit up a few college girls, take an Uber to University City of Bogota; however, return before 6pm, because that’s when it gets dangerous at night.
  • On Tuesday night, hit up Vintrash for Gringo Tuesday at Zona Rosa
  • On Thursday night, hit up El Chango Bar. MyLatinLife said it’s his top suggestion to meet people.
  • On Friday night, hit up Video Club.
  • On Saturday night, hit up Theatron. It’s a gay club, but lots of chicks are looking to hook up with gringos there.
  • On Sunday night, hit up Theatron again.
  • Best time to hit up Zona T malls are 4:30-7:00 pm according to Colombia PUAs
  • I’ll have higher value as a foreigner in college campuses in Colombia. However, these areas can be dangerous outside the campus. So, my goal is to take an Uber into the colleges, game the girls, and relocate to her place or take an Uber to my airbnb.
  • Game concepts to practice in Colombia:
    • Same Day Lays
    • Relying on and projecting sexual intent
  • If asked, “Why are you in Colombia/Bogota?” My response will be, “I’m here to study Spanish, but I really love how lively and fun Colombian people are.”
  • When I first hit up Bogota Friday afternoon/night, go immediately to my airbnb, put my luggage down, and take an Uber to Video Club
  • Jump between Chapinero and Zona T. I will have higher foreigner status in Chapinero, but it’s more dangerous at night
  • Buy wine glasses for Bogota. Bring the glasses onto the plane and buy wine over there

12/19/20 – Lessons in Calibration With u/part2pete

This article serves as a field report and PUA case file on u/part2pete. It will be broken up into several categories after the initial summary. If you want to skip to one of the categories, it will be outlined in bold.

On Saturday, 12/19/20, I decided to hit up Chicago a bit early to meet up and wing with r/CovertPickup moderator u/part2pete. I arrived at Chicago a bit early, donning a low-cut white t-shirt, black jeans, necklace, rings, and pants chain – the quintessential fuckboy look.

While I rarely wear the outfit during my game sessions, I figured I’d experiment around with it in Chicago.

I’m not sure if it’s the outfit itself, but looking like an absolute fuckboy truly transcends how women interact with you.

In the seduction aspect – for worse.

Since I associated myself with what I wore that specific day, I felt myself projecting strong sexual intent (and less calibration) than I usually do. That, and the excitement of gaming with a pickup artist who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t do too well today? A mix of excitement (which lead to me speaking way too fast in set), heavy miscalibration, and fatigue as we both gamed in Chicago for literally six hours.

Section One:

PUA Report: u/part2pete

  1. He’s a super relaxed guy who has a more chill, passive game style compared to my structured, sexual intent based game.
  2. His primary PUA instructor is James Tusk, while mine are Todd V and James Marshall.
  3. He’s great at hooking, incrementing attraction, and consequently, doesn’t need to approach as much. Compare this to my game style, which is far more polarizing, but currently requires calibration.

Overall, like all PUAs dedicated to game, we respect and build off each other. If it wasn’t for either of us, I doubt we’d be able to stick out a six hour game session.

Section Two:

Lessons Learned and Recommendations

u/part2pete is a more experienced PUA than I am. I was incredibly excited working with a guy who knew what the fuck he was talking about and not some newbie who merely dabbled in game. During our six hour game session, he offered valuable lessons primarily geared toward my sticking point: calibration.

  1. The 10 Second Rule: A majority of girls don’t know what’s going on during the initial 10 seconds of the set. It’s a big “wtf does this guy want” moment for them. So, step back, hands up, and offer a statement of empathy. For example, “Hey, I know this is incredibly random and out of the blue, but I thought you looked absolutely adorable and I had to say hi.”
  2. Slow Your Mind Down: He knew I was excited meeting a PUA who knew what he was doing, so consequently, my mind rushed and I spoke waaaaay too fast in set. It’s probably one of the reasons why I performed so poorly compared to going out solo.

    He recommended that I get a grasp of the girl’s emotions by slowing my mind down, calibrating to her overall response, and speak slowly, but with sexual intent since that’s how my game works.
  3. Approaching 2-sets or 3-sets Isn’t Scary: A big one for me. I always exclusively approached 1-sets during my game sessions. I figured handling a girl’s friends would be a pain in the ass and consequently, just not worth it.

    After pushing me to try it out, I discovered my target’s friends loved my directness and offered me social proof. Interestingly enough, this boosted my attraction level overall.

Section Three:

Field Report: 12/19/20 – Shit Tests Galore

Synopsis: At the 5 1/2 hour mark of our game session, I was dead tired. My legs hurt, I was fatigued, and endured a few blowouts before spotting this blonde white girl carrying bags of shopping clothes. She was a solid 8, but threw me a ton of shit tests. As if she really wanted to test how persistent I was.

I admit, I wasn’t at the top of my game due to the three aforementioned reasons above, but I tried my fucking best despite my current state of mind.

At the end, she was indeed a flake, and I could easily figure out why that was the case. But it’s good to catalogue.

What I Did Right:

Sticking It Out: If I’m proud of anything, it’s the fact I tried to game Elma to the best of my ability after nearly six hours infield. I wanted to call it quits, I wanted to go home so badly. My legs hurt, my body drained, but I still gave it my all.

Emotional Spikes: I spiked Elma’s emotions often in set. She laughed quite a bit due to a few cold readers, qualifiers, etc.

Persistence: This girl was relatively unique in the sense she wanted to examine how far I would push. How long would I stay in set despite the fact I threw the book at her game-wise. She gave me the silent treatment at times, as if checking if I was a real man or a push-over who’d crawl away with his tail between his legs.

Sticking Points:

Too Gamey: My game felt totally unnatural. I didn’t bother getting to know the girl, but instead filled my interaction with qualifiers, premise-based statements, and game techniques. I believe Todd V would say I poured the whole fuckin’ spice jar on the conversation; while game should simply be sprinkled in.

Social Fatigue: Elma was the last girl I approached that day and I was socially burned out. Since I didn’t have the brain power to run proper game, I fell back on my training in it’s most basic form.

Negative Ladder: This girl said ‘no’ so many freakin’ times in set. I knew I was fucked when I kept hearing ‘no’ over and over.

Failing Shit Tests: Elma gave me a tooooon of shit tests in set. A majority of the time, I simply tried answering them logically instead of using misinterpretation or agree/exaggerate.

Comments: Calm down, speak slow, so I can calibrate and project sexual intent

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd1r8_UVHmg