09/23/20 – Sexual Energy

On 09/23/20, I ventured off to Carroll University and a college campus suggested to me by Chris called Waukesha County Technical College.

Overall, I love the campus, but the staff can be a pain in the ass; hell, I got kicked out of a campus simply due to sitting next to a girl (fucking covid)!

To be fair, I received a warning from the security guard, but I ignored it since the sexual tension building between my target and I was simply too good. In a matter of fact, rejecting the “powers that be” increased my value and consequently, my set’s attraction toward me.

… And the good girls I encountered there made it all worth it. 😉

I’ll be sure to re-visit again soon.

All in all, I learned two highly-valuable lessons I’ll need to ask JP:

  1. I felt sexual tension and energy build up between the two of us. Why? Since I didn’t spot a bench adjacent to her, I popped myself in right next to my set. It’s a psychological tactic which worked like a fuckin’ charm.

    However, despite this, I should have Yes Ladder’d her, followed by asking, “So you’re a cool girl, I’m a cool guy, I bet there’s a coffee shop ’round here. Let’s go.”

    Question to ask JP: When I feel sexual tension in a set, how should I kino/escalate?
  2. When my target is naive and “innocent”, calm down with the qualifications. While I established comfort, perhaps build up value and instadate her after a high note.

Let’s get to the approach, shall we?

Approach #1: The Barely 18 Naive Girl

Synopsis: After exploring WCTC for a bit, I ran across this cute, isolated white girl watching YouTube videos. I knew she wasn’t doing anything, so I figured she was the best approach out of the two girls at the college cafeteria.

I opened directly and like most girls, was initially neutral. However, I must have ran my game goooood, because she started qualifying herself to me, talked crap about her boyfriend who she’d been dating for four months, and for the first time in a set, I felt sexual tension build up between the two of us.

Her eyes. God damn, her eyes. She gave me bedroom eyes while we spoke.

… And then right when I was about to go for an instadate, some black security guard pops up, asks for my name, and escorts me out of the campus for that day.

Fuckin’ bullshit.

To be fair, he did warn me… but ignoring his commands made me appear even more alpha toward my target.

Sticking Points:

Late Escalation: Looking back, I knew after the guard popped up, I should have closed quickly by Yes Laddering her -> Instadate. I didn’t do that. I was waaaay too drawn in by the budding sexual tension. That, and the Adderall I was on gave me slight anxiety.

Too Many Disqualifiers: I knew I had to practice disqualifying girls as per JP’s orders, but I did it too much. After a while she kept saying, “Yeah, sorry, I don’t know… the longer you know me, the more naive you’ll see I am.” That was a sign of submission. She was basically telling me to tone it down and keep displaying value/comfort instead.

What I Did Right:

Strong Open: As Julien Blanc states, it isn’t enough to recite an opener (ie. “Excuse me, I thought you were cute and I had to say hi”), but rather say it with emotion. I did that with flying colors, which was amazing.

Alpha Frame: As a shit test, my target stated she had a boyfriend. I wasn’t phased and responded with, “Damn, he must be a cool person. I’d fuck him too,” and “Damn, looks like Adam has competition.” She giggled and we chatted a bit more. After a while, she started talking shit about her boyfriend, and how they’ve been only dating for four months.

She’s “not sure about him yet”, was the biggest indicator to keep escalating, keep displaying higher value.

Comments: I’m so close to victory, I can fuckin’ taste it.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP859YTgpCw

JP Call #9: Questions and Notes


  1. I’m able to consistently get instadates (at least once a week), but the girls don’t seem to hook or chase as strongly as I want them to. When I text them back, I get a flaky number. How can I get a solid number from an instadate?

    Answer: JP states I come off as high-value, but I don’t have the girls chase me. I’ll need to reframe the entire interaction so it seems that the girl is chasing me. How can I do that? For example, when a girl is flustered, saying something like, “Oh, you don’t have to be so nervous around me. I like you already, I think you’re pretty cool.”

    It’s a mindset I want to have going forward.

    JP states all interactions start off with the guy chasing the girl. However, 20-30 minutes in, I want the girl thinking, “He likes me, but I’m not really sure if he likes me anymore.”

    So I do that by evaluation, qualification, etc.

    For example, when my target told me about being an environmental engineer (or any occupation)… what’s one way I could disqualify her on that? Like, “Ah, I just don’t approve.” That mindset. How did I respond?

    “Ehh I hang out with a bunch of engineers, you know what, every time I meet an engineer, I just don’t along with them. I hope, I hope you’re not like that. We talked for five minutes, I don’t think you are though. We’ll see.”

    ^ Technically JP’s response, but it’s a perfect answer.

    When the girl gives me information, I want to take it and play it with this frame of, “Adam is the shit, are you?”

    So when I say, “I want a girl to chase me, I want her to do this and that…” basically what I’m saying is, “I want to be the one putting in less effort.

    And so I do that by actually putting in less effort.

    Therefore, when I get on a date, I let the girl do all the talking.

    A good way to do that is when I go on instadates, I can lay back, relax, let the girl do the talking and ask you the questions.

    To reiterate, the first 10-15 minutes, it’s up to me to carry the conversation, but after that that’s really when I want to lay back; especially on the instadate itself.

    Once again, to make the number/date solid, have her invest more.

    Alot more.

    Insomuch, I may need to risk a little bit of social awkwardness so that she’s the one investing in the conversation.
  2. Sometimes, when an instadate is going well, I get nervous and I start becoming less invested in the interaction. How can I get over self-sabotage during an instadate?

    Answer: When my nerves start kicking in set, bring up topics that are fun for me in the interaction. Although, to be fair, JP still has this issue from time to time.

    So, instead of feeling like I have to put in the effort – which is exhausting – just take it easy and relax. For example, when JP is on instadates, he hates talking. He really wants the girl to start talking alot; so when the girl starts asking questions, he may flip the questions back on her; and if a girl starts telling stories, he may start giving affirmations (ie. “Oh, that’s actually pretty cool”, “Why did you get into that?”)

    To reiterate, if I ever start feeling nervous walking to an instadate venue or on the date itself, it’s okay to let the other person do the talking.

    JP also states I build up far more attraction than most students he works with, but they cash out on that attraction. I don’t.

    She already likes me, so I don’t have to put in the effort.
  3. When I started game, my goal was to simply approach -> then it was passing shit tests so girls can hook -> then it was to be compelling enough to get instadates. However, now that I’m able to consistently get instadates, what should my next goal be?

    Answer: Go for same-day-lay. ‘Nuff said.

09/13/20 – First Instadate in Chicago

On Sunday, 09/13/20, I ventured off solo to Chicago, but decided to keep to the side streets instead of Michigan Avenue itself. In my experience, your game skyrockets due to the sheer lack of people around and consequently, girls tend to be more receptive.

Insomuch, I managed to snag my first ever instadate in Chicago.

So far, all of my instadates originated in college campus game. It’s uplifting to see I’m hooking sets off the streets.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Approach #1: The Graphic Designer

Synopsis: A mile or so away from Michigan Avenue, I ran into this blonde, thin hard HB 6 who decided to go out for a walk. Initially, I thought she was hotter, but her mask/sunglasses combo fucked up that notion. She was cute, yes, but nothing spectacular.

At first, she was neutral, but as I kept persisting, she kept opening herself up to me. Eventually, we walked down the river and I pulled her into a nearby bar (which I thought was a coffee shop lol)

Unfortunately, my target told me she had a boyfriend! I still snagged the number and while I haven’t texted her yet, will plan to today to examine how solid it is.

Sticking Point:

Need more Man-to-Woman Conversation: Yes, I was Man-to-Woman at random intervals in the interaction, but not as much as I’d like. My set was mostly platonic, with bits of premise and evaluation sprinkled inbetween. Remember what JP said? If it fits the girl’s vibe, be inherently sexual.

What I Did Right:

Qualifications: While I wasn’t Man-to-Woman enough, I did qualify the shit out of my target. I intentionally found conversation bits she’d easily say yes to. It didn’t matter what it was; as long as she said ‘yes’. I strongly believe it’s what allowed me to snag the instadate + number.

Comments: If it fits the girl’s blueprint, exude sexuality in your set.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW9ntEcq9fQ

09/10/20 – Don’t Kino In Set

This report will be short, sweet, and incredibly important.

Let’s make something clear: Kino is an essential aspect of game. Unfortunately, if I’m sloppy or my timing is waaaay off, my set will go from 100 to 0 in the blink of an eye. It’s painful watching a girl you’ve hooked immediately display disinterest so fuckin’ fast.

Henceforth, I’ve established a rule for myself:

  1. I will not kino my target at the initial approach during day game; unless it’s incredibly basic and non-invasive. For example, if I feel the urge to physically escalate, I’ll ONLY have the girl feel my hands and/or vice versa.
  2. See #1 above, I will not kino my target on an instadate. Be cool, flirty, and fun – escalation occurs during the first date.

With Rule #1 and #2 established, let’s get to the approach:

Approach #1: The Environmental Engineer (mostly good set)

Synopsis: After a few minutes at Marquette University, I ran into this adorable, dirty brunette girl sporting a pink face mask named Sam. She was incredibly sweet, receptive and passionate about environmental science. I must have performed damn well in set, because she agreed to go with me to a bar despite the fact she was going home for the day.

Set lasted a little over 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, while I performed admirably 15 minutes into the interaction, my game plummeted due to a number of factors detailed in the Sticking Point section.

At the end, I managed to snag her number, but it’s flaky.

Sticking Point:

Uncalibrated Kino: Yeah, she was into me; but I fucked up by hugging her far too soon. It’s needy, unwarranted so early in the interaction, and as stated above in my Kino Rules, didn’t do “baby steps” by touching her hand, tapping her shoulder, etc.

From Yes Ladder to Boring Guy: When I first met Sam, she was enthralled by my charisma, the fact I was so curious about her life and my “cool guy” game. At the latter end of our interaction – and I must be brutally honest – I was slightly nervous this instadate was going so fucking well.

It sorta helped I was on Adderall; but I started getting cottonmouth, my verbal game became “playing not to lose”, and overall, I slowly but surely became boring as we walked toward the bar.

The “Negative Ladder”: As a crescendo of my game session with Sam, she was a strong believer of the lockdown and the COVID-19 threat. I stated I’m a “bit of a troublemaker” and played into her honest concerns. Overall, it made me looked like an asshole and shot a bullet into whatever life was left in our interaction.

What I Did Right:

Fun, Cool Guy Frame: At the initial interaction, I opened Sam with a confident, fun vibe. Most of our interaction was amazing; she was engaged, I played to her blueprint; insomuch, while I offered to take her to Starbucks, she suggested we get a beer instead. That was fuckin’ awesome.

Successful Implementation of the Yes Ladder: During the middle of our interaction, I successfully utilized the so-called “Yes Ladder” on Sam which further amplified my “cool guy” factor. I simply called back old conversation topics we discussed and had her agree to shit she’d obviously say yes to before instadating her.

Comments: No Kino (unless it’s simple hand touching) until the first date.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAWHouri6nc

09/09/20 – How to Get Out of Your Head

The man himself

This report will be short, sweet, and incredibly educational.

So, I’ll be honest: I’ve been getting in my head during my day game cold approach sessions. It’s primarily due to the fact I have to go through 15-20 minutes without spotting a viable target in a sea of college students. Once I find a target, I have to ensure they’re either a 1-set (aka isolated) without anyone else around.

This is easier in college campuses, yes, especially inside study centers where the girl is bored out of her mind studying.

… But lots of times I see targets strolling around outside. Or worse yet, I see a perfect opportunity, but somehow, I’m not “in state” and my set goes to shit.

How can I rectify that?

I went day gaming at Marquette University today and I discovered that if I “Sasha Daygame” a target from far away, I fare better; especially if I’m in my head.

Girls are far more open, friendly, and receptive.

Henceforth, I’ll retain two essential notes when it comes to game:

  1. If possible – particularly if I’m in my head – Sasha my target by running toward her and open with, “Excuse me, I’ve never burned so many calories just to talk to a girl before.”
  2. Do #1 first, the endorphins in my head releases before opening an indoor set. I’m much more energetic, charismatic, and confident when I open an indoor set after I Sasha the first one.

09/03/20 – Success in UWM and the Importance of Mindset (Essential reading)

On 09/03/20, I ventured off to UWM at it’s second day opening. Needless to say, and surprisingly enough, Marquette University is poppin’ far more than UWM. I saw quite a few students wandering around campus, but it’s a far cry compared to UWM’s populace pre-lockdown. It’s a blessing and a curse since I’m able to sparingly approach sets, but when I do… no one is eavesdropping.

However, I learned an essential day game lesson when it comes to approaching. Girls are able to intrinsically sense when you’re nervous, or not all there, when you approach them. It’s an energy that radiates from any pickup artist – whether he’s a complete newbie or been gaming for years.

Let’s get to the approaches. I’ll explain why.

Approach #1: The Tie Dye Latina

Synopsis: I ran into my first set at the entrance of UWM’s main campus, sporting a tie dye shirt, scrolling through her phone. She was 18-20, Latina, cute, but unfortunately wore a mask. When I opened, I was able to hook my target within seconds by approaching with a clear mindset, confidence, and a deep, rapport breaking voice. Unfortunately, it was too short so I wasn’t able to make the most out of it.

Sticking Point:

– While my open was good… it wasn’t optimal. I initially screwed up by stuttering and trying to follow an “opening script” (ie. “Excuse me, I’m sorry but you looked incredibly cute and I had to say hi”), but I tried too hard. Therefore, I had to reopen AGAIN and it came out great.

– Didn’t do many observations, perhaps a few cold reads, but that’s it.

What I Did Right:

– My (second) opening was spot-on.

– Gamed the Latina according to her blueprint. Came off a little strong, but toned it down to establish comfort.

– Tried instadating a few minutes after the initial approach. Most importantly, after establishing some trust and comfort.

– My mindset, above all else, was spot-on. I walked toward her with an air of confidence, a clear mind, and the fact I wanted to meet this girl and make her day. Didn’t have any anxiety – well, perhaps a slight amount, but nothing noticeable.

Comments: Remember, mindset is key.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNdYgcZ40IY

Approach #2: The Random Girl on a Bench

Synopsis: After walking around for 20 minutes, I got in my head. Not due to AA, but rather, being bored. It’s tedious searching for one-sets in a sea of girls who’re at least coupled together. Not to mention the Coronavirus really dampened college admissions.

Anyway, I saw a girl sporting a fit body, dark brown hair, and olive tan skin chilling on a bench near the Arts facility. As I approached her, I was still “in my head”, so to speak, and my open came off half assed. I mean, she thanked me and was flattered, but I immediately got the “I have a boyfriend” excuse.

It was short. Lasted 30 seconds or so.

Sticking Point:

– How did I fix this? I searched deep as to why I performed poorly on my second set. After realizing how shaky and cautious I sounded on the open, I immediately realized it was because I wasn’t aware. Yeah, I knew she was cute, isolated and I wanted to talk to her…

… But as James Marshall states, if you’re not present in the interaction the girl simply isn’t interested. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

What I Did Right:

– Did the open… that’s it for this one.

Comments: Be aware. Be present. If you’re still “in your head” when you spot a set, meditate briefly and focus your energies in the moment.

Approach #3: The Clandestine Lesbian

Synopsis: A few minutes after my second set, I realized I wasn’t aware in the interaction which killed it so quickly.

I meditated – cleared my mind of all intrusive or “bored” thoughts – for a moment, allowing myself to fixate on THE GAME and my overall objective.

At the end, I met this cute, baby-faced, but incredibly ADHD white girl who just turned 18. She was highly receptive… but definitely a chick you wouldn’t want to put your dick in. My target had extended mental issues beyond her ADD. You could tell. She seemed spazzy af.

While our interaction lasted 20-30 minutes and she agreed to an instadate, I could tell she was getting bored during the end-tail of our set. Therefore, I just checked out with a phone number.

She sent me a text a few minutes later, stating I was cool and nice… but she had a girlfriend lol and couldn’t wait to tell her about me.

I laughed it off and said I was happy I made her day.

Sticking Point:

– This is a weird one. My target was the definition of bipolar. She’d laugh hysterically when I said she was cute or did something “adorable”. Other than that, she was mostly neutral or her mind wandered off elsewhere.

Maybe find other receptive targets instead of wasting so much time on crazy girls?

What I Did Right:

– Was able to switch game mode “on” after meditation. It showed when I opened my target.

– Gamed well. Played to win, not to “not lose”.

Comments: Avoid crazy bitches.

08/30/20 – Missed Opportunity

On Sunday, 08/30/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago for another day game session. I’d say this is the most bittersweet game I’ve had in a while – if ever. I secured a solid phone number, yet I missed out on instadating an incredibly sweet and friendly German visitor.

John Sonmez was right. My game lull was temporary and I feel far more invigorated to game than I ever have.

Let’s get to the approaches.

Approach #1: The German Flight Attendant

Synopsis: When Chris and I walked along Michigan Avenue, a cute German national sporting a brown trenchcoat, elegant clothing, along with blonde hair and blue eyes passed me. As always, I opened directly and was pleasantly surprise at how receptive she was. Our conversation lasted approximately two minutes, give or take, but…

She offered me to walk with her to TJ Max.

… And I said no.

As a flight attendant, I figured it wouldn’t be a big loss since she was leaving Chicago tomorrow. Looking back though, I realized I could have easily capitalized on my opportunity and gone for a same day lay.

I mean, she was practically throwing the opportunity in my face!

I reeeeeally hated myself afterward.

I don’t want to beat myself up too much, but she was incredibly cute, yet sophisticated. I felt I spat on her face when I said ‘no’. This set served as a powerful learning lesson to NEVER miss out on opportunities.

Stay. In. Set.

At all costs.

Sticking Point:

– Rejected her advances to walk with her to TJ Max. Felt like a major idiot. Never again. Remember: Stay in set. You can always capitalize later on in the interaction.

What I Did Right:

– Didn’t hesitate on the approach.

– Capitalized on her receptivity.

– Read her blueprint well and accordingly vibed with her personality.

Comments: Even if I think the set is a no-go (ie. She’s leaving tomorrow, she has a boyfriend, etc)… just stay in set anyway.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tx8YxekPOA

Approach #2: The Hipster Poncho Girl (how is she solid? I don’t know.)

Synopsis: At the middle of our day game session, Chris and I decided to get buzzed (as is our tradition) at a local Asian bar. After getting sufficiently intoxicated, I took an elevator down to ground level to smoke a cigarette. As I turn to my right, I see this cute girl sporting a large black poncho, brunette hair, and Romanian-esque features.

I opened with a direct friendly compliment, before we began chatting. In all honesty, I thought the set suuuuuucked. I spoke too fast, mostly had platonic conversation, etc.

I managed to snag her number, and…

Somehow we’re texting back and forth. She texts back fast, too. Like, once every two minutes.

The game, man. Shit’s weird… a satisfying weird!

Sticking Point:

– Spoke too fast

– Platonic conversation

What I Did Right:

– Very genuine direct friendly opener. It’s probably why she stuck around and texting me back every other minute.


– I will say one thing though: While my target is texting me back, she’s very neutral. Need to up my text game.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArGf4lGEcTE

08/27/20 – Success in Marquette

On 08/27/20, I ventured off to Marquette University after six months of waiting for the next semester to start and the lockdown to end. Needless to say, I’m performing better infield than I did prior to the lockdown. I nearly had an instadate and I secured a semi-solid phone number.

I believe the secret is going direct on college girls. They’re more receptive to Man-to-Woman interactions since they’re not ruined by hordes of thirsty dudes in bars/clubs.

I managed to secure five approaches, but only two are worth writing about; namely, the semi-solid phone number and near instadate:

Approach #1: The PA Student

Synopsis: After entering Marquette’s Student Union facility, I walked downstairs and saw this hard HB 7 sporting blonde hair, green eyes, and writing an A&P report. She was incredibly friendly, receptive, flirty, but a bit too extroverted for me. I joked with my wing that she’s the type of girl who’d cheat on you after two years of dating.

My game was pretty fuckin’ on-point. I established premise, read the girl’s blueprint correctly, spoke slowly, and had witty banter that lead to a solid phone number… at first. After a few texts, I’m not getting any further responses.

Sticking Points:

– My target was the definition of true neutral. She wasn’t attracted or unattracted to me at first. I had to game her in order to get a solid phone number. Perhaps, I shall spend less time on them and move onto more receptive girls.

– Possibly implement more premise?

What I Did Right:

– Read the girl’s blueprint accurately. My set was a party girl going into the Physician’s Assistance program. Consequently, I ran calm, cool guy game.

– I was on Adderall (without food) all day when I gamed this set. I was incredibly single-minded in my endeavors. Quite possibly, I’ll utilize this drug on game weekdays.

– My instadate close was unique and in accordance with the girl’s blueprint. “I know this is going to sound sporadic and totally spontaneous! But… I know there’s a coffee shop nearby and you NEED a break.” Didn’t work since she was busy, but damn, I bet if I used this again on college girls I’ll be dating in no time.

Comments: Adderall is king. College day game is king.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RoPnqIA42w

Approach #2: Claire, the One that Got Away

Synopsis: My greatest success, yet my greatest failure of the day. It’s the yin-and-yang of my game session. At the tail end of Marquette University day game, I ran into this 4 foot something college girl sporting brunette hair, small tits, small ass, and a strong babyface.

She was surprisingly warm, yet simultaneously neutral toward my advances. My target – named Claire – took a few minutes to warm up. Given her introverted nature, I figured speaking slowly, discussing nerdy topics (ie. Star Wars, fictional novels, etc) would open her up.

It did.

I made a mental checklist to travel from location-to-location to establish what Todd V calls “narrative”, or your story with the girl. We met on the streets -> walked to the college garden -> Offered to instadate her at a local Boba Tea.

She accepted without hesitation. As we walked and talked, I felt our energy grow in depth, as I began knowing her as a person. I could feel the set getting warmer, stronger, before… I fucked it up.

I hate saying this, but I possess strong beta tendencies. I get attached to a specific target if she fits my criteria. She knocked off most of my checklist.

I don’t know why, but I started getting too attached. I offered to walk her home, gave her a “cutesy” nickname of “Claire Bear”, and said I’d love seeing her again.

It reeked of beta weakness and neediness.

I felt she noticed my sudden change in demeanor and her attraction plummeted; with the crescendo occurring right after we discovered Boba Tea was closed.

Claire said she had to return home… and I offered to walk with her. I was persistent, which is good, but too persistent? Nah, that’s what killed the interaction. I wasn’t persistent – I was needy. She could feel the vibe.

At the end, I got her number… but it was a flake.

Sticking Points:

Remember: Game your type like you would any ‘ol girl down the street. She’s not special, don’t you DARE think you can drop the “cool guy” act. It’s why she’s attracted in the first place.

– If she states she has to go, don’t offer to walk her home. Take her number and buzz off.

– Do better research on the locale. Find out what shops are open and closed. Take advantage of that.

– If you feel your attraction is higher than the girl’s, step back. Take a breath. Remember this can EASILY go down a dark road that leads nowhere. Play it cool, don’t display your true emotions.

What I Did Right:

– Read Claire’s vibe and blueprint correctly. It’s what got her to open up in the first place.

– My target was willing to go on an instadate! Our interaction was good since I (mostly) played cool guy game early-mid set.

– Storytelling! I was pretty detailed and specific with my storytelling that got Claire hooked during the middle of our interaction.

– The set was mostly good, particularly during the beginning and middle. It’s at the end when things started going sideways. Don’t recall only the bad, but the good as well. Keeps you motivated. Makes you remember you’re growing as an aspiring pickup artist and things can only get better.

This is a journey, not a race.

Comments: Remember, all girls are the same. Don’t treat any one of them differently. Even if you think they’re “special”.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmKPOhyfCVY

08/25/20 – Getting My Skill Back!

Colleges are back open, baby!

On Tuesday, 08/25/20, I ventured off to Carroll University and was pleasantly surprised: Female students littered campus grounds. It was fuckin’ awesome. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of college campus game and the wait is finally over!

I managed to secure three sets, however, only two are worth writing about:

Approach #1: The Environmentalist

Synopsis: She was technically my second approach after half-assing my first set at Carroll. My target was thick, writing a book report on Christianity, and a strong environmentalist. I’d personally rate her a soft HB 6. I did an observational opener (“Excuse me, you look very relaxed right now”), before running game.

At the end, I got her number, but it was a flake.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t establish enough premise. Lots of cold reads and game-y techniques, but didn’t state what the conversation was about. I don’t recall any Man-to-Woman premise statements that could have turned the conversation from, “Oh hey random, fun guy” to “Damn, this boy is cute and flirty!”

– Went too far with the “I’m waiting for a friend” conversation. I believe I talked about my imaginary “friend” so much that she began taking an interest in him and searched him up. That MAY have been the part that fucked me in set.

What I Did Right:

– Spoke in a calm, confident manner. Very proud of myself because of that.

– My verbal game is on the rise again, woo! John Sonmez is right: Your game has it’s high points and it’s low points. I’ll get good… and then regress… but I’ll have a new baseline of success. I can only get better and better after that.

Comments: I believe I’ll start going direct outside campus or if my target is isolated and is my type.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY_CXEUyJys

Approach #2: The Italian Mechanic Girl (fuuuuuuuck!)

Synopsis: My favorite, final, and most regrettable set of the day. I met my target at Carroll University’s library. She was brunette, tied her hair into two braids, had an adorable babyface, and an innocent demeanor. Our interaction was… well… you’ll see on the “Sticking Point” section. I don’t want to beat myself over this, but god damn, I need to stop pushing my targets away.

Remember what JP said: Tons of pull, one strong push.

Sticking Point:

– Far too much push in set. While I was flirty, I gave the subconscious message of, “You and I aren’t going to get along. Really, we’re not going to get along. You’re too outdoorsy and masculine for me,” instead of playing into her hobby.

If I had to re-do that set again, I’d be closer to, “Oh we’ll totally kill it riding ATVs together” or “I’ll be the cute, yet clueless guy trying to change the tire, while you change an entire transmission in 10 minutes flat.”

– Tried evaluating my target by having her do something for me despite the fact I was giving out negative energy.

What I Did Right:

– My first time going direct during college campus day game. It worked like a charm and didn’t require additional labor to get the girl to like me.

– Was able to hook the set for a little.

Comments: Remember, tons of pull, with one strong push.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL8iXmd5LeI

Dealing with Envy (again) and Regressing in Game

Ho boy, I’m not proud of writing this again, but two issues seem to plague me throughout my pickup journey. Namely, a.) Regressing back to a prior game level b.) A narcissistic, envious tendency due to another man’s success in pickup.

So, two weeks ago, I was learning pickup pretty well.

I was slowly inclining and improving my overall game (ie. I started reading a girl’s vibe correctly, knew how to hook sets, etc), before it went downhill. It’s strange – and logically, I can’t explain it – but for the last week and a half or so, I’m opening girls great, but my game itself is declining. 

For example, if an interaction with a girl is going well, I’d eject out of set early since I’d blank or feel uninteresting. Failing to hook girls has started becoming an issue, too. It’s the weirdest, yet most frustrating thing in the world.

Not only that, but Chris who I’ve been day gaming with for two months has gotten three instadates and met this sweet, cute Ukrainian girl today who I didn’t approach (not due to AA) because she seemed more his type. Despite the fact I put in far more work than he does at approaching and he possesses pretty bad AA without me. I hate to sound like a bitch, but it isn’t fair. I write dozens of detailed reports, work my ass off approaching nearly twice the girls he does, and consult guys on numerous forums/Discord servers.

Today was pretty much the last straw.

There’s a reason why I gamed solo pre-lockdown. I’m incredibly competitive and despise rivalry.