What Type Of Game Works on Filipinas?

Right now, I’m on Filipino Cupid to gauge how to pickup Filipina chicks online. This tells me how the interaction will be like in real life.

So far, what I’ve discovered what works is Filipinas – like Colombianas – get confused when you try value based game. Remember, I already have enough value be simply being American. There’s no need to increase it even more.

Use simplicity and directness to seduce Filipinas. For example, in text game do:

  1. Direct Opener: “You have the cutest look and I have to say hi.”
  2. Next, they say “thank you.” I respond with, “no problem hows it going [name]”


  1. Follow this guide like the bible: https://www.playingfire.com/how-to-message-on-tinder/
  2. Be low investment as fuck. Don’t care what you write. Submit small posts
  3. Be super direct. This line works and it’s weird lol: “you should party with me when i arrive in cebu” or “you should come over when i arrive in cebu”.
  4. IMPORTANT: I have saved a dropbox filled with my good interactions with Filipinas on Filipino Cupid. Review them before I venture out to Cebu City.

Philippines Hit List

According to most pickup artists, the Philippines is an incredibly easy country to get laid. By all metrics, it’s far easier to meet girls in the nightclubs, streets, etc than in the United States. In a matter of fact, I’ve read multiple field reports of dudes banging 2-3 chicks a day on Swoop The World.

While I could draft up individual lay reports for girls I’ve slept with, I think it’s best if I logged my encounters in a spreadsheet. They will be organized by the following:

Notch #:
HB Score: (1-10)
Game Style: (Day game, Night game, Online)
Description: (Include how she looks, but most importantly, write up the lay report like a fun adventure. Like how I did with Drew, my Bogota report, etc)

Niche Countries to Visit for Travel and Social Circle Game

After looking through Reddit, it looks like Kosovo (suuuuper low cost of living) and Cyprus (moderately expensive) are two great countries to run some sort of social circle game around here. Since Americans are rare and loved, it looks like I can do a lot of good being a cool guy without actively gaming. Think of it as a vacation from my PUA travels in Eastern Europe.

I will remain in either country for 1-2 months. If I like it, I’ll extend my stay.

After that, check out Georgia (very low cost of living; $850 month). Follow the same rule. Befriend locals -> do social circle.

Getting into the right PUA mindset when I return

  • Watch Californication. Binge it. And watch it over and over again.
  • Read this page: https://web.archive.org/web/20201205222353/https://www.swooptheworld.com/put-mood-charm-californication/
  • Read this page before hitting up Asia: https://web.archive.org/web/20201111223601/https://www.swooptheworld.com/asian-girls-dating-different-types/
  • For Europe: https://thisistrouble.com/dating-abroad/

Africa chicks

After doing thorough research into my digital nomad journey, I discovered the easiest girls – and those who speak the most English – are both in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda (according to a Swoop thread). I will most likely hit Africa once I’m through with Asia and Eastern Europe (3+ years in). I need to be a seasoned traveler by this time.

You’re Not A Pickup Artist; You’re An Attractive Guy Who Is Good With Girls

What do you identify as?

This is a big lightbulb moment I experienced thanks to the all-glorious Todd V. When I’m infield, my sticking point has always been trying to hard; overgaming, if you will. Why is that the case? Because I identify myself as a pickup artist, not as an attractive guy who is good with girls. When the term ‘pickup artist’ pops into my head, what do I think? I think war, competition, one-uping the girl, like I’m engaged in a never-ending battle between the Sith and Jedi.

Consequently, since my mind interprets ANY interaction with a girl as a battle – I use techniques to WIN. Not in the good way, mind you, but “win her over using my excellent verbal skills and game and how funny/witty I am.”

What does Todd state? I’ll quote the god himself:

“As you get better [in game], it’s very important to actually shift your identity NOT to pickup artist anymore, but to ‘guy who is good with girls’.

Once it’s a given you’re going to do approaches, once it’s a given you’re going to take action – in order to get the right action, in order to make it appear ‘it just happened’, to be naturally attractive – it’s very important I most past ‘this is something I’m proud of, something I do’ to this is something WHO I AM.”

Because that’s going to make game more of an embodiment and more of something that flows through you. Even when you’re not in ‘pickup mode’ or when you’re not ‘doing approaches’.

It’s going to make your game alot more ‘it just happened’, alot more seamless, alot more natural, alot more effortless.” – Todd V.

Save Your Dopamine!

Maaaan Chris should me an absolutely awesome fuckin dude on YouTube named Jason Capital. He told me WHY I felt anxious and depressed, why I don’t feel motivated, and it all falls down to two things: Dopamine consumption and counting small wins (“w”s).

What does that mean for me?

It means I’ve gotta prioritize saving my dopamine and keeping small – but stacking – promises to myself.

I think it’s best if I wrote this as a list:

Dopamine & Counting Wins:

  • Instead of getting up in the morning and going for coffee, drinking a ton of water so you’re not dehydrated. You’ll feel much better and water itself actually gives you energy!
  • Brush my teeth every morning
  • Make my bed every morning
  • When I do a task, instead of feeding my brain dopamine by playing music or having “background noise”, exclusively focus on the task at hand. The feeling of accomplishment and the fact you’ve made even the tiniest progress counts as a W in your brain. Stack ’em brutha
  • Remember every small thing you accomplished that day and count ’em. Wins and losses go in stacks. If you keep winning, you’ll keep going on that win streak. However, if you keep losing, you’ll continue losing.
  • Don’t just “try” to be happy, actually DO SOMETHING. Set a goal for myself. In this case, focus hard on building my portfolio for freelance writing for 6 weeks or I want to make $500 a month in 4 months. Work on it hard. And whatever progress I make – no matter if it’s landing my first client or writing a paragraph for my website – count it as a WIN.
  • Beware of dopamine consumers like scrolling through Reddit or watching consecutive YouTube vids. They’re time consumers and eat up your mental energy like no other.
  • When negative self-talk comes into my head, just ignore it and focus on whatever goal I’m working on.
  • Don’t think, research, or determine how I’m going to accomplish my goal too much – just do.
  • Avoid shitty food, cigarettes or porn which give you a fake spike in dopamine. This insidious fiend usually kicks in when you’ve experienced too many losses. Since your brain doesn’t like the feeling of constantly losing, it searches for an alternate source to experience comfort. Consequently, this leads you down a FURTHER STEAK OF LOSSES. Since you usually feel terrible after indulging in said vice.
  • When I wake up, do not hit the snooze button. Your ass is AWAKE. Hit those feet on the floor.
  • Avoid Reddit, they are full of losers. Only a select few subs are useful like r/freelancewriting or r/digitalnomad. Shit that has a purpose.
  • Do not reach for my phone while in bed. Get the fuck up and do what you need to do (ie. make bed, brush teeth, get ready for work).

12/11/21 – Girl Threw Herself At Me… And I Bombed Due To Lack of Entitlement

On Saturday, 12/11/21, I ventured off to Rocbar with Chris preparing for a loooong night game session leading up to 4AM. Before this, on Friday, we had a pretty successful night filled with learning lessons – and that Saturday was no different. Possibly even more so, just different aspects of game.

At first, it was an average Saturday night for us. Run a few sets -> hook girls -> but Chris and I would hit a deadlock or some external event prevented us from moving the set forward. Rinse and repeat. However, at the tail end of the night, I met this 23 year old, South African lawyer who hoped I’d game her correctly. Unfortunately, I made a critical mishap which cost me the set. I’ll be detailing the interaction in this report.

Approach #1The South African Lawyer

Synopsis: At 3-4AM, I was chilling with Chris, going over his most recent set. He made this Pakistani chick all over him, but her friends cockblocked like mad. That’s when this chick sporting a black dress, heavy makeup, I’d say a soft 7 came over and sat next to me.

This wasn’t a coincidence.

Quite a few couches were nearby and she chose to sit directly adjacent to me. It was easy pickings.

I forgot what I opened her with, but it was super casual. The first thing I noticed was her personality: She was a highly intelligent, yet negative individual. She was direct and to the point, despite her attempts at “subtlety”.

I tried running standard game: Push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. They didn’t have a strong effect. In hindsight, she was definitely a comfort girl. My value was high enough simply by being there.

We vibed most of the time… and then I asked her why she was so tired. Like, the girl looked like she reeeeally didn’t want to be in the club.

Her response: “I don’t want to send the wrong vibes, but I’m tired and want to go home. I’d rather save that energy for sex.”

You DON’T just say that without conveying some overt ass intentions.

In all honesty, I was awestruck. My brain was like, “uhhhh…”

And since I didn’t know how to handle the situ, my brain reverted to giving a thirsty response lol. It was terrible game and I felt truly awful for going the chode route. This was def a learning lesson I’ll avoid in the future.

“So, you’re a lawyer, right? That means you probably have a sweet ass apartment.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Some of the shit doesn’t work, but I like it.”

“Shit girl, I’unno I’m a poor boy and I’m kinda curious to see how it is.”

Aaaand she said she had a boyfriend haha. We chatted for a bit longer, but at the end, I snagged her number. It was a flake. Meh.

IMPORTANT: After speaking to u/fastlife15, he said “Sometimes girls are just down and all you need to do is chill, not be too thirsty, and lead.” That’s it. Be a cool, fun guy.

What I Did Right:

– Pushed The Set As Far As Possible: While I fucked up, at least I didn’t freeze & eject or simply ignored what my target. This served as a massive learning lesson to truly chill, not be too thirsty, and lead as u/fastlife15 put it.

Sticking Points:

– Handling Direct Girls: I definitely wasn’t entitled as I should have been. If I was, I would have inherently knew I was a high value dude and this was common to me. Next time, I’ll…

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– Chill -> Don’t Be Thirsty -> Lead: … do this. Gotta remember if a girl is overtly interested in me, to simply chill, don’t be thirsty, and lead.

Comments: N/A.

How To Get My Game Back – Definitive Edition

IMPORTANT: Follow this guide like God himself.

After getting back into pickup for approximately 5 weeks now (11/02/21), I’ve been trying to get my “mojo” back, after weeks of trying. I couldn’t hook, my opens – but most importantly, vibe sucked. I’ve tried everything under the sun: A rigid vitamin regimen, TRT (it does kick ass tho), etc.

… But this article from girlschase.com opened my eyes.

It all made sense. When I was in set, my verbals are hella solid. I knew how to qualify, push-pull, provide comfort if necessary, etc. The problem wasn’t my mid or end game, it was the initial approach – or the beginning game.

My fundamentals took a major hit.

Here’s a quote I found on getting back into pickup after a long hiatus:

I don’t know why, but when you hit low momentum, the first things that take a hit are your fundamentals and your opening and hook game.

Your opening and hook game will usually take a hit because it is the phase of the pickup and seduction process that is most reliant on state and vibe. 

This is what I should exclusively focus on. My inherent pickup skills I’ve learned after a full year infield will return automatically; hell, it already has!

So, what does that mean practically?

It means I must tear down my game and rebuild everything from scratch, with an acute focus on fundamentals and opening and hooking. According to the girlschase author, I must make a simple fundamental game plan and stick to it.

What I’m Working On Now (spend 3-4 weeks on this):

FOCUS ON THIS: When infield, after my open do NOT say, “You’re not from here, are you?” or something along the lines. They 100% DO NOT GO ANYWHERE. Go with an “extended opener” instead. For example, “… You look like you’re about to chill at an indy cafe lounge with your pumpkin spice latte. No sugar of course.”

After that, chill out and your ingrained game should take over from here.

Secondary Objective: When I’m running day game, go for 10 approaches or 1 instadate per session.

Prior Goals I Was Working On:


11/30/21 – Keep Calm & Game On

On 11/30/21, Tuesday, I ventured off to Evanston to hit up Northwestern University. I felt like my emotions + inner game raged up a storm after being locked up for months on in. I felt invincible, like I could take on the world. If I had to guess what caused me to feel so upbeat today, it’s my TRT regimen accompanied by a new morning supplement schedule consisting of Vitamin B Complex Pill, 5000 iu vitamin D, 400mg liquid ionic magnesium and my multivitamins.

It was recommended to me on Reddit as an anti-depressive regimen and general mood booster.

And damn, did it show lol

All in all, I my attitude and outlook was incredibly positive, my game improved & suffered in a few ways. I’ll log my results on the two approaches I managed to net over at Northwestern and utilize it as essential data for next time.

I’m hoping this is what I’ve been looking for so I can continue my pickup journey once again.

Approach #1The NoCal Redhead

Synopsis: After getting off the Purple Line, I met this hard HB 6 pale redhead girl. She was sweet, neutral leaning receptive, but waiting for an Uber. I figured I’d test to see if I could hook her in 5 minutes or less, so I ran game on my girl. Thankfully, I was projecting good vibes and she definitely felt it. However, I didn’t qualify my target enough – or at all, really.

I knew I fucked up because I didn’t give her enough room to ask personal questions (ie. invest), but rather, played as the fun, cool guy who is there for entertainment. No qualifying, no comfort. All high energy and in hindsight, I suppose I was the one too invested!

Definitely not good.

Even though I number closed the set, she’s been texting me back very slowly.

I wasn’t surprised.

What I Did Right:

Hooking: I was able to accurately assess and say “the right words” when required. For example, if my target was getting bored and wasn’t invested enough, I’d do a push-pull or cold read. She’d get hooked again, responding to what I asked or cold read about her, before checking out her phone. I don’t blame her, though, considering she was heading to the vet to pick up her sick bird.

Accurate Cold Reads: It’s crazy when you’re present in the moment, how you’re able to subconsciously read your target and guess correct life facts about them. I was right 90% of the time, which built up my value. I knew it wasn’t enough to ditch her Uber, but I felt good enough considering my inner game was pretty crap for the past month or so.

It’s good I’m getting my old abilities back.

Sticking Points:

Too High Energy: I was just so fucking on. Like, too much. I barely gave my target enough time to respond and I yapped my face off. I’m going to forgive myself though, considering that she was about to hit up an Uber in 5 minutes anyway. So I had to make the set count.

Overgaming: This has been my sticking point since the dawn of time lol. It’s one of those sticking points where you simply get tired of having to invest sooooo much into the convo, that you simply don’t give a shit anymore. Once that occurs, you do less in the set and titrate how much game & effort you put forth. Consequently, doing less = girl is more invested.

No Investment: … On her part, that is. She merely responded -> continued talking after my cold read, observation, or question. Yes, it was fun, flirty talk, but nothing substantial. Remember: You can only build your value up so high. Make her invest. It’s a far more powerful tool.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Keep Calm: Be present, calm, actively listening, and speak slowly, with purpose, so I can decide if my target requires more value, more comfort, or to qualify/invest more. That is when I’m at my best.

If I Can’t Move the Set, Hook -> Qualify -> Close: I knew I couldn’t instadate my girl. Not unless I had JP or Todd level skills haha. So the best I could have done is project value and have her qualify/invest a shitload within the short timeframe I had to work with. Next time, focus waaaaay more on qualifying > value. Build up just enough value you to cash it in via qualifications.

Comments: Good on me for hitting up a girl waiting for an Uber. It’s a challenge I didn’t back down to.

Approach #2 The San Francisco Girl

Synopsis: At the campus proper, I met this 18 year old tall blonde from San Francisco at a crosswalk. It was dark, but I felt like I could make it work. After the open, she was originally going to leave after I complimented her outfit. It was direct friendly, enough to make her stop momentarily – but not enough to keep her there. So I kept throwing out push-pulls, witty banter, and had her qualify a ton.

It was a minute or two before she was truly hooked.

In this situ, I def did more shit right than wrong. I had my target qualifying the living hell out of her self and at certain intervals within the interaction, she began chasing.

However, I felt waaaay too high energy, like an entertainer, without much – if any – comfort.

I caught myself doing this mid-way in the set, therefore, I started slowing down my pace. She caught notice of this and the set began sliding in a downward arc. I believe Todd V states to keep your energy levels low or mid level. Because you can’t keep everything high all the time. And once you start lowering the energy levels, as does her attention span.

At the end, I snagged her number before trying to make plans with her. She’s been responding back and I’ve been consulting the boys as how to handle her.

What I Did Right:

Flirty, Witter Banter: Despite the fact I probably overgamed my girl + had too high energy over an extended period of time, my verbals were fuckin’ solid. Like, when she threw shit tests at me, I inherently knew to agree & exaggerate and I did that with flying colors. She gawked at me the entire time like, “Who the fuck is this guy and why am I so attracted to him?” Good shit.

Qualifiers: My girl qualified the hell outta herself. Yes, I qualified after I gauged her attraction level, but for the most part, she just kept investing over & over again into me. Even though my comfort game was pretty shit in set, I think the fact she expounded a decent amount of time and energy into me made the number solid.

Catching Myself: I knew I was playing the entertainer instead of a fun, sexy guy who is attracted to her. This is due to my full year of practice as a pickup artist so I’m able to pinpoint where I’m at in the interaction and can tell if I’ve hit a dead end of not. While I did catch myself, I should eject first before the girl if I can’t move the set any further.

Sticking Points:

Felt Like An Entertainer: I’ll be honest, the word I’m looking for is “tryhard”. It belongs to the same category as overgaming. It’s a very intermediate level sticking point, but which rectifies itself with sheer time & effort infield. In this situ, I def felt like an entertainer with Charlotte (the girl). She was drawn in primarily due to the amount of times she qualified herself.

No Comfort: In set, I only attained surface level info that any rando could get from a casual conversation. I didn’t go deep into who she was as a person, her feelings/emotions, nor anything beyond “flirt, fun high energy guy”. If you want to make her feel like you’re not just fucking with her / want sex, be sure to establish comfort as well as value!

Speaking Too Fast: I wouldn’t say I was exactly nervous in set; moreso excited. But even so – that’s bad game. It’s better if you’re slow, methodical, an active listener, while pinging her hindbrain she’s speaking to an alpha who wants to fuck her. When you speak too fast, you’re subconsciously telling her she’s the higher value one since you’re the one REACTING to her.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Speak Slower + Comfort: Look back at Mikaela (Czech Bartender), I distinctly recall opening + gaming her in a slow, calculated manner. Yes, I was happy shit was going according to plan, but better yet, I was planning my next steps and how to move things forward. If I need a recent example to replicate, my set with Mikaela should be my guide.

Comments: All in all, a (mostly) good set that worked on an 18 year old.