Work On Your Spanish

Many PUA sites which specialize in South America and Colombia state I should definitely work on my Spanish.

You’ll stand out from every gringo who doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish – even if you speak the absolute bare bones, minimum amount of it.

Henceforth, I’ve hired a Spanish tutor I’ll be working with for 3-4 times a week.

I, on the other hand, will study Spanish 5 times a week.

Like game, I’ve devised a schedule: Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Particularly on my off-game days and game days set during long weekends.

Once I finish my trip to Colombia, I will cut those days to four days a week: Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Particularly on the day I don’t go to Chicago.

My goal is to reach a B2 level of Spanish (or conversational fluency) within a year.

After that, I can hit the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and virtually every Spanish speaking country I desire.

International PUA Journey: Bogota, Colombia

It’s time I follow the footsteps of Roosh V and begin my flag hunting journey – starting with Colombia.

After talking with JP during our 1-on-1, he sold me on hitting up Colombia as my first international pickup journey.

He said the girls were so sweet and feminine – better yet, affectionate. When you combine all three aspects in a woman, I’m making plans ASAP. I’ve heard similar stories from guys who traveled to Colombia. If this is all true, I can’t wait to head over and notch up.

UPDATE: After JP responded to my question, he said comfort is paramount in Colombia. It will take me 4-6 hours to pull a girl. Even JP said it took him a long time to pull; the upside is, they’re not boring at all. They’re fun, feminine women that I’ll enjoying being around.

When it comes to Todd V’s System, focus heavily on Narrative. For example, when I open a girl, take her to a Starbucks/restaurant -> Go to a bar or club -> After that, see if you can pull. If not, keep moving her.

You need to focus on leading + comfort.

It will take me all night, but there’s an incredibly high chance I will get laid if I stick it out and get to know the girl.

During my trip, I’ll use only one opener instructed by JP:

In English it is, “Excuse me! Hey, my name is Adam, I just moved here from the United States and you had the cutest look – I wanted to come meet you.”

If we translate that to Spanish it is, “Disculpame! Hola, me llamo Adam. Me acabo de mover de Estados Unidos y estoy aquí por un ratico, pero estas muy bonita, y te quería decir hola.”

Let’s break that down:

  • “Hola, me llamo Adam” = “Hello, I’m called Adam”
  • “me acabo” = “I just”
  • “de mover de Estados Unidos” = “moved from the United States”
  • “y estoy” = “and I’m”
  • “aqui por un” = “here for a”
  • “ratico” = “while”

Words That I’m Having Trouble Comprehending:

  • “acabo” = “just”


  • During the weekdays hit up Zona T (aka Zona Rosa) venues (ie. Andino Shopping Mall, Santa Ana Mall, the streets, etc), but if I want to hit up a few college girls, take an Uber to University City of Bogota; however, return before 6pm, because that’s when it gets dangerous at night.
  • On Tuesday night, hit up Vintrash for Gringo Tuesday at Zona Rosa
  • On Thursday night, hit up El Chango Bar. MyLatinLife said it’s his top suggestion to meet people.
  • On Friday night, hit up Video Club.
  • On Saturday night, hit up Theatron. It’s a gay club, but lots of chicks are looking to hook up with gringos there.
  • On Sunday night, hit up Theatron again.
  • Best time to hit up Zona T malls are 4:30-7:00 pm according to Colombia PUAs
  • I’ll have higher value as a foreigner in college campuses in Colombia. However, these areas can be dangerous outside the campus. So, my goal is to take an Uber into the colleges, game the girls, and relocate to her place or take an Uber to my airbnb.
  • Game concepts to practice in Colombia:
    • Same Day Lays
    • Relying on and projecting sexual intent
  • If asked, “Why are you in Colombia/Bogota?” My response will be, “I’m here to study Spanish, but I really love how lively and fun Colombian people are.”
  • When I first hit up Bogota Friday afternoon/night, go immediately to my airbnb, put my luggage down, and take an Uber to Video Club
  • Jump between Chapinero and Zona T. I will have higher foreigner status in Chapinero, but it’s more dangerous at night
  • Buy wine glasses for Bogota. Bring the glasses onto the plane and buy wine over there

It’s Training Time

I’ve decided I’m progressing far too slowly in game. While I’ve been hitting the streets and clubs hardcore for the past two months, I thought it wise to buy Todd V’s 90 Day Online Coaching Program to exponentially increase my effectiveness in-field.

According to Dustyn, the guy who I spoke to, JP will provide a detailed mission report weekly, examine my field reports and audio recorded sets I perform in-field, and finally, a weekly 1-2 hour convo over the phone to see how I’m progressing overall.

I think it’s a great value and will significantly cut off the months and possibly even years required to get good at this.

Frank Cotton is my Spirit Animal

What American women want.

After last night’s notch, I’ve come to realize American women don’t want a soft, beta male who would care and provide for them. They’d prefer a sexually aggressive alpha who doesn’t care about their dreams, wants or desires. It reminds me of the character Frank Cotton from the Hellraiser (or for you literary nerds out there, the Hellbound Heart) franchise.

If you’re not familiar with the character, Frank Cotton was a selfish, hedonistic individual who had an affair with his sister in law Julia. After searching the world for greater forms of pleasure and living a life of promiscuity and sensual gluttony. He treated women more like objects than an actual human being, but most importantly, he was honest with his intentions.

Yes, he would promise something to the women if it meant she’d sleep with him. But overall, throughout the interaction, he was sexually aggressive and took what he wanted.

It’s a shame American women unconsciously idolize the Frank Cotton archetype. Even with my notch on 12/7/19, I became aroused when she briefly kissed up and down my body. The beta Adam within me wanted to rise up, but then I realized, just in time, American women are turned off by the notion of a caring male.

And that’s why, as long as I remain in the United States, I’ll become and mimic the actions of Frank Cotton.

From Nice Guy Mindset to Alpha Mindset

John Sonmez delivers gold advice yet again.

I hate saying it, but I keep reverting back to my old Nice Guy mindset. I smile too much, I laugh or giggle when one of my co-workers mentions something. I’m acting very beta at work – much to my disadvantage. While negative repercussions haven’t occurred yet, my co-workers seem to tolerate my nice guy attitude so far. Why? Because I show weakness as a man.

In my Nice Guy mindset, I tell myself to be super positive all the time because my co-workers will love me for it. Wrong. They keep their distance from me and talk to me only when required (ie. a scrum meeting, giving me assignments, etc).

However, I can fix this.

Before I state the solution, I must note this applies strongly to game as well.

I can try to change my attitude and act alpha, pretend to be something I’m not. But as John Sonmez states, it’s like stretching a rubber band. It’s only a matter of time before it snaps back at me and I go back to my beta ways.

What I can do, however, is change my mindset – and consequently, my actions.

In the club, while day gaming, and at work, I can tell myself “What would alpha Adam do in this situation?” I need to change how I view myself, how I view the world around me, how I view relationships, etc. If I tell myself I’m entitled, I’m high status… guess what? I fucking BECOME that.

Therefore, every morning I will get rid of the Nice Guy mindset – my former nature – and put on the Alpha Adam mindset.

My Personal Frame

I was listening to RSD Max’s The Natural and I really loved the concept of introducing a solid, positive frame during work or play. I will type what I wrote on paper and say this to myself every single day.

More epic music to emphasize the hero’s journey.
  • “I completely trust myself”
  • “I trust my instincts”
  • “I trust my positive thoughts”
  • “I am the only person in the world that knows whats best for me”
  • “I love myself”
  • “I am full of mistakes but I love myself
  • “I am happy with all outcomes, whether good or bad”
  • “I am centered and focused”
  • “I will never stop improving and I will miss no chance to challenge myself”
  • “I will push my boundaries and go beyond my comfort zone every single day”

My Game Frame

I was listening to RSD Max’s The Natural and I really loved the concept of introducing a solid, positive frame for each set I do in-field. I will type what I wrote on paper and say this to myself every single day.

Better add some epic music to emphasize my journey to becoming a hero.
  • “I love staying in set, it’s a nice little challenge and I get to know the girl better.”
  • “I love it when I approach a girl with alpha body language, confidence, and a deep, relaxed voice. It displays the alpha male in me.”
  • “I am attractive because I’m a software engineer, I’m driven, hard-working, and envision a bright future for myself. I’m lovely, a hunter and won’t stop until I get what I want. I’m creative, smart, and reflect on my mistakes.”
  • “Spitting game and doing sets is not a chore for me. It is a lifestyle. There is no stress involved.”

RSD Max’s Self-Assessment

I’m taking RSD Max’s The Natural online course and one of the lessons involved is taking a shameless self-assessment which points out where I am in my pick-up skill set. Let’s take a look at his questions:

Shameless Self-Assessment

1.) Where am I in this journey? / Success with women? (How did any success happen?) So far, I have gotten 6 phone numbers through direct game. Most of the time, they’re flakes, but I do have text conversations with a few girls. Unfortunately, I have not gained a single notch nor date in this entire process.

All of these numbers were gained via direct cold approaches with me having anxiety during my initial approach. At first, the approach anxiety was really bad, with me stuttering or asking “interview questions” (I still do) with my approaches, but since my last 30 or so cold approaches, it’s been lessening.

2.) How do I come across to people? It depends on what I’m doing, where I’m at, and how I’m feeling. If I’m at work, I come across as the guy who says or does stupid shit. Hell, even lazy even though I work relatively hard.

When I cold approach, it varies heavily on my mood, if I’m “in the zone” or if it’s my first or fifth approach. Initially, I believe I come across as a strange guy who thinks some girl is attractive. Other times, I come across as a “cool dude” who girls don’t mind giving their numbers to. It really varies.

With people, I can also be a bit timid or shy if I first meet them. I also personally believe I can be arrogant at times and prefer talking about myself compared to letting other people speak if I’m deep in a conversation. I seriously need to tone that down. Become more cool, calm, and collected instead.

3.) What is my personality like? As a person, I’m introverted, but speak my mind. If someone asks me about an opinion on something, I’ll tell them the truth. I’m persistent. I will complete my goal even if I feel burned out. I’m very schedule reliant. I’m aware I should be approaching women everywhere I see one, but if I’m not on my “approach schedule”, I won’t approach.

I get in my head too much. I mentally tell myself “she’s not hot enough”, “the circumstances aren’t right to approach this girl”, etc as excuses not to approach a woman in any given situation. Stress can also cause self-doubt in me.

While I’m getting over approach anxiety, I don’t know how to communicate during an interaction with a girl. Therefore, I ask a great many “interview style questions” until I find something we both have in common.

I can also be a people pleaser at times. If I feel like a girl likes me, I will start saying things that I believe would make her like me. This is bullshit. I should only trust and adapt the abundance mentality.

What Are My Goals?

1.) What are my short-term goals with women + people? In the short term, which I’m assuming is the next few months, I want to be able to fuck at least 1-2 women. They have to be at least a 7 or above. I won’t degrade myself any lower than that. Leave Yuma, AZ for a bigger, metropolitan city so I can rack up approaches much, much faster. I will have started my career as a Software Engineer.

I want to be able to talk to anyone in the eye and speak confidently.

1b.) What will it take to get there? Whether by statistics or mastering game, it will take dedicating myself to the art of natural game via The Natural by RSD Max or James Marshall. With people, it will involve me keeping the alpha mindset ‘on’ more often and showing no fear.

In a more solid, practical sense, I must intensely look a woman in the eyes and project my sexual intent as I speak in a slow, confident voice.

2.) What are my mid-term goals with women + people? In the mid term, which I’m assuming is the next 2-5 years, I want to have a girlfriend (or 2… or 3) and a side chick simultaneously. I want to be seen as the leader and worshiped as the guy who everyone knows and looks up to. I want to be a Social God. I also want to be working as a Software Engineer at this time. Begin learning German.

2b.) What will it take to get there? Like the point above, I would have totally surrendered my life to the art of game. Learning upon my failures and resisting the urge to give up or live a comfortable life. I must remain eternally uncomfortable and goal driven. I cannot give up. My future depends on it.

In a more solid, practical sense, I must develop a social circle of “cool guys” who I vibe with and am close friends with. Alongside cold approaching, I must additionally master social circle game and prove myself as the alpha of the pack via leading others to the next venue, deciding what we must do next, etc. This will build up my social proof and women will naturally flock to the alpha male.

When it comes to women, I will have mastered what turns women on and how to keep them. I could use amoral methods depending on what the girl requires, but it must be accomplished nevertheless.

3.) What are my mid-term goals with women + people? In the long term, which I’m assuming is 5+ years, I want to have my favorite girlfriend become my wife who is bisexual and is open to me having other women. I also want children. In the long, long term I want to retire in an Eastern European country and game to my life’s content. Master German.

3b.) What will it take to get there? It will take me saving up $100,000-$500,000 USD to retire in an Eastern European country and getting a citizenship along the way.

4.) How do I want to come across to people? Confident, leader-like, more interesting (ie. well traveled, adventurous), more empathetic (and far less arrogant), cool, calm and collected.

I, Adam S.,

02/11/19… you become who you believe yourself to be.

An alpha male in his natural habitat.

I’ve heard this many times in the past, especially in the PUA community, and that is to “fake it until you make it”. This is actually an old lesson I learned last year, but I’m revitalizing the concept as I believe it’s incredibly important for beginners (myself included). Essentially, what “fake it until you make it” truly means is a mindset change.

Let’s say, for example, you want to become an alpha male. What would an alpha male do? More specifically, what would an alpha male version of yourself do? Well… an alpha version me would stand upright, carry himself with an air of superiority, and consequently, would speak to women he’s attracted to in a direct, sexual manner. Not creepy, mind you, but rather “you’re mine”.

I have adapted this mindset in the past, and it’s worked wonders. I had women agree to go to dates with me (without flaking), but due to logistics or poor planning, I couldn’t have made it work in my favor.

This time, however, I will.

2019 New Year Resolutions

  • Complete the Java training and get a job in either Denver, Vegas, NYC, or Atlanta.
  • Get laid at least 3 times this year.
  • Practice and get good at PUA by going out 4 times a week Fri, Sat, Sun, M either afternoon or night.
  • Work out 4-5 days a week.
  • Complete the eroge VN and work on it every day. Even if it’s only a paragraph per day.