03/05/21 – A Lesson In Handling Friends

On 03/05/21, Saturday, I decided to hit up Big Shotz with a wing, despite my unfamiliarity with night game. I’ll be honest: I didn’t feel comfortable operating (mostly) by myself despite having a perfectly good resource I could’ve utilized.

My wing is a natural with women. He’s confident, willing to help a fellow brutha out, and chill af.

At the end, I only managed to do two approaches. I hate saying this, but I had AA since during night game; you’re given far more opportunities to approach isolated sets during the day vs night. Therefore, I had no experience handling groups, or hell, anything more than a 2-set.

That, accompanied by the fact night clubs are loud, filled with 5 chodes tryna hit up a single girl, etc.

I felt like a fish outta water.

But, like all aspects of game, I need to adjust and grow comfortable with my new environment. So I vowed to night game at least once a week.

Despite the fact I only did two approaches, only one is worth logging on this report.

Approach #1The Baby Faced 8 and Her Jealous Friend

Synopsis: An hour or so after hitting up Big Shotz with my wing, I spotted this extraordinarily cute and baby-faced girl from the smoking patio outside. Fuck, I knew I had to talk to her. However, upon casual observation, I noticed girls getting hit up left and right by other dudes at the club; but my target and her friend were left alone.

Either the guys were a.) Pussies, but it’s doubtful given that they hit up groups of girls or b.) Someone was cockblocking them.

Eh, fuck it, I thought and I decided to go inside with my wing.

After inching our way toward my target, my wing and I vibed to the music, but I felt mad AA radiate from my core. Like, my gut screamed at me to approach, but my brain just fuckin’ refused.

“You’re a day gamer, night game isn’t for you,” “The music fuckin’ sucks. Put me in an EDM club and you’re gucci,” you name it, my brain dreamt it up.

It took me 10 minutes before I decided to man up and approach.

As the music died down, I approached my girl from the side and opened with, “Hey, why’re you talkin’ shit about everybody?” Despite my anxiety, I played the shit outta the role. Like she just called everyone in a 10 mile radius a pussy and a fag.

“What?! I’m not talking shit about anyone!”

“It’s ‘cuz I work at Wal-Mart isn’t it?”

“What?! No!”

I grin wide, “I’m just fuckin’ with you. What’s your name?”

I felt alleviated – alive. Like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders as I gouged her response. She was highly receptive, flirty, and we both vibed with positive energy.

She made me laugh, I spiked her BT a fuckton and everything felt perfect. Except for one significant problem: Her friend.

She didn’t say a word, nor did I try bringing her into the conversation to share the positive energy. So it was entirely my fault she dragged my girl off by saying, “Hey, let’s go find our friends,” despite the fact my wing and I knew damn well they came as a duo.

Nevertheless, after speaking with u/fastlife15 on WhatsApp, he stated my target’s friend felt left out and jealous of all the good energy I’m giving my girl. Therefore, she decided to bounce.

He also left me with invaluable advice: “It isn’t the girl who chooses if she goes home with you tonight. It’s her friends. Remember that.”

However, despite losing the set, something strange happened…

My target’s friend – sans target – decides to return by herself!

Granted, she was hot – also an HB 8 – but she had a boring, I-don’t-want-to-be-here vibe. Like, she’s the type of girl who’d give you incredibly subtle IOIs and you damn well better know how to spot ’em.

We chatted a bit, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I initially thought I fucked up by having her go down a ‘no ladder’ by performing a few incorrect cold reads. For example, “Alright, I feel like your friend is the wild, crazy troublemaker of the group and you’re like the chill one who makes sure shit doesn’t go south.”

“No, no, we’re both chill.”

Shit, I thought, she said ‘no.’

After saying ‘no’ again to another cold read, the vibe began drastically declining, despite the fact I was never ‘on’ with this girl. It wasn’t long before she bounced and the set officially ended.

Anyway, a big PUA concept is the ‘yes ladder’. It’s a psychological phenomenon which states the more someone says ‘yes’ to you, the more inclined they are to like you as a person or comply with requests you make. Consequently, the reverse is true. If they say ‘no’ to you a few consecutive times over, there’s a higher chance the set will end prematurely.

I’ve seen this theory proven over and over again infield.

Of course, who do I call when I’m confused in set? Yep, u/fastlife15.

His answer was phenomenal and hit the nail right in the head.

It wasn’t the fact the friend went down a ‘no ladder’, it was my vibe. When I ran game on the super cute HB 8, I was alive, fun, radiating positive energy, and her friend could feel that. She returned because she thought I’d give the same energy to her.

But no, I was kinda bummed my target vanished and gave off a bad vibe. Since she sensed I wasn’t in my same fun, positive mode I was with my girl, she left the set.

Overall, it was a highly educational learning experience; but most importantly, a telltale sign I need to practice night game.

What I Did Right:

Did The Approach: Since I’m new to practicing night game seriously, I’m going to count this as a win. Two approaches are far better than pussying out and doing none.

Good Value Based Game: There’s lots of carry over from day game to night game. I jacked the value meter up to 100 during night game. I wouldn’t dare the same fun, high-energy game consisting very little comfort during the day.

While I may have overdid it, I believe I’ll inevitably find the perfect mix of value and physical based comfort for night game.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Handle The Friend: My biggest mistake of the night. If I just handled my target’s friend correctly, the set may have had a very different outcome.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Handle The Friend: If I had to re-do the set, I’d have two options…

a.) Share the good, fun energy with both the HB 8 and her friend -> lead them around the bar for drinks -> pull my girl away from her friend.

b.) Bring my wing in to handle the friend, while I game my girl.

Keep A Fun, Positive Vibe Even After A Rejection: A big reason why the friend ejected out of set was my vibe. I didn’t bring the same fun, high-energy Adam I ran on my target. I believe Julien Blanc best expresses this as, “Come from a give, give, give frame. Not a take, take, take frame.” If I just focused on having fun, no matter who it was with, I’d have a better night overall.

Comments: Remember, every Friday go out and night game.

A Dead Bat in Bogota

From 02/12/21 – 02/22/21 I ventured off to Bogota, Colombia in my first ever world game trip to become an international player and to follow the steps of Roosh V.

It was a mixed bag.

Lots of adventure, lots of learning lessons, but no Colombian flag.

I’m not disappointed – but I value the lessons I learned along the way.

Most importantly, the differences between American style game and Colombian game.

Value based game doesn’t work nearly as strong as it does in the States. I’ve tried push-pulls, being mysterious, etc. No dice. Colombianas get confused, even slightly offended since you’re not direct with your intentions. Not verbally direct (at least during night game), mind you, but through your body language and how you say things. She knows you want her and you don’t play any games to do so.

It took me 7 out of the 9 days in Colombia to realize I should run much more comfort game to get laid in Bogota.

Namely – comfort + strong, emotional energy in whatever I say.

It’s not what I say in Colombia, but how I say it.

JP was right: If you want to become successful in Colombia, your game will have to get worse before it gets better.

This report will serve as the Bogota Anthology and will consist of three field reports detailing my adventures in Colombia and with Colombian women.

Before that, however, I will give a few pieces of advice for any aspiring r/CovertPickup traveler looking to hook up with Colombian women:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort: As an American citizen (I’m assuming), your value is already sky high. I cannot stress this enough – especially if you’re a white male (race doesn’t matter, but you DO get a slight leg up if you’re white). You don’t need to put much effort. Focus on normal conversation, getting to know the girl, and emotionally spiking the interaction by speaking passionately.

    Don’t overdo the push-pulls, qualifiers, or any value based game concepts.
  • Having fun: As a pickup artist, I’m almost always in “terminator mode” during day game. I felt like if I just focused on having fun instead of strategically gaming these girls, I’d have better results.
  • Learn Spanish – even a little bit: I had a massive disadvantage due to the fact I spoke no conversational Spanish. Emotional connection is the name of the game in Colombia and I wasn’t able to accomplish that due to the language barrier.

My only regret is it took me 7 days to realize this.

Overall, I did 76 approaches over the span of 9 days in Colombia. A few are worth logging in this report.

02/12/21The SIM Card Retail Girl

Synopsis: When I first landed in Bogota, I went over to the SIM Card store to connect my international phone. I met this cute Colombiana, mid-late 20s, and highly receptive. No joke, she gave me fuck-me eyes when I was buying my card.

I could feel sexual tension build up between us when I was buying my SIM card lol

At the end, I capitalized on my opportunity by asking when she got off work. When she told me it was until 6am, I had to dip and settled for the phone number instead.

She spoke a little English, but since she was already into me, we texted back and forth often.

Sticking Points: N/A. I felt I did as much as I possibly could. Logistics and her work schedule kinda fucked the set.

What I Did Right:

Capitalized On Opportunities: I knew the SIM Card girl’s attraction for me was sky high. I didn’t go the amateur route and settle for a number. I pushed the set as far as I could by finding out her schedule + trying to pull her to a bar/club early if logistics/time was on my side.

What I Should Do Next Time: N/A. I did the best I could in that situation.

Comments: N/A.

02/13/21The Thieves

Synopsis: After trying my hand at day game in Colombia, I discovered any set I did – despite the language barrier – resulted in a solid phone number. It didn’t matter if the set went terribly, the girl still responded. I felt pretty fuckin’ good about that. A far cry from the United States where girls flaked all the time.

So I decided to try my hand at night game next.

At first, the night went so-so.

I met a few Colombianas, but a majority of them didn’t speak English. I ran into this one crew of English speakers, but I was still running value based game – which consequently confused them.

At the end of the night, I met three hot Colombianas who spoke no English. I ran that sweet Google Translate game which seemed to work lol

They didn’t have anything planned after I asked what they were doing, so I called an Uber and off we went to my airbnb.

I had a bottle of Aguardente (Colombian hard liquor) at my apartment but no beer. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t like it, but they made do. We danced, played raggaeton on my laptop, before they started feeding me shots of Aguardente.

Man, I felt like a pimp bringing home three Colombianas. I should have noted the red flags as my drink had a slightly funny taste to it – and the fact I started feeling sleepy.

It wasn’t long until I blacked out on the bed and I woke up early next morning – sans laptop, cell phone, and peculiarly enough, my recorder I use for day game.

Fuck, I got robbed. Looking back, I didn’t think much of it. My debit card, pesos, and most of my other belongings weren’t stolen. After checking out my bank transactions, no money was lost.

Worst yet, I lost the SIM Card girl’s number and a few other leads I was pursing during my day game sessions.

Sticking Points:

No dar Papaya: “Don’t give papaya”. It’s a Colombian saying to not give opportunities for bad shit to happen to you. I gave alot of papaya that night. Lots of red flags, but I ignored them since I was desperate to collect my Colombian flag.

What I Did Right:

Putting Myself In New Situations: In the United States, I was exclusively a day gamer. While practicing night game, especially in Colombia, I was given the opportunity to learn and think on my toes how to escalate, how to handle groups, and move my way through the social hierarchy with no Spanish.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Be Cautious: Of course, there’s a fine balance between being paranoid and being cautious, but mentally note any red flags I spot from girls.

Comments: Give no papaya, especially in blatantly obvious situations.

02/16/21The Cali Dancer

Synopsis: This is where the real lessons begin.

I read Gringo Tuesdays at Vintrash is where the party is, especially for Colombianas looking to practice their English.

It’s true, but you have to contend with other gringos looking to compete for the small pool of women who hit up the club.

Needless to say, after chatting up a few people early in the night, I ran into this cute Colombiana from Cali. She was a hard HB 6, an aspiring actress, and a dancer with a feisty personality.

She spoke nearly perfect English and given her personality, I figured running my ‘ol American value game would work.

At least, I thought it would.

I spiked her emotions, her BT was running high, and I thought I had this set in the bag.

But all of a sudden, this Leon the Professional lookin’ Argentinian stepped in. He looked harmless, rather introverted so I payed him no mind. He wasn’t a threat. Boy, was I wrong.

He was patient, bidding his time while I verbally fought off AMOGs by stepping into their conversation with the Cali dancer and taking the frame.

The fucker snuck right up under me.

Next thing I know, he’s talking normally with my target. Nothing special from the surface. So I decide to hit the bathroom. I figured she’d ignore him since he seemed so boring and mundane.

I come back – and she’s got her arm wrapped around him!

I was seriously confused.

I mean, who was this guy? I ran picture perfect American game on her, and he’s nuzzling up to this old, balding Leon the Professional lookin’ dude.

They switched from English, and then to Spanish, and then it hit me.

It’s the fact he’s able to relate to her in their mother language. Comfort truly is the name of the game in Colombia. While I may have spiked her BT, what really matters is emotionally connecting with a Colombiana. None of this “clown game” ran in the States.

This was the beginning of my realization that American style game just wouldn’t work in Colombia.

It was surface level, but once I saw the Argentinian pull this girl into an Uber, it really hit me.

I put in all this effort, and some low-energy guy whisks my target away like nothing? My game was lacking and I was beginning to figure that out.

Sticking Points:

High-energy, American style game: This is when I began to realize running Western style game just wouldn’t work. Yes, I fucked up by running value game, but I knew I was doing something wrong…

What I Did Right:

Realizing the Type of Game Required: … Which leads into the next point of running a comfort based game. Getting to know the girl, being fun, not an entertainer, but rather a guy who is into her.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

When In Doubt…: … run comfort game, especially in “easy” countries like Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, etc. If comfort game doesn’t work, switch to American style game.

Comments: God damn Argentinians.

02/18/21The Amazonian Paisa

Synopsis: After some research, I discovered a bar called Meeting House in Santa Fe, Bogota. It’s an international club made for Colombians / gringos to practice a multitude of languages – although, let’s be honest, primarily English.

I met this gigantic Paisa (a person from Medellin), approximately 186cm (6’1”) tall, and with her gay friend. She was a hairdresser, didn’t speak any English, and her friend acted as an intermediary between us.

I took Fast Life’s advice and simply had fun instead of focusing on game.

Since I wasn’t focused on getting laid, I didn’t use many game techniques a PUA would normally use in the States.

All I did was rely on tonality + body language.

She loved it.

Even though it wasn’t ideal her friend acted as a translator between the two of us, I built up comfort by checking out pictures on her phone and making comments on them.

What really took the cake was a little game we played: La Gringa or La Colombiana.

She’d show me pictures (oftentimes risque) on her phone and I’d decide if she’d dress / pose like a white Western girl or a Colombiana. I saw multiple pictures of her in a bikini showing off her gigantic culo, and I’d smirk before nodding and saying ‘la Colombiana’.

It was incredibly fun and it ramped up sexual tension in mere minutes.

When Meeting House closed, I had my arm wrapped around her while the friend chatted with us. What I love about Colombian guys is they simply don’t care if you’re going to fuck their friend – compare that to the US where mate / friend guarding is the norm.

We took an Uber to my airbnb and we started texting dirty shit to each other.

Me: “Que te gusta? Pareces muy dominante” (What do you like? You seem very dominant)

Her: “I like pleasure”

Me: “I’ll show you pleasure”

Her: “yes and how will you show me pleasure”

Me: “You’ll find out”

Her: “yes that rich”

Sweet God, I was moments away from victory. The Colombian flag I so desperately wanted was in the palm of my hands.

But then…

I got impatient. I fucked up so bad. It was such an obvious game mistake and I’ve been kicking myself in the ass for it so hard. I made a stupid, uncalibrated and thirsty move that even normal guys would have avoided.

At the tail end of our Uber drive, I chatted to the Paisa’s friend, “Yo bro, I think she wants to… you know.”


“Yeah man, I think she’s down if you know what I mean.”

“Wai- ohhh…”

The Paisa butts in, “Como?”

As we get out of the Uber he tells he what I said and her ASD kicks in hard. She shakes her head and waves bye to me. I play it cool, non-needy, but secretly inside I’m cursing myself so hard for being so fucking impatient.

Yes, I need to push, push, push the set as far as fucking possible, but this was too uncalibrated. Way too uncalibrated.

Hell, I was so depressed I took the next day off to reflect on my actions and chilled out in my airbnb.

Sticking Points:

Overexcitement: At the end of the night, my focus shifted from having fun to getting the Colombian flag. I got far too excited and wanted to rush things as fast as humanly possible – which killed the set. If I just had a little patience, I have no doubt I would have gotten the notch.

Being WAAAAAY Too Impatient: This leads up to the next point. I was impatient and even though I knew the interaction was going 100% smoothly as possible – my big brain felt it was a good idea to shoo the third wheel off so I can isolate my target.

Handling the Friend: As someone new to night game I had no idea how to isolate the Paisa from her friend. I figured I’d escalate with him in my airbnb and either Uber back to his place or fuck, I don’t know, watch lol if he was a voyeur.

What I Did Right:

Lead, Lead, Lead: I lead the Paisa and her friend into my Uber and pretty much became the alpha of the group. I pulled the trigger when I felt the opportunity was right and moved the interaction forward.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Let Things Flow Naturally: Remember what Fast Life said, you’re banging 10 chicks just like the Paisa. Don’t be in a rush. Just run proper game without your cock getting in the way. If my brain tells me to do something I know is obviously stupid, ignore it.

Just play the cool, calm guy who gets laid all the time.

Comments: Impatience is the enemy. Be calm. Be casual. Let things flow as they may.

02/20/21The Biologist & Fucking Up A Perfect Opportunity with LSD

Synopsis: On my last night in Bogota, I didn’t care about getting laid, but rather just focusing on having fun. My day game sessions started getting good once I realized I should run comfort game + leading, but it was a bit too late to capitalize on my numbers.

At the beginning of the night, I ran into this dude from Luxembourg, his girlfriend, and his roomie.

I focused on idle chit-chat before naturally affixing my attention to his roomie – a Colombiana who spoke very little English, but enough to get by.

She was sweet, initially neutral before I slowly began turning her receptive by “mi practicar Espanol y tu practicar Ingles.”

I had fun giving her compliments and holding fun, random conversations with her, which increased her comfort level.

After I asked her, “tu bailar?”, we went to the dance floor and partied hard; especially since Meeting House was playing techno music that night.

After a while the Luxembourgian pulled me in and whispered, “Do you like her?” To which I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes.”

Like, serious expression, I don’t give a fuck “yes”.

He laughed and said, “Good bro. She’s into you, too. Keep going.”

Thankfully, I learned my lesson with the Paisa a few nights before to not rush the set, so I played it cool the whole night.

Her attraction just kept going up up up!

Once midnight hit, we walked out of Meeting House to hit up an after party, before the Luxembourgian guy stopped us and offered me acid.

Shit, my big brain started formulating plans to escalate and dreamed up the following:

Imagine- we’re in bed together, tripping our asses off. I begin sweet talking her slowly, as we begin moving together. Our hands touch. Then I kiss her. Before sweet, acid-inducing sex.

… But what I didn’t realize is my target was used to tripping out on acid and ingesting lots of drugs.

Meanwhile, I haven’t taken hard drugs in years.


As you can imagine, she handled LSD very well. I got super, super high. Even when I was tripping balls, my mind fixated on game – and consequently, how I was losing my target due to acid.

Aaaaand I had a bad trip. A really bad trip.

I huddled up outside by myself, paranoid, trying to desperately figure out how to handle the set given my current mental state.

No bueno.

At the end of the night, we all went back to their apartment, before my target got tired and fell asleep.

I called an Uber back to my airbnb and that was that.

Sticking Points:

Don’t Do Drugs, Kids: Everything was going so well. I figured popping acid wouldn’t hurt and shit, ease escalation by making us both susceptible to our primal urges. Didn’t happen. Just game sober like I usually do.

What I Did Right:

Good Comfort Game: I spent hours working on my target. She began rubbing my back, devoting attention to me, and when I went for a cigarette, she asked if I’d return. Good IOIs and all I had to do was keep acting normal.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Don’t Do Drugs, Obvs: Title says all lol

Comments: N/A

02/05-06/21 – Why’re You Talking Shit About Everybody?

On 02/05/21, Friday, I traveled down to Atlanta, GA to meet up with u/fastlife15 for a weekend.

After my brief excursion into ATL, I can soundly say it’s excellent for night game and easily trumps Milwaukee’s bar and club scene by a mile.

I personally don’t vibe with the predominant rap / hip-hop subculture prevalent in Atlanta, nor do I have any particular interest in black girls; if that’s your thing, you’d love both ATL day and night game.

In any other case, I popped into ATL at 9:45PM EST and met up with u/fastlife15 shortly after. Really fucking cool dude. It was fucking amazing watching him operate infield. He’s able to generate – and most importantly, keep – attraction in mere seconds.

He offered me sound advice that I’ll need to practice, especially if I want to focus on physical escalation / handling pressure for same day lays.

Namely – do night game.

As is, I exclusively niche down on day game, since:

a.) I’m comfortable approaching girls in a one-on-one situation with no competition whatsoever. Everything hinges upon my game.

b.) It’s quiet. No loud, bothersome environments to power through. No cockblocking friends. No group dynamics (well, a little). It’s peaceful.

Meanwhile, night game is like WW2 all over again.

Chaotic, brutal, and ego-crushing.

It felt uncomfortable handling pressure over and over again on both Friday and Saturday night.

But overall, I had a great time in Atlanta. My experience was how I imagined it to be: High intensity, filled with small breakthroughs in game.

Let’s get back to the report:

On Friday night, we hit up Buckhead and did numerous approaches. However, only one is worth writing about:

02/05/21Approach #1The Latina and Her Fuck Buddy Ginger

Synopsis: After stepping into the back patio of a club I don’t remember, I saw this isolated Latina girl texting on her phone. She was a hard HB 6, well-dressed, and friendly.

I knew I didn’t want to go for a day game open, but fuck it, what else do I know?

I fumbled with the open, but eventually decided on, “Excuse me, that outfit kind of reminds me of home. Very Chicagoan vibe. Don’t tell me you’re from Atlanta, ‘cuz you’d be a liar.”

At first, the Latina was slightly confused, but she stayed in set. I admit, it felt a bit awkward after the open, but I knew I didn’t want to bounce. This was night game, goddamit, real character gets built here. So I stuck it out – and thank fuckin’ god I did.

I rambled about the most random shit: how I got my necklace from a shaman; qualifying the Latina’s “improper Spanish” with my busted ass gringo Spanish; how the Latina would be the only brown girl in Japan – in a matter of fact, it’d be pretty funny seeing her in a traditional kimono; etc.

And magically, I somehow hooked + qualified her on a topic about the temperature of her home country Mexico lol

I don’t know how, it wasn’t logical even for a day game point of view, but I ramped up attraction hard.

We began vibing pretty good. She qualified herself so, so many times. And I knew by her giggly, playful demeanor I was charging head-first in the right direction.

Then, who u/fastlife15 and I assumed was her fuck buddy popped in outta nowhere.

He was a pale ginger, tall, and apparently he knew the Latina for about a week.

Thankfully, Fast Life ran interference really fuckin’ good and allowed me to game the Latina even further.

I tried moving her, but her fuck buddy kept at her side; hell, he was threatened by my appearance and wrapped his arm around her; especially when he saw the Latina and I face-to-face, a mere inch or two apart.

At the end, it didn’t work out due to logistical errors that couldn’t be fixed.

What I Did Right:

Found Logistics Early: Relatively early during the interaction, I discovered the Latina came here with “a friend” she knew for a week.

Persistent, Good Game: Especially since I haven’t practiced night game in months. While it wasn’t as solid compared to day game, it was manageable and “good enough”. Many times, that’s all you need.

Sticking Points:

Closed Too Early: Tried moving the Latina a bit too early to the dance floor. That, or should have tried to subtly move her a bit instead of checking if she could dance.

Lead More: If I lead her a bit more, there’s a distinct possibility I could have avoided the Latina’s fuck buddy. Even a few feet or at another part of the bar could have worked. Of course, that means I established enough value + comfort before hand.

Comments: Favorite set of the weekend. Shows what I can do during night game under pressure.

Once we finished our game session on Friday night, we hit up a few day game venues Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t eventful, but provided information required to get a grasp on Atlanta culture and logistics.

The real shit went down Saturday night.

u/fastlife15 called up u/RaptorMan333 and we night gamed out in Midtown Atlanta.

Fast Life gave me hands-down the best night game opener I’ve ever used. It seems offensive, but draws so much emotional investment from the girl right off the bat.

“Why’re you talking shit about everyone?”

“What?! I’m not talking shit!”

“It’s ‘cuz I work at WalMart isn’t it?”

After that, I simply smile and run normal game. The girl is usually invested enough to stay in set. However, if you half-ass the opener or sound unsure, the girl sees right through your bluff and blows you off. It’s imperative you use this opener with high energy, perhaps even sound a little offended like she really did talk shit about you.

Play into the role. It’s fun as fuck as is.

In any other case, both guys are excellent wingmen and served as good interceptors when AMOGs or rivals decided to (try) and crash our parade. I distinctly recall two sets where this occurred that I’ll be recording in this field report.

02/06/21Approach #1The Mate Guarding Dude

Synopsis: After spotting a girl with a few other guys who Fast Life and I assumed were her friends, I initially opened with, “Why’re you talking shit about everybody?”

Right in the middle of my opener though, a dude leeeeeeans the fuck in, and I begin breaking frame (due to the fact I seriously don’t know how to handle pressure). It was a mixture of confusion and the fact this guy clearly saw me as a threat toward his girl.

I was well-dressed, confident enough to approach solo, and I knew I fucked up by breaking frame.

The girl scoffed and said: “Was that your pickup line?”

I knew I had to agree and exaggerate to pass this shit test and I said, “Pfft, of course, you’re like the 100th girl I said this to tonight.”

Surprisingly enough, she didn’t leave, blow me off, but stayed in set.

I decided to go off random topics off the top of my head. It didn’t make sense, but I had to keep rambling until I hooked her somehow.

“By the way, I knew this is super random, but your city is fuckin’ popping.”

“Oh yeah, where are you from?”

“Chicago. It’s hella locked down over there.”

I don’t recall the rest of the conversation, but it was cut short after I made my target laugh and slightly hook over a trivial topic.

After that, the guy leaned over to me and Fast Life and said, “Hey buddy, I think it’s time you go.”

Fast Life ran interference, but we respectfully bowed out and went our separate ways.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Despite Pressure: Very proud of this one. Not only did I run decent game after a shaky ass hell opener, but I didn’t bounce at the first sight of intimidation by some girl’s jealous ass boyfriend.

Sticking Points:

Learn How To Handle Boyfriends/Group Dynamic: I’m a straight-up day gamer who doesn’t have experience handling groups or girls with actual boyfriends. What I generally do is politely bounce off once I discover the girl’s friend is actually her boyfriend. Nothing more, nothing less.

Comments: N/A

02/06/21Approach #2So Close, Yet So Far

Synopsis: Fast Life, Raptor Man, and I went downstairs to this karaoke bar filled with people. I’m talking shoulder to shoulder. No masks. It was fucking awesome, but hella loud.

We lost Raptor Man, but Fast Life and I spotted this cute, but incredibly drunk boujie white girl. She was an easy target and I opened with, “Hey! Why’re you talking shit about everybody?”


“It’s cuz I work at WalMart, isn’t it?”

She laughed it off and immediately began asking personal questions. It wasn’t long until she began grinding against me. With Fast Life surveying the set, I received a text which instructed me to make out with her. She was highly attracted, but my comfort level must have been waaaaaay low.

I squeezed her ass, which caused her to utter an, “Ooooh!” followed by a big grin.

I went for the kiss, but she pulled back.

“Noooo I have a boyfriend and I love him.”

Yeah, sure, that’s why you’re grinding up against a dude and letting him squeeze your ass with no resistance.

The hamstering was real, but my comfort level was not.

I pulled back after passing her shit test with, “Damn, he must be a cool dude, I’d fuck him too,” before chatting her up a bit.

At the end, it didn’t go anywhere, but I felt like with a few minor tweaks to blow past her ASD I’d be solid.

What I Did Right:

Went for Physical Escalation Early On: If I followed the traditional Todd V model of Open -> Premise -> Evaluate -> Narrative -> Close, it would have taken me ages to capitalize on this girl’s attraction.

Sticking Points:

Using Day Game Type Verbals: What I mean is running low-energy, interview style questions that spirals into a high-value / emotional spiking type of response.

This works better during day game.

However, when operating in the night trenches, using spontaneous, high-energy verbals rolling off the girl’s response works best.

Comments: N/A

02/06/21Approach #3Birthday Girl And Her Cockblocking Friend

Synopsis: After bar hopping a few times, I was opened by this drunk birthday girl while scouting for targets. All I heard was, “It’s my birthday!” as this white girl jumped on and hugged me.

The set was short, but memorable.

I immediately took advantage of the situation by running verbal game and physically escalating via getting handsy with the birthday girl.

My girl was super receptive and as shit was getting good, I felt a hand press against my chest, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Her friend sporting a white wool top popped in, forearm blocking my advances toward the birthday girl. In hindsight, I should have dealt with the friend, but simply ejected out of set.

After consulting Fast Life, he said I should have handled the cockblocker by not getting too handsy with my target so fast and befriending her.

What I Did Right:

Rapid Escalation: It truly is your mindset that makes or breaks the set. I didn’t feel weird or awkward escalating right off the open. I felt natural without the need to be technical about my game.

Sticking Points:

Failure to Handle Group Dynamic: Since I’m exclusively a day gamer, I don’t have experience handling anything more than a one-set. When the “girlfriend” came in, I didn’t know how to react.

Fast Life stated it’s best if I handle the friends first, while slowly incrementing attraction on my target.

Comments: This set was 100% due to failing to handle group dynamics. Remember to night game groups and handle them accordingly.

02/06/21Approach #4The Portuguese Girl and Lesser PUAs vs Hegemon and r/CovertPickup PUAs

Synopsis: At the end of the night, I was socially exhausted and ready to call it quits. As we walked toward the exit, a super cute Portuguese girl grinned at me despite the fact she was talking to two guys.

God damn, I don’t usually try and AMOG, but I had to.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall much of our interaction. She was receptive at first, but I was too mentally drained to game her properly.

I knew she was insistent on speaking Spanish and asked if I spoke it multiple times. u/RaptorMan333 stated I should have made her switch to English, and in retrospect, was probably the best decision I could have done – but failed to do.

What makes this set so memorable was how effective Raptor Man was at running interference while I ran game on the Portuguese girl.

He handled two beginner – intermediate level PUAs while I ran game on my target.

At the end, she pushed me away and ran back to the other guy.

… But he settled for a phone number, so no one won that night. And ain’t no one is hearing back from the girl.

What I Did Right:

Spontaneous Approach: I knew by her IOI my target wanted me to approach her. She had a big ass smile on her face directed at me. I went for the kill immediately.

Sticking Points:

Utilizing Her BT Properly: The other PUA warmed her up for me. All I needed to do was lead + assert my will and I’d bet she’d remain in set. Yet, I don’t know why, but I felt she’d be a time waster even if I ran solid game. It’s a weird hunch I have.

Comments: Find a way to re-energize yourself socially if you’re exhausted from game.

01/23/21 – Dealing with A Tinge of Oneitis

On Saturday, 01/23/2020, I ventured off to Bayshore Mall – mostly since I needed a break from Chicago – and only ran two sets. This wasn’t due to laziness or because I’m burning out from game. No, I felt I made a “breakthrough mistake” yesterday; namely, how not to be needy when dealing with incredibly feminine women.

It’s just so rare meeting an American woman who radiates femininity. It wasn’t that we clicked, I just didn’t know how to handle her.

She was highly receptive to all my qualifiers, push-pulls, and hardly gave any resistance. It was good. Too good. And I felt it wasn’t a trick either. She was genuinely into me – or so I thought.

Let’s get to the approach:

Approach #1The Feminine Jewess

Synopsis: I ran into Megan, an Ashkenazi Jew / American girl, close to Barnes and Nobles at Bayshore Mall. Right off that bat, she was glowing. Her voice, demeanor, and personality just radiated positivity and femininity.

Despite the fact I spoke waaaaay too fast off the open, it didn’t matter to her. I was a confident guy who made his move and she rolled with it.

I took her on an instadate within 5 minutes of meeting her. As expected, it went well, but due to her feminine nature, I began betaing down pretty hard.

At the end, I tried to close to her place, but she had plans for a “girls night out” on Saturday, so I number closed instead.

I spoke to fastlife15 regarding text game and how to handle Megan. He gave me a ton of great advice, but I felt her personality was – how can I say this – soft?

We texted back and forth, but at the end, she flaked by saying, “she wasn’t interested in seeing someone right now”.


Sticking Points:

Too Beta At Times: I think I went overboard on the compliments during my interaction with Megan. To be fair, she really did check off a ton of good girl attributes I’d love to see in a girl. While I did compliment her a lot, it was (mostly) genuine.

Nervous Close To Her Place: This was my second attempt trying to close to her / my place. It wasn’t remotely as bad compared to when I closed on Catalina, but still needs alooooot of work.

Should Have Lead Her More: I recall an instance during Starbucks when the conversation stagnated. When I felt the lull coming along, I should have spontaneously had her walk around “coincidentally” at a bar.

If I did that, I would have a.) Successfully established a more dominant frame b.) Lead her to our second instadate venue.

No matter, this serves as a learning lesson when I hit Bogota.

At the End, It Still Hurts That She Flaked: God, Megan was so feminine. It’s a god damn shame I lost her. Let me tell you guys, I don’t feel pain when a girl flakes on me; shit, I view it as an excellent learning lesson. But this! This Jewish girl felt like something else.

Today, I vented out my frustrations by googling shit like, “Why is game so hard?”, “She breaks rules for alphas, but makes them for betas.” Self-defeating, painful shit.

I need to learn to let go.

I spoke to fastlife15 about this and he gave me good advice: “Borrow some of your future abundance (which you will have if you stick with this), and imagine you have 10 hotties on your arm right now. And realize no matter how this set goes, you’ll learn from it.”

Self-Reliance When It Comes to Text Game (don’t post on Reddit): This is the umpteenth time I fucked up via text game by becoming too self-reliant on wings. This is a red pill moment for me. Trust in myself. I can do this. I have all the knowledge in my head to text the right thing to a girl.

What I Did Right:

Good Balance Between Value and Comfort: While it sucked I beta’d down a bit too much, I killed it by perfectly balancing value + comfort. Which leads to the final point…

At the End, Megan Was Still Receptive Overall: … and excited to see me. If I ran too much value, I would have easily killed the set. If I ran too much comfort, both Megan and I would have gotten bored pretty fast.

Despite my numerous mistakes, I did more things right than I did wrong.

Comments: I need to establish a more dominant frame when dealing with feminine girls. Remember, do not beta down!

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQbZaSchSo

01/09/21 – First Attempt At Closing To Girl’s Hotel

On 01/09/21, I ventured off to Chicago to game with part2pete, and initially was performing poorly during the first half of the day. I was dehydrated, dealing with ‘Adderall hangover’ after working on a big project yesterday, and barely ate anything within 24 hours.

Due to 6 1/2 months of extremely consistent practice, my game wasn’t bad, per se, but it could have been better.

Overall, I did a dozen or so approaches, but only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1The Colombian Expat

Synopsis: Toward the middle-end of our game session, I ran into this Colombian expat from Bogota. She’s been in Chicago for two months, but lived in the States multiple times in her life. Overall, I’d say she was receptive, but like JP said in our last call, (native) Colombian girls take 5-6 hours to lay – but they’re incredibly easy to get along with.

I’m not sure if it applied to Catalina, but I’m going to show JP the recording this Friday to hear his thoughts.

At the end, I went on an Instadate with Catalina, and clumsily tried closing to her hotel.

What I Did Right:

Tried Hotel Closing After Instadate: I knew I had to push myself so I tried finding out Catalina’s logistics before trying to hotel close. I admit, it stumbled around alot, as if I didn’t know what to say; I was nervous, but I still pulled through.

Kept It Flirty, Yet Balanced With Comfort: I felt my entire interaction was relatively solid. I was flirty, yet I balanced it with normal conversation. I did a pretty good job establishing comfort by asking interview style (or personal) questions + flirty/witty banter after her response.

Sticking Points:

Not Confident On Hotel Closing: Since I hadn’t tried pulling after an instadate, I came off pretty fucking nervous. I imagine, over time, this will get far easier, but I distinctly recall fumbling over myself – hesitating – to hotel close Catalina.

Comments: Work on a smooth, casual transition for closing (ie. for instadates, going to her/my place and number)

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NURTn0PwodE

01/02/21 – Pushing Past My Comfort Zone and Going For the Kiss (Breakthrough!)

Before I begin this report, I’d like to thank u/fastlife15 and JP for pushing me to my absolute limit in set – seriously, you guys are my heroes.

I haven’t felt this excited writing a field report since I started gaming June, 2020.

On 01/02/21, Saturday, I ventured off to Chicago with u/part2pete and ran game for approximately five hours. I was “in state”, and felt unusually invigorated walking up and down Michigan Ave.

As a few of you may know, I felt my game stagnate within the past few weeks. I relied on opening/early game concepts and affixed my attention on getting a solid phone number. Deep down, I didn’t feel entitled to getting the same day lay – or hell, going for a kiss on the instadate.

That changed this Saturday.

In this field report (Approach #2Polish Paulina), I went for the kiss. It didn’t matter if she didn’t display IOIs, if my head and gut screamed at me not to, I just fuckin’ did it.

Since the emotional spark wasn’t there, she rejected it. But that didn’t matter. I felt a rush of energy – like I was alive again; like I was the old Adam that discovered pickup anew.

I didn’t care she rejected my advances to kiss her, but rather, I had the courage to act despite nervousness.

All in all, I’ve nailed my opening/early game over a month ago.

Now it’s time to focus on the mid-game.

And if u/fastlife15 is right: I should blitz through this stage compared to opening/early game.

Approach #1: Die Uber Cougar

Synopsis: After stopping at a crosswalk with Pete, I ran into this attractive, late 30s woman who I initially mistook as much younger. It wasn’t a loss, since despite her age, she was still pretty damn hot. So I figured what the hell and decided to stay in set.

What I Did Right:

Ran A More Normal Game Than What I’m Used To: I wasn’t as gamey as I usually was since I was gaming an older woman. She seemed more calm and mature than most women I meet. I inherently knew I shouldn’t be too crazy, just a little.

Least favorite set of the day, but definitely a learning experience when gaming older women.

Sticking Points:

Gaming Older Women Requires More Logic Than Playfulness: Yeah, you should be playful, but it’s better to have a normal, yet high-value conversation compared to gaming her like a girl in her 20s.

Comments: I wonder how different it is gaming cougars in the 35+ range vs 18-25 year olds?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwGQb8_WV9k

Approach #2: Polish Paulina

Synopsis: At first, I didn’t catch Paulina, except for a side-glance of her crossing the street. Since I felt rather adventurous, I decided to jump at the opportunity before missing my shot.

Needless to say, it was the best decision I made within the past few months.

At first, she was neutral, leaning receptive. After I displayed high-value behavior, she began turning more and more receptive.

I managed to secure an Instadate at the coffee shop inside a Nordstrom. That’s when I noticed she started shit-testing my frame. Seeing if I was really the alpha I portrayed myself to be.

I felt like I went on an emotional roller coaster with Paulina – she was on one minute, off the next. However, I don’t believe I emotionally connected with her enough with her overall.

At the end, after finishing our coffee, we walked down a side street adjacent to Michigan Ave. I started holding her hand with no resistance, before I stopped her in-front of a dead restaurant. That’s when my gut and head told me NOT to do what I was about to do.

I hand both hands on her waist, whispered ‘fuck it’ to myself, before leaning up for the kiss.

She turned her head away, but I didn’t care.

I felt a spark of positive energy come over me. Like I did something good and amazing.

Even though I got her phone number – it was solid for a single text – I pushed my boundaries and hit new heights in my game.

What I Did Right:

Push Your Boundaries (Going for the Kiss): As stated in the summary, I was trapped in pickup limbo for the past few weeks. I didn’t make any progress and had no idea where to go. I was slacking on implementing comfort/calibration, but after I went for the kiss, I knew exactly what my next objective in was: Instadate + pull.

However, I felt 10x more free doing this in Chicago – a city I merely visit once a week. Maybe twice since Pete and some other PUAs we met that day are so fun.

Is it possible to act the same way in Milwaukee?

Sticking Points:

Fell Into Her Frame A Few Times: Particularly when she started talking about how her parents wanted her to get married/have kids. Either she’s putting me in the boyfriend frame or I established enough comfort for her to open up.

Needless to say, I think I fell into her frame. I told her my grandma asks me the same thing every time she calls me. I’m curious how I should have handled it personally.

Emotional Roller Coaster of Game: It’s hard always being on your A game, man. Even if you drop the game, you gotta display yourself in a high value manner. Since I’m technical with my sets, I notice my verbals starts decreasing at the 10 minute mark in any given interaction.

Not Enough Qualifiers: I felt like I was too nice, too complimenting, but I didn’t follow those up with qualifiers. I felt she would have been receptive (and solid), if I tested her frame more.

Comments: Always. And I mean always, push your set as far as humanly possible. Don’t trust your gut. Definitely don’t trust your head. Just push.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xjSCD-eBzE

Approach #3: The Doctor

Synopsis: A few hours after my instadate with Pauline, I met this incredibly well-dressed doctor from Kenya. Interestingly enough, she was white with an exotic name. We had an instadate, but I felt something was off with her overall demeanor. Like, she was receptive, yet friendly; but not in the good way.

Coming from the medical field, it felt like my Dad talking to one of his patients regarding the side effects of a medication.

I suppose you could call it “professional receptivity,” if I had to put a tag on it.

What I Did Right:

Politeness + Attraction?: Like Lindsay (the cougar), I knew exclusively running value-based game could be problematic. She’s older and probably wouldn’t resonate with game I’d run on girls from the 18-23 range.

I tried playful teasing, but nothing extraordinary if I’m running on memory.

Took Her On Instadate: When I treated an instadate as super casual, not a big deal, she accepted it without any worry. I think that’s the key to landing instadates every game session that I’m out. Remember: Instadates aren’t a big deal. It’s just two people who like each other going out.

Now, remember to always escalate, but during the transition, it never is a big deal.

Sticking Points:

Burning Out: As of 01/03/20, I can run amazing game for approximately… 0-10 minutes. After that, my mind wanders, I get bored, and my brain half-asses whatever verbals I got planned. This is what creates the “emotional roller coaster” during my sets.

0-10 minutes in: Great, amazing, the girl is hooked.

10-20+ minutes in: My energy dampens, I forget to qualify the girl. I tease her a bit, but there’s a noticeable downtrend. She’s on one moment -> the next she’s bored -> the cycle repeats.

I need a way to portray myself as high-value without getting bored for hours at a time.

Comments: Same comment as Die Uber Cougar: This woman was in her early 30s. How should I game someone like that?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DrvlYiTCaY

12/29/20 – Handling the Illusive 9

On 12/29/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall after nearly a week long break in Missouri. Thankfully, I didn’t notice a decrease in my game ability, since pickup is one of the few skills that vanishes fast.

I did four approaches – two were married, so I didn’t push the set any further – and only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1The HB 9 Stripper

Synopsis: After doing 3 approaches, I wandered around Mayfair Mall for a bit. I saw this cute hipster looking girl. Incredibly hot and honestly, I was about to skip since I hesitated for a split-second. Fuck it, I turned around and did the approach anyway.

She was super chill. Like, her personality reminded me of a sloth. Relaxed 24/7, a true neutral 100% of the time. I tried push-pull, qualifiers, but didn’t project as much sexual intent as I’d like to.

She was a stripper from Madison, WI. She knew her value-level and honestly, wasn’t surprised I approached her.

What I Did Right:

Tried Emotional Spiking: With Olivia, I knew since I didn’t want to lose her, I began playing it safe for a few minutes. The accursed “conversation to nowhere” as Todd says. Once this realization kicked in, I began emotionally spiking the conversation which caused her to utter a few laughs.

She was a tough cookie, but at least I made a few breakthroughs.

Stayed In Set Despite Constant Neutrality: Even when she was about to leave, I knew taking her number right then and there would have resulted in a flake. That’s when I started changing directions and began playing to win.

Qualifiers When Fit: I had her qualify a few times to try and make the number solid. But she was incredibly hot. I felt like I should have tossed in a ton more qualifiers.

Sticking Points:

Too Game-y: I felt like I tried doing too many cold reads, push-pulls, and was too gamey in general. Since it’s rare meeting a 9 in Milwaukee, I fell back to my default game in hopes I could secure a solid number.

Slight Nervousness: It’s rare you meet a really hot girl in Milwaukee. Due to lack of experience, I was slightly nervous. It showed when I laughed a little too much at my own jokes, at what she says, etc

Boring Conversation + Interview Questions: Since I was playing to not lose most of the time, I did lots of interview questions at the start. Yeah, I tried making it fun and playful, but it was a “safe” fun and playful, if that makes any sense.

Thankfully, I realized this a few minutes in, and my mindset shifted from playing to not lose, to playing to win.

Should Have Gone For Instadate: She was really complying and displayed verbal IOIs in set more than a few times. For example, she said she didn’t have any plans throughout the week, was planning to go home, etc.

I felt like she wanted me to go for the instadate, perhaps pull if my game was solid enough.

If I had to guess, a guy asking her for a phone number isn’t enough for her – she wanted a guy who could push the boundaries and see how far he could go.

Comments: Remember, 8s, 9s, and 10s need a ton more qualifiers than the average girl

Audio infield here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNAQFXeIpAU

12/19/20 – Lessons in Calibration With u/part2pete

This article serves as a field report and PUA case file on u/part2pete. It will be broken up into several categories after the initial summary. If you want to skip to one of the categories, it will be outlined in bold.

On Saturday, 12/19/20, I decided to hit up Chicago a bit early to meet up and wing with r/CovertPickup moderator u/part2pete. I arrived at Chicago a bit early, donning a low-cut white t-shirt, black jeans, necklace, rings, and pants chain – the quintessential fuckboy look.

While I rarely wear the outfit during my game sessions, I figured I’d experiment around with it in Chicago.

I’m not sure if it’s the outfit itself, but looking like an absolute fuckboy truly transcends how women interact with you.

In the seduction aspect – for worse.

Since I associated myself with what I wore that specific day, I felt myself projecting strong sexual intent (and less calibration) than I usually do. That, and the excitement of gaming with a pickup artist who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t do too well today? A mix of excitement (which lead to me speaking way too fast in set), heavy miscalibration, and fatigue as we both gamed in Chicago for literally six hours.

Section One:

PUA Report: u/part2pete

  1. He’s a super relaxed guy who has a more chill, passive game style compared to my structured, sexual intent based game.
  2. His primary PUA instructor is James Tusk, while mine are Todd V and James Marshall.
  3. He’s great at hooking, incrementing attraction, and consequently, doesn’t need to approach as much. Compare this to my game style, which is far more polarizing, but currently requires calibration.

Overall, like all PUAs dedicated to game, we respect and build off each other. If it wasn’t for either of us, I doubt we’d be able to stick out a six hour game session.

Section Two:

Lessons Learned and Recommendations

u/part2pete is a more experienced PUA than I am. I was incredibly excited working with a guy who knew what the fuck he was talking about and not some newbie who merely dabbled in game. During our six hour game session, he offered valuable lessons primarily geared toward my sticking point: calibration.

  1. The 10 Second Rule: A majority of girls don’t know what’s going on during the initial 10 seconds of the set. It’s a big “wtf does this guy want” moment for them. So, step back, hands up, and offer a statement of empathy. For example, “Hey, I know this is incredibly random and out of the blue, but I thought you looked absolutely adorable and I had to say hi.”
  2. Slow Your Mind Down: He knew I was excited meeting a PUA who knew what he was doing, so consequently, my mind rushed and I spoke waaaaay too fast in set. It’s probably one of the reasons why I performed so poorly compared to going out solo.

    He recommended that I get a grasp of the girl’s emotions by slowing my mind down, calibrating to her overall response, and speak slowly, but with sexual intent since that’s how my game works.
  3. Approaching 2-sets or 3-sets Isn’t Scary: A big one for me. I always exclusively approached 1-sets during my game sessions. I figured handling a girl’s friends would be a pain in the ass and consequently, just not worth it.

    After pushing me to try it out, I discovered my target’s friends loved my directness and offered me social proof. Interestingly enough, this boosted my attraction level overall.

Section Three:

Field Report: 12/19/20 – Shit Tests Galore

Synopsis: At the 5 1/2 hour mark of our game session, I was dead tired. My legs hurt, I was fatigued, and endured a few blowouts before spotting this blonde white girl carrying bags of shopping clothes. She was a solid 8, but threw me a ton of shit tests. As if she really wanted to test how persistent I was.

I admit, I wasn’t at the top of my game due to the three aforementioned reasons above, but I tried my fucking best despite my current state of mind.

At the end, she was indeed a flake, and I could easily figure out why that was the case. But it’s good to catalogue.

What I Did Right:

Sticking It Out: If I’m proud of anything, it’s the fact I tried to game Elma to the best of my ability after nearly six hours infield. I wanted to call it quits, I wanted to go home so badly. My legs hurt, my body drained, but I still gave it my all.

Emotional Spikes: I spiked Elma’s emotions often in set. She laughed quite a bit due to a few cold readers, qualifiers, etc.

Persistence: This girl was relatively unique in the sense she wanted to examine how far I would push. How long would I stay in set despite the fact I threw the book at her game-wise. She gave me the silent treatment at times, as if checking if I was a real man or a push-over who’d crawl away with his tail between his legs.

Sticking Points:

Too Gamey: My game felt totally unnatural. I didn’t bother getting to know the girl, but instead filled my interaction with qualifiers, premise-based statements, and game techniques. I believe Todd V would say I poured the whole fuckin’ spice jar on the conversation; while game should simply be sprinkled in.

Social Fatigue: Elma was the last girl I approached that day and I was socially burned out. Since I didn’t have the brain power to run proper game, I fell back on my training in it’s most basic form.

Negative Ladder: This girl said ‘no’ so many freakin’ times in set. I knew I was fucked when I kept hearing ‘no’ over and over.

Failing Shit Tests: Elma gave me a tooooon of shit tests in set. A majority of the time, I simply tried answering them logically instead of using misinterpretation or agree/exaggerate.

Comments: Calm down, speak slow, so I can calibrate and project sexual intent

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd1r8_UVHmg

12/16/20 – Thank Fuck My Game is Coming Back (At Malls)

Holy shit, thank god I’m starting to get comfortable at indoor malls.

On 12/16/20, Wednesday, I decided to hit up Mayfair Mall with the objective of calibrating toward my selected target; but most importantly, get adjusted to operating in indoor venues.

I’m starting to feel less and less anxious talking to girls inside venues where people can eavesdrop and judge my game.

Now, there’s a caveat, of course.

Namely, while I can hit up chicks inside stores, I find it difficult to approach in hallways and spaces between said stores. This is where most foot traffic is – and consequently, women I’m interested in.

Nevertheless, I did three approaches and only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1: The Goodwill Hipster

Synopsis: After I stepped out of the bathroom and switched on my recorder, I ran into this cute, I-don’t-know-how-old white hipster girl tucked away in Barnes & Nobles. She was searching for old-school records you’d play on a phonograph for a friend.

Our interaction was short, but I spiked her emotion and generated enough attraction to net a solid number.

She hit me up two hours later, curious about my age. I’m going to treat this as a shit test and play with her a bit (“Obvs I’m 72… can’t you tell by my graying hair?”), before consulting the boys.

What I Did Right:

Approached Confidently with Strong Sexual Intent: I did this despite any ongoing resistance and AA gaming within indoor venues. When I approached Margot, she could feel sexual energy radiate from me and responded with a big smile before I uttered a word.

Fast Texting by Running with My Old Texting Model: While I’m currently at a standstill with Margot at the moment, she was invested by using the old Todd V Texting Model I utilized on my ex. This proves that I shouldn’t strictly use texting just for logistics and setting up the date.

I believe having a little bit of flirty banter, followed by using a Yes Ladder, and then setting up a date is best.

After that, then a tiny bit of flirting interim, especially if the date is 3-4 days away.

Good Calibration: When Margot began stepping away from me, I realized she was too overwhelmed by my value. I calibrated by “lowering my value”, per se, and starting using comfort in the form of, “I was out buying something, then all of a sudden, I meet this really cute Hipster girl. I was about to go, but… I decided I couldn’t miss this opportunity.”

Sticking Points:

Not As Smooth As Usual, But I’m Getting There: My game quality is starting to significantly increase compared to when I first started gaming in indoor venues. Keep it up.

Too Many Compliments: I admit, I complimented Margot a bit too much. If I had to guess, she has relatively low self-esteem, considering she seems 18-19 years old. Maybe tone it down a bit.

Not Enough Qualifiers: Yes, I used qualifiers, but not as much as I’d like. For this girl, it was mostly premise based statements, with a sprinkle of qualifiers tossed it. In reality, it should be the other way around. Make her invested, make her view me as a cool guy, and then I’m solid.

Comments: Try breaking through the remnants of my mall AA by approaching girls outside stores

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-RYkNpAnDc

12/04/20 – I Want To Know You

On Friday, 12/04/20, I decided to hit up Bayshore Mall out of curiosity and the fact I wasn’t scheduled to visit Marquette University that day. I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to visit at 12:30PM and saw a good amount of targets. I wasn’t worried at all.

My objective was to learn the Third Principle of Natural Seduction, namely Emotional Impact.

I accomplished this by “approaching from the heart,” as James Marshall calls it by focusing on my chest, opening myself to emotionally impact and be impacted by the girl.

I’ll say this though: When I approach from the heart, it felt incredibly different than projecting sexual intent. I can best describe it as a shy, but confident guy who decided to talk up a cute girl.

While I don’t think it’d work incredibly well with Latinas, I’d imagine this game stratagem proves effective on shy girls in libraries, college campuses, etc.

Overall, I did three approaches, but only one is worth writing about:

Approach #1The Madison Girl

Synopsis: After going on a small shopping spree at Kohls, I ran into this cute white girl at a Barnes and Nobles. She was blonde, sported glasses, and of course, had winter gear. I opened her with a genuine compliment, “Excuse me, I just adore how you did your hair. It has a very tribal look to it.”

She was friendly, receptive, and I ended up getting her number.

It was solid, but I screwed up during text… and then she ghosted me.

Sticking Points:

No Sexual Intent: When you delve into the mind of someone who “approaches from the heart,” you’re telling yourself to focus on comfort building, not value building. Consequently, you become soft. You state your intentions, yes, but it’s a bit tough transitioning to project sexual intent.

After I successfully learn how to form an emotional connections, my next objective is to transition at will between sexual intent/emotional impact depending on the girl

No Qualifiers: Since my conversation with Melissa was based around comfort building, anything to boost my value was significantly decreased. Yes, I did a few things right, but qualifiers – which is, in my honest opinion, one of the biggest things you can do to get a solid number – just didn’t appear due to my mindset.

What I Did Right:

Tried Establishing Emotional Connection: I’ll be honest, I couldn’t empathize with Melissa. No matter how hard I tried. What I did instead was ask her pre-planned questions that got deep into who she was as a person, “It must have been difficult moving to a different city by yourself.”

Yes, it’s a canned question, but at least I spotted points where I can dig deeper into who she is as a person.


– Learn how to calibrate / switch back and forth between creating an emotional connection and projecting sexual intent.

– Learn text game

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL_TZXX7aXY