08/7-9/20 – Little Big Lessons

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 08/07-09/2020, Chris and I did a three day game stint in Chicago.

While driving, we listened to a Natural Lifestyles podcast and one of their tips caught my attention: “It doesn’t matter if you approach directly. Saying ‘I thought you were cute and I had to say hi’ without emotion is just words to a girl. At most you’ll get is ‘Oh thanks’ before she walks off. Add emotion. Be aware and present in the interaction.

As if by luck, I also discovered an optimal stopping method which nets me the most results: The Police Stop. You don’t approach from the side or behind. Simply hold your hand up when the girl is walking toward you a fair distance away and say, “Excuse me.”

I don’t know what it is, but girls seem far more receptive when approaching in-front of them.

Implementing those two tips drastically improved my game. A ‘eureka’ moment for day game, you could say.

Anyway, three approaches were worth recording. So let’s get to them.

08/08/20Approach #1: The Croatian Receptionist

Synopsis: After leaving the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into this well-dressed Croatian American woman sporting a brown pencil skirt bottom and a white dress shirt top. She had a bouquet of roses between her arms. Did a “police stop” on her before she gave a big ‘ol grin.

She was receptive right off the bat. Very friendly. Gave me her phone number. It was solid. Unfortunately, she wants to be friends. Damn.

Sticking Point:

– After I naturally start using emotion in my sets, I seriously need to focus on calming down and speaking slower. I spoke waaaaay too fast in set.

What I Did Right:

– James Marshall was right. Implementing emotion and awareness in the opener was paramount for success. With it, I’ve had less “Oh thanks” before the girl walks off and more sets staying so I can run my game.

– I didn’t hesitate. I saw her. Thought she was absolutely adorable and went for the approach with a blank slate.

– I want to reiterate how important adding emotion to the set is. JP stated it doesn’t matter how long the set is, but rather, what you do within that 1-2 minute timeframe with the girl.

My set with the Croatian was literally one minute, 30 seconds long. By displaying emotion in the set, the number was solid.

Comments: Seriously, speak slower. Control your excitement.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03kf3WjxQSY&t=1s


08/08/20 – Approach #2The Utah Mormons

Synopsis: A little before meeting the Croatian Receptionist, we ran into two Mormon girls from Utah chilling on a bench. My target was a soft HB 8, red dress, incredibly attractive, and friendly – but not receptive. When Chris and I approached the girls, he immediately noticed a wedding ring on both their fingers that I didn’t see.

At the end, I didn’t get the number, but the set was decent.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t read the girl’s blueprint. Cursed quite a bit. Ran “generic” game without calculating the girl’s personality.

– Was a bit confused since it’s difficult running game with your wing next to you. It’s not his presence, per se, but the fact you’re talking over him. Makes the set slightly chaotic.

What I Did Right:

– Once again, opened the set with an emotional oomph behind it. Worked pretty well.

Comments: Found out my target had a kid. Never date single moms.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSk0VIeAFpY


08/09/20 – Approach #1The German Volleyball Player (favorite set)

Synopsis: While buying a Dr. Pepper at WalGreens, I saw this gigantic German volleyball player who towered over virtually everyone there. She was a soft HB 8, small tits, mid-sized ass, and an athletic physique. Unfortunately, my mic slipped out of my shirt during this time, so a recording isn’t available.

I looked at the cashier as she walked out, put my Dr. Pepper on the counter and said, “Uhh, hold on for a sec” before darting outside to approach her. I came in the set with a ton of intensity, passion, and sadly, a bit of thirst. She was friendly, but overwhelmed (she literally verbalized it a few minutes into the interaction). I was a bit too direct.

Anyway, I discovered she was a foreign exchange student from Frankfurt, heading to New Mexico the next day, and was a staggering 6’3” tall compared to my 5’6” ass lol. My head craned up the entire set as we walked.

After the set, I met up with Chris at a Subway. His eyes bulged as he saw me walking side-by-side with her outside. His response? “Jesus Christ, now that’s a fuckin’ tree right there!” Shit was hilarious.

Sticking Point:

– Massively needed to work on reading this girl’s blueprint. She was reserved, very German in her accent and demeanor, almost serious. For example, at the middle-end of the set my target said she had a boyfriend. I responded with, “Well, obviously we won’t bring him on the first date,” and she seemed confused. As if she couldn’t comprehend American humor.

– While I added emotion on the opener, I need to regulate how much emotion I bring to the table. She was overwhelmed by how confident and assertive I was. More statements of empathy. Less thirst.

– Once she declared she was overwhelmed, I should have stepped back, “restarted” the interaction, asked her personal or non-threatening questions and established comfort. Not continue trying to spike value.

I need to learn how to be self-aware in the moment with calm, relaxed, slow and methodical speaking.

– Don’t be amazed by her height. I’m sure many guys are.

What I Did Right:

– Approached boldly. No hesitation. Didn’t care how tall she was. Hell, that accompanied by her looks emboldened me.

– Was able to hook for the first minute or two… before she began to get overwhelmed by how high-energy I was.

Comments: I need to learn how to be self-aware in the moment with calm, relaxed, slow and methodical speaking.

08/1-2/20 – Solo Gaming in the Big City

This report will cover a single approach on 08/01/20 and 08/02/20, both situated in Chicago.

On Saturday, 08/01/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago for another day game session. That particular Saturday wasn’t memorable. I got a single set that I thought was cool, very premise-y and sexualized, but nothing too big.

However, on Sunday, 08/02/20 was the first time I decided to solo day game in Chicago without relying on Chris. It felt… weird. Like, I was vulnerable; knowing that you’re completely alone with no friends to share your experiences with.

It wasn’t bad. On the contrary, it was quite good! It tells me I need to focus on operating as a solo PUA in “unexplored territory” and gives me a small taste of how I’d feel in EE countries when I expatriate there.

As stated above, I found two approaches worth writing about on Saturday and Sunday.

08/01/20Approach #1: The Polish Expat

Synopsis: At the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into an isolated baby-faced Polish girl. At a distance, she appeared underage. As I opened her, I discovered she’s a college student and was waiting for her Russian friends. Got a phone number. Sadly, was a flake.

Sticking Point:

– While I established premise, polarizing lines, I wasn’t able to hook the set. I believe it’s because I didn’t read the girl’s blueprint. She was an immigrant to the US from Poland. However, she lived here for a few years. I should have been low energy instead of my usual higher energy self.

– I speak waaaaaay too fast in set. Probably since I’m slightly nervous/excited. Need to tone it down!

What I Did Right: Effectively opened the set. Made her laugh a few times. Tried going for instadate early. Got number.


– Blueprints are important!

– There are a ton of Slavs in Chicago

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHneppGorFQ&t=1s


08/02/20Approach #1: The Russian Businesswoman

Synopsis: At Nordstrom on the Magnificent Mile, I ran solo and spotted this attractive Russian woman sporting a white dress shirt, tight black pencil skirt, and dirty blonde hair. When I opened her, I saw she was older. Early 40s, but a soft HB 7.

Set was short. Lasted a little over a minute and a half before it ended.

Sticking Point:

– She was an older business woman. Far too high energy. If I read her blueprint correctly, should have spoke much slower. Low energy. Logical since she’s Slavic.

What I Did Right: Very Man-to-Woman within that minute and a half. Very proud of myself for that. If she was a younger American girl, set may have gone far better. Tried leading the set. Lots of good qualities I displayed here.

Comments: I seriously need to focus on blueprints!

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQl-E9mNtyo


A Note on Slavic Expats: While trying to impress a girl in set can be seen as try-hard, saying one or two words in their native tongue might give me brownie points in the interaction. For example, saying “privet” to the Russian businesswoman or “Dzien dobry” to the Polish expat.

07/26/20 – Persistence Pays Off

On Sunday, 07/26/20, Chris and I decided to venture off to Chicago for a day game session. Unfortunately, the night before, I got incredibly drunk and consequently, had a massive hangover on Sunday. I didn’t feel like doing shit. Honestly, I didn’t expect to do a single approach.

… But boy, was I wrong.

It’s strange: On days you’re well-rested, ready to game, and otherwise mentally prepared to talk to girls, you have a 50/50 shot of doing well.

However, on days you didn’t get much sleep, hungover, and generally feeling under the wind. You do amazing.

While I managed to approach lots of women, four stood out to me:

Approach #1: The British Analyst

Synopsis: I spotted a soft HB 7 brunette sporting a white dress on the sidewalk. Did an observational direct opener. I discovered she was British immediately, but made a mistake that I’ll log in Sticking Point. Set lasted 1 minute.

Sticking Point:

– Too excited to meet a British European girl. JP states I should be blase or nonchalant even if I’m excited. Next time, if I hear anything that truly does excite me, hide it.

– My observational openers are starting to become too try-hard. Possibly switch to “I thought you had the cutest fucking look and I had to say hi”.

What I Did Right: The technicalities of the approach was good. No AA.

Comments: N/A

Approach #2: The Russian LA Girls

Synopsis: At the Cloud Gate statue, Chris and I ran into four girls speaking Russian. All of them fluctuated between hard HB 7s or soft HB 8s. It lasted nearly 2 minutes. Turns out, they booked a flight from LA to Chicago. Red flags, in my opinion.

I managed to mildly hook a blonde Russian from the gaggle of Slavs. Her friends pulled her away. Ah well.

Sticking Point:

– Didn’t hook the set strongly enough. She was interested, but not interested enough to leave her friends. Alternatively, I should have befriended the group and snaked my way in.

What I Did Right: Hooked the set. Approached a 4-set effectively in a spontaneous “RSD Max” sort of way. This is despite the fact Chris said I was too far away.

Comments: If I approach bigger sets, the more confident I come across. Saw a few PUAs in Chicago. They only approached 1 or 2-sets.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjvcNKh7hSI

Approach #3: The California Girl

Synopsis: My favorite set of the day. I ran into this hard HB 7 – soft HB 8 (to me) California girl. Just my type, too: Small tits, small ass, petite frame, dirty blonde-hair, giggly and playful personality. God damn. I loved gaming her. I genuinely found it fun.

I found her outside a 7/11, sitting on a suitcase, while gazing out into the street. Did an observational opener about how she “looked like she was going to travel the world”. This ushered a cute laugh before my testosterone kicked in from her vibe and I played a mix of cocky funny and flirty.

She came from San Diego, California and was visiting a friend in Chicago. Interesting tidbits, but I enjoyed her personality more than anything.

At the end, her faggy boyfriend stepped outside and saw the two of us playing it up. Even though she kept flirting with me, the guy stepped in and abruptly ended the set.

Sad nigga tears.

Sticking Point: N/A. It’s amazing how good a man games when he meets his type.

What I Did Right: Lots of things. I had no AA. Gamed my target to the best of my ability. Didn’t explicitly display interest and consequently, didn’t give my power away. Our interaction was flirty enough that she knew what was going on.

Comments: It’s crazy. My best sets occur on isolated stationary targets who I can approach like “it just happened”.

Approach #4: The Married Woman

Synopsis: My set of shame. At the end of the day, Chris and I ran into this isolated stationary hard HB 6 Latina. She was sitting down, eyes focused on a black-over-brown weenier dog. It trailed up to my shoes, sniffed it a bit, which allowed me to open with, “My, your dog is very curious.”

After that, I didn’t have to say much else. She was incredibly chatty, fluctuated between flirty and platonic, before I discovered a few interesting tidbits on her.

She was married. Her husband worked for Microsoft. He’s never home.

Ah shit. At the end, I successfully number closed her. I sent her a simple text of, “Hey [her name] it was nice meeting you

She responded with, “It was a pleasure. Let me know when y’all come back! Lots to see and do,” less than a minute later.

I’m conflicted. Lots of PUAs wouldn’t have an issue gaming interested married women. I most certainly do. I’ll debate and figure out how to handle the situation.

Sticking Point: N/A. Could have established a bit more premise, but overall got the job done.

What I Did Right: Lots of things. Didn’t have to game too much since my target was receptive.

Comments: Probably shouldn’t bang married women.

07/23/20 – The Casual, Blasé Opener

On 07/23/20, Thursday, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall for a solo day game session. Since I haven’t gone solo in a few weeks now, it was refreshing to completely rely on myself instead of a wing. It was “purer”, I guess you could say.

In any other case, I did three approaches, but one was worth writing about:

Approach #1: After two approaches, I spotted this pale, ginger hard HB 6 relaxing on a bench near a Starbucks inside Mayfair. I knew I couldn’t approach directly. In this context – an isolated stationary set texting on her phone – the best approach was to indirectly open the set. During that time, I flirt, establish premise, and overall act like a fun dude to be around with.

It’s worked so fucking well in the past.

Hell, most of my greatest sets felt so indirect, that I feel like “it just happened”.

Anyway, the set was good in my opinion. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend and I quite possibly made a few mistakes that killed the interaction (ie. too excited to talk to the girl, high-pitch vocal tonality, speaking far too fast, etc).

07/19/20 – A Lesson in Direct Street Game and Reading A Girl’s Blueprint

On Sunday, 07/19/20, Chris and I ventured off to Chicago as par tradition at this point. At first, we anticipated visiting Woodfield Mall, before inevitably deciding to hit up Water Tower Place instead. Needless to say, it sucked. It was hella dead despite the fact it’s situated in the middle of Downtown Chicago!

At that point, we already purchased a $17 parking space and decided to make the best of our trip.

It was highly-educational to say the least. We practiced direct street game in Chicago and surprisingly enough, got positive responses from stationary sets.

At the end, I managed to do numerous approaches, with only two worth writing about.

Approach #1: Chris and I mulled around Chicago after leaving Water Tower Place and managed to find ourselves at the Cloud Gate sculpture. We saw two latinas – an Argentine and Mexican national – relaxing on a bench nearby.

We approached them and I honestly thought my set went really well. Yeah, I number closed her, but it was flakey. This is definitely one of those sets I need to show JP.

Approach #2: While Chris was chatting up a girl near Cloud Gate, I found this 33 year old German flight attendant. She looked like a girl in her mid-late 20s, professionally dressed and an air of maturity to her. This was an easy blueprint to read, but unfortunately, I kept going for a try-hard, fuckboy frame.

Initially, she was very amused, but I’m assuming she saw it as a gimmick.

We had a friendly conversation, she didn’t flirt back per se, but stayed in set as she watched my game. I believe this set would have been much better if I was a bit more logical, mature yet flirty, and lower energy.

Remember: More than the conversation, any game I run, or otherwise, I need to analyze and read a girl’s blueprint. Think, what type of guys does this girl date? How can I put myself in his shoes?

07/12/20 – The Power of Observational Direct Openers & Instadates

Shit, well, I didn’t think I’d ever applaud direct game as a viable – and dare I say superior – opener. At least, in malls, supermarkets, and possibly college campuses. However, the latter hasn’t been field tested yet. While I haven’t written a good ‘ol fashioned field report within the last week and a half, Chris and I have been busy tearing up Chicago.

Since Chi-Town is an hour and a half away from Milwaukee, my mind slips into “vacation mode”, where I don’t give a flying fuck on opening/escalating sets. Why? Because Chris and I will never see these hoes again. Simple as that.

Within the past week and a half, we experimented with a few game techniques and learned three valuable lessons:

  1. Go direct. Better yet, do an observational direct opener if possible. Those are the fucking best. For example, “Excuse me, I know this is going to sound weird, but I saw you from over there [point to random direction] and I thought you looked absolutely adorable in that white-and-yellow sundress and I had to say hi.

    I’ve managed to get lots of compliments, girls allowing me to continue the conversation, and a few instances where I managed to walk with a girl to lead them to an instadate venue. Well, close, but I’m working on that.

    The trick is to say it confidently, but somehow, also manage to make it sound like you don’t do this often. Like, a strangely confident shy dude. That’s the best way to describe it.

    It’s also far, far better if you personalize the opener in your own words than try and use anything canned you memorized. I don’t want to sound like a pussy, but a genuine compliment mixed in an observational direct opener works wonderfully.
  2. Instadates -> Phone number. I’ll be honest, this hasn’t occurred yet. However, if you combine the length of time I’ve gamed pre-lockdown and post-lockdown, I’d estimate it’d total five months give or take. I’ve secured a ton of flaky-ass phone numbers, but only one instadate that turned out ‘meh’.

    That isn’t to say I shouldn’t keep collecting phone numbers and pray for the best. Rather, focus on insta-dating and if the girl isn’t free, go for a number close.

    I’ve experimented with this at Woodfield Mall in Chicago. As long as you lead, girls I’ve met are willing to comply with your commands. For example, after the opener, I’d go with:

    So, what are you doing right now?

    Oh, I’m shopping for my sister/for a party/for a photoshoot.

    Cool. Let’s go.” [head cock in random direction]
  3. Lead the interaction. This is by far one of the most important lessons I’ve picked up in game. When I lead the interaction by walking in-front of her slightly, pointing where to go, asking questions in a firm, confident manner, and generally just being a man… things go well for me.

    Girls I’ve led respond positively to my advances.

    On the other hand, if I do a hesitant or canned approach, girls quickly blew me off or glared at me before walking off.

    I believe Todd answered this in one of my questions: “When you’re aggressive and start leading, you demand a response.”

Overall, Chris and I did countless approaches during day game; especially in Chicago at Woodfield Mall. While we do game in Milwaukee, it’s easy to spot a girl you already approached a few days or weeks prior. At least, in a night game setting.

We have an inside joke that our girlfriends will be Chicagoans given how carefree we are with our sets.

In any other case, I have one set to report.

It isn’t the best, but I believe JP may have an interest in it. He’ll be able to provide the next steps I’ll need to take in order to successfully instadate + number close afterward.

Approach #1: A few hours into our day game session at Woodfield Mall I ran into a soft HB 8, sporting curly brunette hair, and of course, given Illinois’ strict regulations, a face mask.

It wasn’t the most optimal approach, but during that time, I already did 4-5 sets. So I wasn’t too hard on myself to say the least.

After I opened her, I discovered she’s a model searching for a “natural” white dress her photographer requested she buy. However, even though I led the interaction, tried establishing value early on, she was mostly quiet. Was she nervous? Yes. How could I open her up? I don’t know, but it’s a question to ask JP.


  • Did an observational direct opener. Girl was receptive.
  • Led the interaction.
  • Girl was hooked for the first few minutes.
  • Was able to walk with her. Could have potentially led to instadate.
  • Got phone number.


  • Girl was nervous. Didn’t know what to expect.
  • Got flaky ass phone number.
  • Interaction felt awkward. Very fucking awkward.
  • Even though I walked with her. It was to places SHE was going. I felt like a girl tagging along with a guy lol
  • Didn’t get instadate.

07/03/20 – A Night of 8s and 9s

On 07/03/20, Chris, Rakesh and I ventured off to Trinity bar after bar hopping around Brady Street for a few hours or so. Needless to say, Brady Street isn’t nearly as fun as Water Street. The vibe isn’t up to par with our energy levels.

Chris and I did a few approaches at both Brady and Water Street, but as always, the good sets occurred at Trinity bar. Overall, only one set was worth recording on my end.

Approach #1: At first, Chris and I had mild AA since we lost momentum searching for a so-called “popular” bar near Brady Street. The bitch was fuckin’ dead as hell. Unfortunately, all three of us had achy-ass feet for bar hopping for so long and we ordered a Lyft to travel to Trinity bar.

Of course, once we arrived, Trinity was packed to the brim with bar patrons. As Chris, Rakesh, and I stepped to the outside smoking area, I spotted a hot, hard HB 8 brunette Italian girl.

I opened her with the Childhood Friend opener and thankfully, she was the friendliest out of her group. Her personality was positive, outgoing, and “helpful”, despite our true intentions. She was from St. Louis, MO and visited Milwaukee for a friend.

Overall, I established premise and vibed well with her. My weakness wasn’t being flirty enough, nor did I evaluate her to my knowledge. But she was opened to being gamed. If I just made the set more Man-to-Woman, I bet shit could have flown off.

Here’s a copy of our audio recording:

07/02/20 – Big Wins

On 07/02/20, Chris, Rakesh and I ventured off to Trinity bar after having a bad day game session without anything worthwhile to write about.

However, our night was amazing.

My biggest strength of that night was establishing a Man-to-Woman premise – not early, mind you – but at least I fuckin’ did it. And it worked so well in my favor.

There’s a scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton’s character’s apartment exploded and has no place to stay. He calls up Brad Pitt’s character because he doesn’t have a place to stay, he talks about the situation with him, they have a bunch of drinks together.

And as it gets to the end of the night, there’s this awkward moment where Edward Norton character is like, “Okay, well… I guess I’m gunna, you know… go call a hotel now.”

And Brad Pitt’s character goes, “What? Really? What do you mean?”

“You know, I, probably need to go to a hotel.”

“Just ask man.”

“Just ask what?”

“Maaaaan, three pitchers of beer and you can’t even ask.”

“Well, is it a problem, if… is it a problem to ask?”

“Yeah sure, no problem, let’s go!”

He was just waiting for him to ask and get to the point.

There was no objection, they’re on the same page, but Edward Norton was being so unassertive, trying to hard to not be socially awkward, that if he would just have asked… it would have been an easy “yes”.

Same principle applies to game. When I hesitate to establish premise and the girl is already into me, I shoot myself in the foot.

… But that night I had the balls to establish premise and I made out with a girl and got a solid phone #.

Let’s get to the approach:

Note: Since I go out so often, my reports will be far more condensed from here on out.

Approach #1: At first, I was incredibly hesitant to approach, since one of the girls behind us had blue hair and looked like your quintessential SJW.

Her friend was cute – a brunette hard HB 6 – but due to red pill beliefs, you better be damn careful hitting on friends of SJWs and their ilk.

Eventually, Rakesh decided to approach despite my prior warnings. Boy, was I wrong. My target and her SJW-looking friend were pretty un-PC and funny as hell.

“Hey, you look like a jungle Asian!” Fuck, that shit was hilarious.

Anyway, the set went well. I ran game on the brunette, while Rakesh distracted the SJW. Fun times for all.

At the end of the night, I made out with my target a few times, before catching her phone number which ended up being solid.

It was strange, though. My target was unusually masculine and aggressive. She preferred if she made out with me and not the other way around. She kissed my neck when we were dancing, and when I tried to reciprocate, she chuckled and said, “Whoa, slow down!”

Confusing, but intriguing at the same time.

Before I conclude this set, I will make two observations:

1.) Rakesh correctly got us on the dance floor in a high note. It proved very effective.

2.) My target was obviously into me. Why didn’t I establish premise earlier?

In any other case, everything was recorded. At least, until I started dancing with my target.

06/27/20 – The 12 Hour Marathon

On 06/27/20, Saturday, Chris and I had a 12 hour game session starting off with a few day game sets in Chicago, IL all the way to a lengthy night game session at Trinity bar. A plethora of observational and educational information will be logged in this report.

Our trip to Chicago was relatively spontaneous. We read data sheets on the open, receptive behavior of Chicago girls and decided to investigate these claims ourselves. Since we are an hour and a half away from Chi-Town, we made the decision to hit up the city in the morning.

Needless to say, the reports were highly accurate.

In a matter of fact, I’d go as far to say that the receptive behavior in Chicago is superior to the girls in Milwaukee. Chicago > Milwaukee any day of the week. Especially for day game.

Once we hit Chicago, we immediately got to work. I’ll be honest, though: I wasn’t able to do many approaches since I wanted Chris to knock out his sets first before I got to mine. When I started approaching, I was physically exhausted (ie. achy feet/legs, literally 10 miles of walking, etc) and my sets were more shotgun in nature.

Our current goal is to hit Chicago at least once a week. It allows our mindset to be on “vacation mode” for a day. No worrying about girls seeing us again, especially with a metro population of 9.5 million people.

After we left Chicago, we initially decided to head home, chill out, and reflect on our game session. But you know what? Fuck that. We still had to hit the night trenches. Like our trip to Chicago, our decision to night game was equally spontaneous.

However, we needed our rest. According to Chris, we traversed 11.5 miles in Chicago, and we took it easy by practicing with “the boys” on a pickup Discord server.

By the time we reached Trinity bar, it was 10:30PM.

At first, we simply walked around Trinity, shooting the shit before Chris popped out his phone and began checking his text messages. He said a childhood friend he knew since 14 wanted to date him. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t feel the same way. She wasn’t as hot as she once was, she had a kid, and the text she sent him literally asked him out on a date. Kinda desperate if you ask me.

Chris’ text reaffirmed an age old red pill truth: Girls don’t know game because they never had to use it.


Something good came out of this.

Reflect on the text message’s contents. Hell, let’s frame the scenario like a Hollywood chick flick: You’ve been best friends with a girl since 14 years old. You’ve all gone through shit together. Shared experiences. Eventually, as time passes on, she gets married and you find a girlfriend.

You break up with your girlfriend.

She divorces her husband.

But… she still remembers you, and possibly out of desperation and/or latent desire, she awkwardly – but sweetly – asks you out on a date.

It’s a Hollywood movie, isn’t it? Girls love that shit. The drama. And what’s better? You fucked her best friend 9 years ago which builds up the drama.

And let me tell you…

It works great as an opinion opener.

As I scrolled through his text messages, I had a lightbulb moment: Why don’t we ask girls what THEY would do in this situation? It’s perfect. A combination of a standard opinion opener mixed with Styles’ Jealous Girlfriend opener.

I’ll be dedicating a separate thread on how to do – as I call it – the Childhood Friend opener. It establishes comfort and high value with ease and should be apart of any pickup artist’s game repertoire.

Anyway, onto the approaches:

Approach #1: Our first attempt at the Childhood Friend opener was on a Latina and Germanic white girl of equal SMV. Soft HB 5s, fat, attractive faces, but nothing we’d dare get caught with in public. It wasn’t an issue for us, though; these girls served as lab rats and not viable targets.

Once Chris opened, the girls ate up the drama with ferocity. At first, they listened close, but once they got the gyst of the message – and Chris dropped more bait (ie. “I fucked her best friend 9 years ago”, “She’s my best friend”, “I broke up with my girlfriend, she got divorced”) – they were enthusiastic to help us with our “predicament”.

We chatted them up for a bit, before I affixed my attention toward the Germanic blonde.

I knew I couldn’t hijack Chris’ (true) story, but I made a bullshit version of the Childhood Friend opener in respect to my past. Here’s the thing though: Most of it was true, with a few “minor” details edited. My target ate it up and started opening her life details to me.

Eventually, Chris and I knew it was time to introduce ourselves since we “felt like we were using them and we didn’t even know their names”, before it became an actual set.

We established comfort and high SMV… but sadly, didn’t establish premise throughout the set.

The girls noticed this and once they got bored of the idle chatter, decided to get drinks.

Approach #2: After leaving the two HB 5s, Chris and I chilled at a bench in a secluded corner of Trinity. We evaluated our prior set and began dissecting the Childhood Friend opener. Our discovery was monumental; but further experimentation was required (viz. gauging a girl’s comfort level so we can switch to a more Man-to-Woman interaction, spiking DHV after the initial opener, etc).

I’d say 20-30 minutes later, I spotted a 3-set lounging at a pillar, idly sipping whatever rail drink they ordered without a dude in sight.

Our targets – a brunette Irish girl (Soft HB 7), her fat friend (Soft HB 5), and a blonde-haired Germanic girl (Hard HB 7) they met two hours prior – were a refreshing boost in quality compared to our first approach.

I believe Chris made a smart move running the Childhood Friend opener on the fat girl.

She was receptive, chatty, and gave blunt advice. Nice approach imo, but the fatty wasn’t our primary target. She served as an excellent stepping stool to the Irish girl and Germanic girl. At first, they weren’t receptive and figured we were hitting on them.

As Chris and I ran our game on the fatty, the Irish girl was the first to open up – and after that, my personal target, the blonde-haired Germanic girl.

Unfortunately, our conversation between the three girls was mostly platonic, buuuuuuut…

While the blonde-haired Germanic girl and fatty fetched drinks after a bit, the Irish girl stayed.

Turns out, she’s engaged. She was receptive and qualified herself to both myself and Chris; a surefire sign our game improved within the past few weeks after diligently applying ourselves.

After a while, she left, but after dissecting our overall game stratagem, we decided we need to practice implementing premise to the Childhood Friend routine.

Approach #3: Chris did a final approach, but I wasn’t involved in it. I simply observed as a curious bystander, before he gave his report of the final set.

06/20/20 – The Green Eyed Monster

On 06/20/20, Saturday, Chris, Rakesh (my Indian wing) and I ventured off to the Harp to prepare for a night-long session of game. The night started off entertaining since we literally had to bribe the bouncer $20 to let Chris in since the club hit 25% capacity.

We spent about 30 minutes at the Harp, but the vibe didn’t sit right with us. It was too crowded. The gender ratio was skewed. Game could be played, but not optimally. So we left to Trinity bar.

Now, we did a fair amount of approaches. We didn’t go crazy like we did yesterday, but we got the job done.

This field report will be dedicated to a single set which reflects my inner game and a reminder I’m not an AFC like I was in the past. I’m not clueless on how women operate. I have had success thanks to the PUA community. And I’m certainly not early-mid 2010s Adam who envied other sexually successful men.

It’s a lesson dealing with envy – or as the literary circles call it, the Green Eyed Monster.

Anyway, onto the set:

Once Chris, Rakesh, and I entered Trinity, we did a few approaches, before deciding to chill at a bench in the smoking area. During this time, we lost Rakesh, so it was Chris and I who gave an overview of our previous sets.

I told Chris I wasn’t feeling “in state”. Due to the socially exhausting game session we had last night (combined with alcohol), I had moderate AA and didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

Just then, a cute Irish girl – let’s call her Cara – and her thick German friend, decided to sit at our bench. She asked for a cigarette, before the German said she’d buy one off of us. I shrugged and said if I took a few hits off her vape pen I’d let her have one.

Of course, she did. I engaged Cara while Chris ran game on the German. My mistake was not establishing premise early on, but rather, talking in-depth on EDM concerts. It was completely platonic, which came back to bite me in the ass as you’re about to see.

While Chris and I ran game, some blonde-haired dude barges into our set. Now, it wasn’t his fault. Turns out Cara and dude knew each other from high school. Unfortunately, it killed our interaction.

The guy began engaging me and I pretended to care whatever the fuck he had to say. Lots of “Blah, blah, blah…” filler talk, to be honest.

After a while, Rakesh found us, but I seriously had to hit the restroom thanks to a few beers I drank beforehand.

Once I returned, the German and blonde-haired dude vanished. According to Rakesh, they ran off to the bar to order a few rounds. Meanwhile, Chris was engaging Cara in a deep conversation. I chilled for a bit, before Rakesh offered to buy her and Chris a drink.

At the bar, Cara introduced ourselves to her friends: Lots of girls, a few dudes, but fate was in our favor.

I chatted up one of Cara’s friends – we’ll call her Lucy – but our conversation was strongly platonic. I mean, I ran game via push-pulls, cold reads, with bits of filler in-between… but Lucy was cold. She was easily distracted and I wasn’t compelling enough to elicit a response beyond “oh hey random friendly guy”.

It sucked, but eh, I understand. Lucy was surrounded by her friends and I didn’t convey a playful personality or sexual vibe. I was all game. I treated her like an object (and not in the good way) or a target to game; not like a human being with a distinct personality and blueprint.

After a while, I lost Lucy and her friends. I was socially exhausted, so I sat down at a bench and lit a cigarette.

Before long, Chris walks outside, looks around, and then runs at me with a big ‘ol grin on his face. I was puzzled, but intrigued at the same time. Our conversation went a little like this:

“Bro, bro, bro!”

“Yo man, how did it go?”

“Fuckin’ crazy man. So we were dancing, right? I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled her in and we started making out! Fuck man, I’m glad I met you and Rakesh! It was an experience, bro!”

“Hell yeah, nice! Alright… now I’m curious, what game did you do on her?”

“That’s the crazy part! Nothing bro! It’s, like, I didn’t do ANY game on her! It felt natural, man.”

(Forgive the excessive exclamation points. We were in a state of excitement.)

I mulled over his words closely. I mean, I was happy for him. Really, I was. Chris and I share similar backgrounds: Lonely AFCs who didn’t know how to attract women -> We discovered the PUA community -> Practiced. Put in the hard work -> Started getting good… before lockdown fucked us over.

But I admit, a slight tinge of envy crept over me. I mean, didn’t I game harder than him? Didn’t I open all the sets? Didn’t I put in the labor required to get good at this? If he didn’t game and got the girl…

Is my game fundamentally flawed?

A cascade of thoughts swept over me for hours on in. My mood considerably dampened. Even as Chris, Rakesh, and I hopped from bar-to-bar, club-to-club, we seldom did any approaches after that.

Chris noticed my silent demeanor. He was skeptical, but didn’t say much. He could see I was visibly deep in thought, almost socially disconnected as I pondered his game stratagem.

If I was AFC Adam from years past, I simply would have wallowed in my self-pity while ignoring Chris or gave him my best shit-eating grin. I had an innate desire to know what he did right and possibly replicate it into my game repertoire if suitable.

I knew I couldn’t disregard my game entirely. Before the lockdown, I managed to secure three notches and seven make-outs with cute girls over the span of 4 months. I was rusty, yes, but even before the lockdown, I lacked a certain human element in my game.

Whatever knowledge he possessed would undoubtedly prove useful in my future PUA endeavors.

As we walked along Water Street’s bar strip, I set down my ego and asked:

“It’s been bugging me, man. So, like, what did you say to Cara? We were both taught pickup techniques, game structures, and concepts. There must have been somethin’.”

He paused, internalized my question, and came to three conclusions:

Lesson #1: Comfort. While insignificant on the surface, both Cara and Chris aren’t drinkers (apparently Cara is, but not a heavy one). According to Chris, both of them are peer pressured by their friends to drink, but both vehemently deny alcohol due to a prior history of alcoholism.

He managed to emotionally connect with her on deeper topics afterward, but the spark ignited by the simple conversation topic of “we don’t drink due to emotional trauma we both endured in the past”.

Lesson #2: Rakesh. Our Indian wing was a major factor in Chris’ success with Cara. He’s an expert in wingmanship, and more than that, he feels deep satisfaction when one of his bros gets the girl. He’s a very tribal in that sense, which serves as a benefit to all of his close friends and himself.

Lesson #3: Luck. This lesson was posted last since it’s inherently out of Chris’ hands. However, if the blonde-haired dude and the German hadn’t left, there’s a possibility he wouldn’t have been able to isolate Cara. A few other factors come into play here, including a shared history of struggling with alcoholism, Cara’s inherent warm personality, etc.

At the end of the night, I internalized these lessons and felt a better man for learning from vicarious experience from a good friend.

I could have chosen the “dark side” and envied him.

I could have pussied out and not ask what he did right.

But overall, I consider this night a win for both Chris, Rakesh, and myself.

Addendum: I need to act more like a person in set. Todd V gives a perfect example on fixing it: