11/21/20 – Learn How To Be Curious

On 11/21/20, I decided to hit up Marquette University and approach four girls. I was able to hit up three but had to return home due to private reasons. While I did project my sexual intent, I noticed a few girls are a bit shy, insecure, or simply don’t know how to handle being approached by a confident man.

Therefore, I decided to do a little research, and came across Phase 2 of James Marshall’s 6 Phases of A Seducer’s Lifecycle.

I discovered while I projected my sexual intent to a decent degree, I simply wasn’t curious about girls. To me, they were another girl I wanted to talk to, but nothing more, nothing less.

In a matter of fact, one example will be documented below.

She was a Chicago girl who decided to study at Marquette. In my Sticking Point’s section, I’ll list out a few details where I could have been curious about her life. After that, perhaps I could have qualified her.

Approach #1The Shy Chicago Girl

Synopsis: After traveling to Marquette University, I ran into this girl sporting a fuzzy purple jacket. She was cute, yet shy. I tried expressing my sexual intent as best as I could, but felt a certain nervousness gaming around other people. I’ll need to work on that, but she was a flake.

There are two reasons why that I’ll list in the Sticking Points section.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Despite Neutrality: I’m proud of myself for this one, but I stayed in set despite her neutrality toward myself. I made her laugh quite a bit too. Not enough to secure attraction at a level I desire, but enough to not shoo me off.

Sticking Points:

Lack of Curiosity: I saw her as a girl to project my sexual intent + run structured game to. I wasn’t curious with the fact she came from Chicago and was probably a bit nervous/excited moving to a city by herself.

Now that I think about it, I believe it’s wise to fill in the “comfort phase” of game with deep, personal questions built on genuine curiosity for the girl’s life.

Comments: Still work on sexual intent + qualifying, but throw in curiosity 5% of the time in each set.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y180uR46v4g

11/17/20 – I Will Not Stop Until I Get A Solid Number

On Tuesday, 11/17/20, I hit up UWM before the Winter season starts. I think it’s a smart idea I do so due to the fact the semester at both UWM and Marquette will end within a few weeks. It’s imperative I visit the shit outta these campuses before the bitter cold of the Northern states hits.

In any other case, I did a single set at UWM. She ended up being a solid number after spiking her emotions and qualifying her a ton.

She’s a 23 year old music teacher, hipster as fuck, Latina, has a petite frame, and adorable.

I’ll get to her in a moment, but in the meantime, I want to write a few key factors that helped me secure a solid number right off the bat.

Internal Awareness and Sexual Intent

I discovered when I meditate 5-10 minutes before going out (or as James Marshall calls it, “Getting into my body”), I let a void encompass my internal core. With that, I can fill that void with sexual energy and project it outward.

Of course, I let external factors assist me in that, such as playing sensual deep house music before going out.

A few mistakes that I really want to jot down is the fact I sometimes try thinking my way out of my head. It doesn’t work. My mind races, trying to logically fix the issue, telling myself to get out of my head. It never works.

What I do is simply shut up – just do it, don’t think it – and focusing on what I’m feeling in and around me.

That’s it.

That’s how I become aware.



I can fill that void with sexual energy and project it out.

With this, I have a new objective in game: I will not stop approaching until I get a solid phone number or instadate.

I don’t know if it’s crazy or not, but I feel like I’m at the stage at my game where that’s very plausible.

Bobman is killing it at online game. As a cold approacher, I can’t let those online gamers get to me. I can prove I’m just as good – if not better – than him.

Approach #1The Hipster Latina

Synopsis: When I first arrived at UWM’s Union building, I ran into this cute, petite hipster Latina who smiled after feeling sexual intent radiating from me. I knew she was gold. My biggest strength and why she was a solid number was two fold that’ll be mentioned in What I Did Right.

What I Did Right:

Girls Don’t Want Factual Conversation, They Want Emotional Spiking Conversation: I realized a girl’s energy level drops in set once you start getting into facts about her life. What did I do instead? I interrupted her midsentence when I got bored and simply asked, “Excuse me, super random, but I’m looking at you and you strike me as someone who writes poetry.”

I think she was talking about her little sister. I didn’t care, nor does she. It’s boring, lame, and no one has fun.

Fuck that, just spike her emotions!

Polarizing: Due to sexual intent, my whole demeanor, conversation, and virtually everything I did was highly polarizing. If she’s receptive or neutral, leaning receptive, she’d eat that shit right up.

Alternatively, if not…

She’d simply laugh, walk off, and never speak to me again.

It’s far, far better to be hated than to be invisible in a woman’s eyes.

Heavy Qualifiers: It’s imperative once I know a girl is aware we’re having a Man-to-Woman interaction that I start qualifying her. Not a little, but alot.

I’m going to keep this short, but remember: Let her chase.

Sticking Points:

Don’t Go To Closed Coffee Shops: Okay, this was my only mistake, but thankfully Elle was invested enough she didn’t care. I know I love UWM due to the massive amount of targets, but it’s terrible for logistics due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

All major coffee shops are closed, including the one inside the Union building, and it’s virtually impossible to instadate a girl because of that.

Comments: This was an excellent set and good example of qualifiers + sexual intent.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMt4QZyXCik

11/12/20 – Date #1 – Natalie – A Dossier

On Thursday, 11/12/20, I met Natalie (aka “The Hotel Manager”) in Chicago at a Starbucks on Michigan Avenue. My specific objective of the date was to at least get a makeout since logistics were fucked. She lived 20 minutes away and my apartment was literally in another state.

How did I do? While I didn’t succeed, I’d state I was partially successful.

This report will be broken up into two categories:

A.) A “girl dossier” on Natalie as a person; followed by specific steps and procedures required to get the lay.

B.) The date itself – accompanied by my standard ‘What I Did Right’ and ‘Sticking Point’ sections

Girl Dossier: Natalie

Natalie is unique to say the least. She’s a soft HB 6, a little thick, geeky, but eccentric. Have you ever played Fallout 3? Her personality is the living embodiment of Moira Brown. That, or virtually every character in the Borderlands franchise.

She also states she’s normally “shy with strangers” and reserved, despite the fact she talked so fucking much.

If I had to objectively analyze Natalie in tl;dr form, it’s this: She’s eccentric, nervous (possibly why she kept talking), has self-esteem issues, but with time she’ll give in.

A comfort girl, through and through.

Other than that, she has an interest in DnD, smoking weed, and is apart of a book club on Discord. Very geeky, but closer to the “classical geek” archetype vs gamer girl.

Next Steps

This list of steps will detail how to proceed with Natalie:

  • Qualifiers: I distinctly recall when I said, “Are you playing footsie with me? I’m sorry Natalie, I’m a little angel, I don’t do that on the first date,” she laughed and did it more and more. A little chase, if you will. I believe that’s how I can take my game to the next steps with Natalie primarily.
  • Personal Questions and ‘Why’: As stated in the above section, Natalie is a comfort girl. I threw premise lines with tiny bits of qualifiers throughout the interaction, but I need to know her more as a person.

    With that, comes emotional connection, which in turn, lowers her guard and allows for further intimacy.
  • Sexual Intent: This is my overall objective and current mission with all sets I encounter; whether it’s the initial approach to first date. Since Natalie talked so much, I wasn’t able to project sexual intent as much as I’d like to. It’s an energy, not a technique, which I’ll definitely have to remember.

Date #1Natalie

Synopsis: After driving to Chicago, I arrived at the Starbucks 10 minutes early. I had a cigarette before Natalie showed up. Once she did, I ordered coffee for both of us before she began chatting up a storm. I tried getting in a few words, but they only came out as questions.

I admit, my game wasn’t the greatest in set. It should have been, but internal investment (ie. the fact I drove to Chicago for a date, trying too hard to summon up sexual intent, etc) caused me to cave in and run sub-par game.

At least for 30 minutes or so before I began a “mini meditation” session and fell back on my pre-sexual intent game.

We spent two and a half hours together. It felt like a roller coaster, as Todd V states it should. We’d have normal, boring conversation -> I spike the energy level -> Rinse and repeat.

At the end, Natalie stated she wanted to see me again. I mean, it ain’t no kiss, but it’s something.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Long Enough To Spike Attraction: I’d say the first 30 or so minutes was relatively platonic. She’d talk, talk, talk and I’d listen. After a while, though, I was able to spike attraction in the conversation and we both became animated.

Interestingly enough, when I came from a giving frame and brought energy to the set, we both became invested.

Mostly Successful Kino: While I wasn’t able to secure a kiss, I was able to hold her hand throughout the date. It was clearly Man-to-Woman, but next time, I need to secure the kiss at the very least.

Sticking Points:

Chase, Chase, Chase: I admit, I rarely used qualifiers during the date. I was too impatient and tried spiking her emotions by implementing premise. Once a Man-to-Woman tone was established, I kept chasing. Like, I knew to go into the Evaluation phase next, but… I just didn’t.

If a stranger saw us, it was clear I was the one chasing the girl.

Should Be More Assertive: Even if Natalie talked her way through the date, I should have realized early on I could have simply butted in and asserted myself. I did it a few times during the date and that’s when our interaction started getting good.

Comments: This could all have been fixed if I came into the set projecting sexual intent.

11/7-8/20 – Getting Back Into the Groove

I’ll be honest, boys, I was discouraged for the past week when gaming. I still trudged along, but it was tough.

Within the past week, I got arrested for gaming at a college campus as a non-student, slapped with a $300 fine for disorderly conduct, told I’m a “creep” by Reddit (I know Reddit is full of soyboys, but still), got a parking ticket for $25, haven’t hooked a single set despite the fact I used to get instadates and solid phone numbers weekly and finally I had a tooth extracted + temporary crown for $750.

I’ve still been gaming on my daily 5 days/week schedule, don’t get me wrong, but my game has shot down considerably due to a mindset of fear that has invaded and cut it’s way into my life.

However, that all changed on 11/7/20, when I got an instadate at Marquette and bumped my game up today.

I’m back – rejuvenated – and going onward to become a master pickup artist.

Approach #1The Popular Girl (11/7/20)

Synopsis: On Saturday, 11/7/20, I didn’t expect Marquette University to be so busy. All I wanted to do was hit the library and check how busy it was there. Little did I know, a block down was Marquette. After heading toward the university, I found this cute, Italian looking girl who I managed to instadate.

She was sweet, friendly, and receptive at first. Of course, I made a few blunders that revolve around the mission and mindset shift John Sonmez assigned me that I’ll list here.

I did, however, manage to instadate and snag her number – unfortunately, it was flakey.

What I Did Right:

Got Instadate: Daddy’s back! Finally, after a week of self-doubt and a mindset of fear, I managed to get back on track. I felt like a Jedi fighting his inner demons on the planet Ilum from Star Wars before overcoming adversity and getting back to my mission in life.

Displayed High Value Behavior: Despite my fear, I managed to display high value behavior, including using techniques like the Yes Ladder to get my target on an instadate.

Sticking Point:

Stayed In Set Faaaaar Too Long: So, I suppose it wasn’t the fact I was in too set for too long but rather, didn’t move along the escalation model toward a close. My set was too platonic, too boring, etc. I believe if I stayed in set waaaay less than I should have, I would have gotten a solid number.

Too Platonic: This ties to the point above. I was too platonic – too fun, cool guy – that I didn’t make a move. Remember Adam, your sexual insecurity stemming from Denver. Don’t let this destroy opportunities staring directly at you.

Comments: Keep moving, Adam. Time to practice a sexual demeanor next.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62iXnJMNSr0

Approach #1The Physical Therapy Student (11/8/20)

Synopsis: As an experiment, I decided to walk toward the library once again on Sunday and lo and behold, Marquette University had a good amount of students within it’s premises. I didn’t go to the college directly, but rather approached this chick sporting purple running pants and a white t-shirt.

She was friendly, but I wouldn’t exactly say receptive. She had a boyfriend, but I made the most out of it.

What I Did Right:

Premise-y Set: While it wasn’t sexualized as much as I’d like it to be, it was very intent-y. It was a pretty good JP set. I wasn’t overly sexual, but she knew I was into her and bought into it.

Not Long, But Not Short: The set itself was five minutes. Perfect timing to gouge a girl’s interest before deciding to stay in set or leave.

Sticking Points:

Spoke Too Fast: A mixture of slight nervousness and excitement came over me. I believe this was due to the fact I was back in the game. I knew it, and it reflected over in set. As John Sonmez states, speak slower, but with a sexual demeanor. Let’s focus on that instead.

Comments: This set was a good example of a somewhat sexual demeanor. Let’s amp it up a little next time, shall we?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPiFWdZefjo

10/27/20 – Implementing Physical Escalation

On Tuesday, 10/27/20, since I believe I successfully integrated qualifiers into my sets, the next step was practicing physical escalation. My opinion on it so far? It’s fun. Real fun. Better than learning how to run premise or qualifiers into my sets.

While I ran physical escalation on only one set yesterday at Carroll University, overall I did three sets in total. I’ll only detail the one I managed to kino.

Approach #1The Nerdy Biology Student

Synopsis: I ran into my set at the Carroll library writing a report on her latest biology assignment. I slipped on next to her and opened directly. She giggled and was friendly. It was an overall good set and even though I didn’t snag her number, I implemented physical escalation which I’ll list on the ‘What I Did Right‘ section of this report.

What I Did Right:

Implemented ‘Incidental Touch’: The term ‘Incidental Touch‘ is coined by pickup artist Chase Amante. It’s light touching you mostly do as a social function. Not entirely sexual, but definitely not platonic. Chase states to use it liberally during your sets, which I believe is a great idea.

In this set, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder for 30 seconds and did an “extended” handshake, letting her hand stay in mine for longer than usual.

Man-to-Woman conversation: This is my hypothesis, but when I came into the set with the intention of practicing physical escalation, I believe it sexualizes your mindset. This, in turn, makes you come across as a more sexual, confident guy all around.

Sticking Point:

Not Physical Enough: I could have easily let my arm stay wrapped around my target’s shoulder while we spoke. She was calmly neutral about the whole thing. If I had to guess, she was neutral, leaning receptive.

Comments: I’d like to thank John Sonmez for recommending I get more physical in set. It’s the next step in my pickup journey and a fun experience all around.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgSVPw_K28E

10/24/20 – Revisiting Old Mistakes

Fuuuuuuuuck! So close, yet so far. Did six approaches today in Chicago, got three numbers. Each a flake but I could pinpoint the exact reason why they’re flakes. Worse yet, it’s shit I already knew how to avoid.

Let’s just get to the approaches:

Approach #1The Data Analyst

Synopsis: Met a cute redhead taking a walk. Decided to be adventurous and said, “Hey, let’s go to the beach!” in Chicago. Only been there once and knew the general direction of where it was. The girl and I got lost. She had to redirect us to the proper direction and I qualified a fuckton (not verbally tho) by having her lead the way.

What I Did Right:

Subtle Qualification: During the conversation, I was able to pinpoint her position as an IT professional and said, “Hey, I know a few IT guys, but they’re all nerdy and boring. And I’m hoping you’re a fun person.”

She bought in and qualified.

Silence So She Invests: I decided to take JP’s advice and during the middle-end of our interaction I decided to stay quiet so she asks questions. Let her do all the work.

Tried Something Adventurous: I’ll admit, the decision to head to the beach isn’t a bad thing overall. Technically, it’s very good! It’s just that I should have known exactly where the beach was beforehand, not just the general direction.

Commanding and Leading: I did particularly good leading the interaction and where we travel to during the beginning and middle of the set.

Sticking Point:

Having Her Lead: Oh God, oh fuck. I knew shit was going south when she started leading us back to where we originally met up at. Next time, choose a location I know or try something adventurous, yet solid.

Comments: Never choose to visit a location I know nothing about.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6S3xssiEfs

Approach #2The Accountant

Synopsis: Met a cute, isolated blonde waiting for her ride. Did very good overall, but stuck around too long and didn’t leave on a high note even though her co-worker was picking her up. Felt needy.

What I Did Right:

Honestly, Most Things: I felt the interaction itself was solid. Like, I was pretty damn sexual, yet fun. I managed to use the Yes Ladder successfully, while (un)successfully qualified her when I hoped she was a fun IT professional.

Sticking Point:

Sticking Around Too Long: I felt like I lingered much longer than I needed to. I believe it stems from a sense of neediness and hoping she abandons her co-worker in exchange for me. I gotta remember: She’s on a schedule, she’s busy. Just display high value behavior + qualify her and snatch the number on a high note.

Comments: Listen to Bobman on this one: Just leave on a high note.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_2z098BoQk

Approach #3The Hotel Manager

Synopsis: Met a black haired chick on the streets. She was neutral, leaning receptive. Made the comment, “Man, I could really use coffee right now” next to a Starbucks. It was tiny and I didn’t like it. Barely any sitting room.

When she went to a nearby WalGreens and I said, “A’ight, we’ll keep in contact. I’d feel weird heading in there with ya…” which could potentially be correct, but in this situation, I established myself as high value enough that I could have walked in with her and it wouldn’t have hurt a damn thing.

What I Did Right:

High Value Behavior Despite Circumstances: She was the least hottest of the three. My target was slightly overweight, but she had what we call the “100 yard stare”, in which she looked hotter from the distance. Don’t get me wrong, her face was cute, but she was a little “thick”, which I don’t care much for anymore.

Yet, despite all this, I did the best I possibly could until…

Sticking Point:

I Started Losing Interest: Yeah, she wasn’t the hottest, but she was definitely within the ‘bangable’ range. I felt like I didn’t want to exude so much effort in this set since she was 30 and a little “thick”.

Wooshing Over Opportunities: “Man, I could really use coffee right now”, oh come on, I could have at least gotten coffee and aimed for a same-day-lay. Doesn’t matter how small the Starbucks is. Just gotta remember not to overreach my value.

Negative Frame: “A’ight, we’ll keep in contact. I’d feel weird heading in there with ya…” is a classic negative frame. I could have simply just number closed and hit her up later on in the day.

Comments: Don’t ever miss out on obvious opportunities for an instadate or otherwise.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPtbcUs-XPg

10/20/20 – Slow, Sexual Vibe + Slowly Implementing Screens = 👌

On Tuesday, 10/20/20, I decided to take Todd V’s advice and present high value behavior first and foremost, before implementing qualifications just a tiny bit into my sets. It worked out wonderfully, in my opinion. While I didn’t get a number, nor did I get an instadate, I felt a smooth, sexual vibe radiate in my game.

I bet, without a shadow of a doubt, if I met a girl who was receptive or hell, neutral leaning receptive, it would have worked out in my favor.

Let’s get to the approach, shall we?

Approach #1The Nurse (at Carroll University)

Synopsis: I met my target while she was walking up the staircase of Carroll University. She was blonde, had blue eyes, and was heading to class. I focused on being calm, collected, yet sexual when I opened her. She loved it, but after a few minutes of conversation, told me she had a boyfriend.

Overall, she was hooked, but she was the definition of a neutral set. If I persisted, I potentially could have led this where I wanted.

What I Did Right:

Slowly Incremented Qualifications Without Overshooting: I was able to subtly use a comparison screen + Yes Ladder after establishing myself as a sexual, high-value man. This was in complete contrast to Monday, 10/19/20, where I ran qualifications at the beginning of the interaction and easily overshot my goal.

As Todd states in My Complete Model of Game, make yourself 5% better each day. In this case, using qualifications 5% each game session until it becomes ingrained in my head.

Strong Sexual Vibe: I felt like a sexual, powerful vibe encompass the interaction. Yes, while the girl wasn’t bought in, I was able to establish a sexual / masculine frame and better yet – a man who knows what he wants.

My target felt that and was compelled to stay in set.

Slow, Methodical Speech: It’s funny, but every time I open my set in a slow, methodical, and sexual voice, it goes well. However, despite knowing this, I don’t do it sometimes. In this case, I did. I gotta remember that all sets are unique, I’m having fun, and to keep things Man-to-Woman from the get-go.

Tried Number Closing After Yes Ladder: After my target told me she was going to print paper before heading to class, I knew I had to at least try to close her. I did a Yes Ladder before number closing unsuccessfully, but at least I played to win.

Sticking Point:

Should Have Persisted… Possibly: This one is a toss-up. While I should have potentially stayed, I knew she was busy and she insisted she had a boyfriend. She was friendly and receptive, though. Should I stayed in set? Possibly. I think it would have been better to dip and find other more receptive targets.

I Forgot Her Name: A mistake I make a bit too often. I forgot her name, despite the fact she told me. It’s a big fuck-up in game that I need to quit doing.

Comments: Remember slow, sexual vibe + implementing qualifications 5% each session = Success.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq9ppSnMtdk

10/17/20 – Practicing Qualifications

On Saturday, 10/17/20, I ventured off to Chicago solo and decided to practice my Evaluation phase of seduction; more specifically, compliance testing so the girl invests in the conversation.

As everything new you learn in game, you have to get worse before you get better.

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday with this one Serbian girl I met.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Approach #1The Serbian Girl

Synopsis: Met this girl on a bridge in Chicago. Interestingly enough, I thought she’d be bitchy given her stoic, serious expression. Turns out I was wrong. She was friendly, somewhat receptive, but I knew I had to work to build attraction.

I successfully had her comply with a few of my requests while attempting to display high value traits + premise. Of course, since I was specifically practicing compliance testing, my overall game declined, which is to be expected.

At the end, I Facebook closed her, but it didn’t lead anywhere.

Sticking Point:

Not Enough Premise: I tried implementing premise into the interaction with a certain amount of success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as Man-to-Woman as I’d like it to be.

Sorta High Value: Same as the above sticking point. I portrayed myself in the highest value I could, but since I was focusing on qualifications, it wasn’t as high value as I’d like it to be.

What I Did Right:

Compliance Testing: I consider Saturday to be a win due to the fact I was able to have her comply to my commands on at least three separate occasions. I was fumbling around mentally on a few other compliance tests, but none came up in set.

Next time, I’m going to focus on screening.

Comments: Keep practicing qualifying techniques (ie. compliance tests, screening, etc)

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOzmW9rR7cA

10/12/20 – Bobman was Right!

On Monday, 10/12/20, I ventured off toward UWM and decided to experiment with letting go of ANY sort of fear; whether it be plotting my game path to decrease running into the same girl twice; approaching despite bad angles; etc.

Let me tell you, it worked wonders.

I decided to combine this mindset with Bobman’s advice of running optimal game within the span of 1-2 minutes before moving on IF the girl was on a schedule.

Thanks to that, I obtained a solid number with a cute gamer girl.

Let’s get to that approach, shall we?

Approach #1The Gamer Girl

Synopsis: Within the first 5 minutes of arriving at UWM, I ran into this cute, brunette haired girl sporting a Polaroid camera jacket and sweat pants. Her personality and appearance gave me Max Caulfield vibes from Life is Strange.

She was shy, yet friendly. Came from Chicago and started attending UWM this year. Got her number. Now we’re texting back and forth rapidly.

What I Did Right:

Qualifications: I was able to have my target qualify herself to me on multiple occasions. The more she qualified, the more she began to open up.

Cool Guy Vibe: I ran your standard “cool guy” game throughout the interaction. I displayed high-value traits while – after reading her blueprint correctly – simultaneously throwing in comfort when required.

Premise-y, but Not Incredibly Sexual: My target had a sense I was attracted to her, but not overly so. A weakness of mine is showing intent instead of premise. It only works on “Fuck Yes!” girls, but not sets who’re neutral or hell, even neutral leaning receptive.

Not only that, I knew from her introverted vibe being inherently sexual would scare her off. I ran a more comfort-based game intermingled with being a cool guy.

Short, yet Effective Interaction: Our interaction lasted five minutes or less. I didn’t waste time and I was able to successfully save up social energy.

Sticking Point:

None this time around.

Comments: While I was on Adderall during my day game session, it’s amazing what eliminating the mindset of fear does to you.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZIqsCTVhKs

10/10/20 – Letting Go of the Mindset of Fear

On Saturday, 10/10/20 I ventured off to Chicago and came to a “lightbulb moment” realization: My game, schedule, virtually everything was driven by fear. I avoided the main city streets because I wanted to approach girls alone; I didn’t want people to hear my game.

I schedule my venues so I don’t have to visit the same locale twice a week. Why? So I don’t burn it out, but most importantly: I don’t want a girl I gamed prior to see me again. I was avoiding that strange, awkward encounter and did everything to accomplish that.

Today, I let go of fear.

I didn’t fight it, rationalize it… I just let go.

My game increased considerably and I’m proud of myself.

I did six approaches today. Two are worth writing about:

Approach #1The Floridian

Synopsis: When I was walking down Michigan Ave, I met this brunette HB hard 6 – soft 7, chilling on a bench. I opened her directly, she was neutral, leaning unreceptive. I gamed her the best I could, before realizing continuing further would burn through my social energy and ejected.

Sticking Point:

N/A. Decided to do the best I could before ejected out of set.

What I Did Right:

Social Conservation: Due to the fact I played it smart and decided when to eject out of set when I didn’t feel any chemistry, I conserved social energy for more receptive girls. It’s the reason why I was able to approach as long as I did.

Comments: It was smart to eject out of set early to save energy.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFESsELbrfk

Approach #2 – The Girl in Black

Synopsis: Shortly after my first set, I ran into this girl donned in black sweats, jacket, and red hair. She had an Adventure Time phone case and was unusually receptive. Our interaction lasted 5 minutes, before I took her phone number and she jetted off onto a train.

Sticking Point:

N/A. Set was too short, but…

What I Did Right:

Capitalized on Receptivity: While our interaction was short, I managed to hook my target enough she wanted to hang out with me. She’s what Mark Manson calls a “Fuck Yes!” girl and I capitalized on whatever reception she had my establishing strong premise and having her qualify to me.

Comments: Keep capitalizing on Fuck Yes! girls.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ4sM8gG3jU