Going back to the Past (and Schedule)

On 01/10/24, I discovered I didn’t have enough savings to live in Europe. It’s a shame since I wanted to meet attractive women in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. However, this is NOT a failure. I will not be a Diane Selwyn. My dreams are not broken, they are on hiatus. My objective is to live in Europe at 33 (aka in two years).

Instead of focusing on a business, I need to save $24,000 to spend at least $1,000/month + make the difference via freelance writing. I need to live in Europe for two years. In the meantime, it’s back to hitting the streets in the USA for me: college campuses, malls, the good ‘ol days.

But… I need to go back to being a software engineer. So far, I’ve had a 1 1/2 year hiatus. I quit DentaQuest in July, 2022. Tech companies will question that. I’ll state I wanted to be a tech writer so I can create my hours. If I work at an American company, I’ll have to adjust to their schedule.

Anywho, I’m rusty. I need to regain my skills. I should be able to do this via re-watching Udemy courses, creating mock projects, etc. I’ll need to do Pomodoros. Since I’m starting off being disciplined again, I’ll start slow. After I get comfort, I’ll titrate up.

Here’s my Pomodoro schedule:

Work days (3 Pomodoros): Do this FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. This is because my brain will be sharp and fresh. After I do my Pomodoros, I can submit my daily meme on r/slaytheprincess.

Pomodoros so far: 1, 2,

Off days (6 Pomodoros): Do this FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. When on my 3rd Pomodoro, submit my daily meme. After that, I can check on the status of my posts during my 5-10 minute breaks.

Finance calculator:

My goal is to save $7,000 before I leave for my sister’s place so I can start doing interviews. However, I need to ensure I have enough saved up before I can do that. Let’s go over my finances:

Total per month: $1,300

Health insurance: $150

Vape: $120

Credit Card: $60

Upvotes: $70

Total potential savings per month: $900

Pomodoro goals (today):

  1. Go through LinkedIn profile and send relevant resume information to resume writer.

Work Schedule

Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m getting a bit lazy. I’ve grown complacent staying in the Philippines, so it’s high time I make a schedule I stick to.

The purpose of this schedule is to balance finding new clients and working on current article pieces for pre-existing ones.

Therefore, this will be my weekly schedule:

  • When I’m NOT working on a piece for a client, send 3 highly tailored cold emails per day.
  • When I AM working on a piece for a client, send 1 highly tailored cold emails per day.
  • The goal is to net 1 client by the time I leave Christy’s place after staying there for two months.


  • Buy new running shoes for Eastern Europe and cardio
  • Fill out lay reports and Philippines data sheet
  • Get HIV NAT test
  • Fill out taxes

Cebu City Game Schedule

In Cebu City, I will be practicing pickup five days a week. They are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will dictate my day game locations starting off, before setting up a night game schedule once I start getting comfortable.

Tuesday: SM City Cebu

Wednesday: Ayala Mall

Friday: Banilad Town Centre (there’s three malls adjacent to each other)

Saturday: SM Seaside

Sunday: Ayala Mall


  1. As long as I get THREE new bangs a week, I’m happy. That’s the optimum number I’m aiming for. Once I hit 50 total bangs, take a month off game to save up money.
  2. Get 5 phone numbers each game session. Go the STW route and snatch phone numbers and plan dates there. If the girl is REALLY into me, go for SDL if possible.
  3. This week, 07/24/22 – 07/31/22, do old fashioned game (ie. meet with girl, talk to her, etc). If I don’t get many leads, go the route most PUAs recommend. Write my number on a piece of paper + hand it out to them. This is gunna be weird, but try out, “This is for you” or “You’re cute” and hand out the paper. A good reference is: https://www.199flags.com/how-to-seduce-cebuanas/
  4. So comfort tests are HUGE in Cebu City. Girls think you’re cold approaching every girl. They want to feel special, like they’re the only one. Make them feel special. If they ask if you’re doing this to other girls, just say, “No, I’m a very monogamous guy. I can’t think of ever dating two people at once.

Digital Nomad Finance Plan

  1. If I have $8,000 USD saved up, begin making plans to travel to Cebu City.
  2. If I have less than $8,000 USD saved up, stay at my sister’s place for 1-3 months working on my business. Whatever it takes to have $8,000 USD.

I just checked my bank account. I believe the best thing for me to do is to withdraw $100/week, starting Saturday, 05/28/22 and live off it for an entire week. That means spending $15/day. Given that I’m at my sister’s place, this is very plausible. Hell, I could spend far less than $15/day.

Another plan to jumpstart my business? Pitch 15 cold emails per day. After reading this post by Elna Cain, she states it’s a good rule of thumb to send 15 cold emails per day.

Cebu City Expenses

If I get fired from my job due to this whole background check thing, I want to ensure I spend approximately 1,000 USD per month in Cebu City. To do that, I need to seriously monitor my expenses.

  • Rental: $300
    • I’ve successfully secured a lease costing me 16,300 PHP, which includes internet.
  • Utilities (water, electricity, etc): $140
  • Transportation: $70
    • Don’t use Grab unless I’m taking a girl home.
    • My primary source of transportation will be Angkas. It’s a motorcycle service used like Uber or Lyft. A single ride literally costs $1. So, let’s say I day game 5 days a week: $2 x 5 = $10/week x 4 = $40/month.
    • Only use Angkas when I’m going for day or night game. Most of the time, hang around my neighborhood.
  • Phone and Connectivity: $10
    • Internet covered with rent.
  • Food (my biggest expense): $200
    • It’s cheaper to eat at a carinderia than it is to cook. They cost $1 – $2 USD for a meal. If you do that twice a day, that leaves you with $4 – $5 USD for eating lunch and dinner.
  • Dating: $80 – $100
    • Let’s say I meet a girl and I take her to a cafĂ©. The average price of a coffee in Cebu is $2.50. If we include two, that ends up totaling $5. So, 5 x 4 = 20. 20 x 4 = $80.
    • Remember, we’re not going for relationships. Only spend enough $$$ to net a bang.
    • Don’t invite them over at night. Only during day – if I invite them at night, they stay longer and my expenses go up.
  • Health Insurance: $52
    • Going with SafetyWing. It’s $42/month. However, I put it on credit card, so it’s $52/month.

TOTAL: $872/month

Cebu City Schedule

Before I begin, I need to limit myself to $1,200/month spending. Other than that, nothing else for now. Let’s get to the schedule.

  1. Work: Monday – Saturday.
    • Total Work: 6 hours a day.
      • Work schedule: 9AM – 12PM; 1PM – 4PM.
      • Take Sunday OFF.
      • Do 5 projects for Leisel; 3 projects for draft.dev per month
        • Do 1 project for Leisel every 2 days. 2 x 5 = 10 days. And I’m done with Leisel’s projects for the month.
        • Do 1 project for draft.dev every 5 days. 3 x 4 = 12 days.
        • Total time spent on projects: 22 days.
        • Total income (before tax): $1445 USD/month.
        • Total income (after tax): $1012 USD/month.
      • Alternatively, do 8 projects for Leisel; 2 projects for draft.dev per month
        • Do 1 project for Leisel every 2 days. 2 x 8 = 16 days.
        • Do 1 project for draft.dev every 4 days. 2 x 4 = 8 days.
        • Total time spent on projects: 24 days.
        • Total income (before tax): $1430 USD/month.
        • Total income (after tax): $1008 USD/month.
  2. Pickup Artistry:
    • Total Game Days: 4 days a week.
      • Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after work.
      • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday OFF.
  3. Massage:
    • Total Massage Days: 1 day a week.
      • Go Sunday
      • Check out Healing Point Massage. 1hr Swedish massage is $6.
  4. Bars/Clubbing:
    • Go Saturday. Initially for fun, but eventually, begin gaming.
    • Start off at The Tavern. They have 50 PHP ($1) Red Horse beers. Drink 3-4 to get phucked up fast homie.
    • After Tavern, go to Mango Square.

Instant Gratification or Delayed Gratification? It’s Your Choice.

As I’m typing this, I’ve jerked off three times today. And I’ve done it consistently for the past five days. I feel like shit and my motivation is down the hole. My dopamine receptors are shot. Hell, I’ve been spending less than an hour working on my freelance writing business per day, despite the fact my sister and her kids are gone out of the house. I literally have no excuse but to bust out hours of good, hard-earned work.

But it’s time to get back on my feet and chase greatness over feeling good short term.

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

Instant gratification via jerking off or delaying said gratification for future glory, future adventure, foreign & exotic girls, and a successful freelance writing business.


I know the answer.

It’s time to quit playing around and get to work.

From here on out, I will jerk off only once a week. That’s it. No more, no less.

Let’s get back on the narrow road to success and win.