My Supplement Cycle

In order to improve my game and overall well-being, I’ve decided to take supplements. Namely, Ashwagandha, low dose aspirin, and L-Theanine + 5HTP in the afternoon. Here’s my schedule so I don’t become tolerant to my supplements:

1. Ashwagandha:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in morning on empty stomach
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

2. Low dose aspirin:

  • Take every day. No exceptions.

3. L-Theanine + caffeine mix:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in afternoon at 1pm
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

4. 5-HTP:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in afternoon at 4pm (before going out)
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

The 10 Week Boost

When I first hit up Chicago on September, 17th 2021 I will be at a slight disadvantage. I haven’t gamed full-time in 4 months ever since I left Milwaukee to live in Springfield. Therefore, I begin my day game sessions in Chi Town I’ll be a little rusty. I’m creating a 10 week plan starting September 17th, 2021 – December 1st, 2021 in order to play catch-up with my pickup skillset.

The plan is: Go out 5 times a week. In a mix of both college + street game settings.


  • Monday: Exercise (30 mins)
  • Tuesday: Harry S Truman College
  • Wednesday: DuPaul University
  • Thursday: Harry S Truman College
  • Friday: OFF – exercise (30 mins)
  • Saturday: Chicago street game
  • Sunday: Chicago street game – exercise (early in the morning; 30 min)

After my day game session, I will strive to submit at a bare minimum 1-2 field reports per week + an audio recording.

My Finance Plan

In order to leave Springfield on October 29th, I will need to spend $400 or less per month max on food, while the rest goes to my $322 car payment. I believe I can easily cover breakfast by the pop tarts Dad buys me at the Dollar Tree, while a majority of my income will go toward lunch ONLY. Therefore, I will write up a pay schedule depending on what I’m doing that day.

Pay Schedule:

  • Monday: Adderall day – just eat canned food at clinic
  • Tuesday: Just eat canned food at clinic
  • Wednesday: Game session – eat general chicken ($6) at Woods and that’s it.
  • Thursday: Adderall day – just eat canned food at clinic
  • Friday: Just eat canned food at clinic
  • Saturday: Game session – eat breakfast at clinic; eat Ichiban lunch ($10) and that’s it.
  • Sunday: Game session – eat breakfast at clinic; eat Ichiban lunch ($10) and that’s it.

Total: $26 + $30 gas = $56/wk = $224/mth

The next section will detail how much I SHOULD be saving if I follow these guidelines without straying. It will list out my potential savings month-by-month and encourage me to obey my schedule.

Monthly Savings:

  • End of July should be $14,400
  • End of August should be $17,100
  • End of September should be $19,900
  • End of October should be $22,500


  • Approximately $80 a month will go toward gas to Springfield. This may increase once I bump my game sessions to 3-4 times a week once college semester starts.

My PTO Gameplan

Since I will be living in Springfield for 10 months, I believe it’s profitable if I hit up various US cities and spend my PTO that way instead of visiting the Phils this year. If I had to make a list of PTO days, they’d be:

  1. June 10th – 13th: Denver
  2. June 25th: Chicago
  3. July: Hit up ATL w/ Pete to see Erb.
  4. August: Chicago or NYC to see Neil
  5. September: Austin to see Erb
  6. October: Chicago
  7. November: Chicago

My Springfield Game Plan

On 05/21/21, Friday, I move to Springfield, MO. Unfortunately, I’ll experience a shortage of hot girls compared to Chicago – or hell, Milwaukee. Therefore, this post will serve as a schedule which dictates where I’ll go and my overall game plan in Springfield from May, 2021 – March, 2022 when I move to Chicago.

Schedule (college off-season):

  • Monday: Exercise (30 mins)
  • Tuesday: Exercise (30 mins
  • Wednesday: MSU Library -> Battlefield Mall -> Barnes and Nobles -> Marshalls -> Ross -> Tj Maxx
  • Thursday: Exercise (30 mins)
  • Friday: Exercise (30 mins)
  • Saturday: Marshalls -> Ross -> Tj Maxx -> Barnes and Nobles -> Battlefield Mall -> Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park
  • Sunday: Marshalls -> Ross -> Tj Maxx -> Barnes and Nobles -> Battlefield Mall -> Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park

Schedule (college on-season; begins August 23rd):

  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: Missouri State University
  • Wednesday: Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Thursday: OTC or MSU (1 wk OTC, next MSU. Switch back and forth)
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: Marshalls ->Ross -> Tj Maxx -> Barnes and Nobles -> Battlefield Mall -> Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park
  • Sunday: OFF


  • Take as much PTO as I can between now – August 23rd when classes begin. This is so I can keep my PUA skills sharp in high density areas. Take no PTO from August 23rd – December 7th if I can help it.
  • I will have 95 hours of PTO up until August 23rd.

My Destination Goalsheet

As a pickup artist, I went to travel to various US cities and game according to it’s culture. I will strive to remain in each city for 1 1/2 years before bouncing to a new city. Here’s my dream list:

  1. Springfield, MO – May, 2021 – April, 2022
  2. Chicago, IL – April, 2022 – November, 2023
  3. Austin, TX – November, 2023 – June, 2025

Back in the Game

Pictured above: The Holy Trinity of Game

It’s time to get back into game.

For three months I’ve neglected game due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In this instance, I’ll admit it wasn’t my fault my game atrophied. The virus closed down college campuses, malls, and virtually every great day game venue out there.

However, with the lockdown slowly ending, I believe it’s time to reemerge as Milwaukee’s premier and most dedicated PUA.

While the lockdown hasn’t fully ended, venues are beginning to reopen once again.

Henceforth, starting June 9th – my 28th birthday – I’ll begin approaching and continue my pickup artist journey.

Yes, due to the three months off, I may require to take baby steps again – but it’s all worth it.

College Gender Statistics

I’ve decided day game almost exclusively at small college campuses. Why? Much better gender ratios that skew in my favor. Compare that to Mayfair or Bayshore where sets are moving continuously and the quality is iffy at best.

This post will serve to log the gender ratio of each college I visit:

  1. Alverno College – 100% female student pop.
  2. Mount Mary University – 100% female student pop.
  3. Herzing University – 75% female student pop.
  4. Cardinal Stritch University – 68% female student pop.
  5. Concordia University – 66% female student pop.
  6. Carroll University – 65.3% female student pop.
  7. Milwaukee Area Technical College Downtown Milwaukee Campus – 55% female student pop.
  8. Wisconsin Luthern College – 55% female student pop.

02/08/20 – Madison Observations

On Saturday, 02/08/20, I did six approaches in Madison, WI – however, literally none of them were worth recording. Therefore, I’ll take this time to jot down my observations on Madison compared to Milwaukee.

First and foremost, there’s definitely a larger college crowd in Madison and consequently, far easier to execute sets in rapid succession. I can safely say college campus game is far superior compared to Milwaukee’s.

Overall verdict: College campus game (Madison) > College campus game (Milwaukee)

Second, while Madison has the upper hand at college campus game, it fails at mall game. There are two malls in Madison, WI; however, both of them sport two leading demographics: Old people and jailbait. That’s it. There’s no in-between. I rarely, I could count with one hand, the amount of college students I saw in either mall.

Meanwhile, mall game in Milwaukee is bustling with targets I could approach once every few minutes.

Overall verdict: Mall game (Madison) < Mall game (Milwaukee)

JP Call #2 Notes

  1. Should I show more premise in the set at the beginning like in your infields where you’re mostly direct? Answer: JP goes 80% direct, but he’s aware game is weird. When JP first started, he was super direct but got paltry gains. It was a long answer, but overall, don’t go direct like JP. Go for indirect, situational, observational, etc.
  2. When a girl blows you off after going direct, what should my next response be? For example, you tell a girl she has the most adorable fucking look, she says thanks and tries to leave. Answer: Answered at #1. Don’t go direct.
  3. What are your thoughts on day gaming in a town 1 1/2 hours away? Answer: Big fucking YES. Implement that into your game immediately.
  4. A buddy of mine swears up and down to fill my Insta and use it as a social resume of sorts. What are your thoughts on that for someone who mostly day games? Answer: Yes… but it’s not too important. Always go for a number close instead.
  5. When a girl is receptive to you, should I keep tossing premise lines, go to evaluation, or close? Answer: Just move it forward aka go to Open, Premise, Evaluation, Narrative, and Close. However, go for EVALUATION if a girl is receptive.

Mission #1: Break down celebrity interviews.

Mission #2: Be alot more playful with stronger premise. If I’m in set, I must say a premise line within the first minute. If I don’t, I leave the fucking set.