Notch #5: The Lesbian Punk Rocker Girl – As God Intended

Warning: NSFW details below

On 05/08/21, Saturday, I went on Date #2 with a girl named Cassie. She was a so-called “lesbian”, relatively attractive (if you’re into that female Commander Shepard / Ronda Rousey look), and most importantly, incredibly receptive. She’s what Mark Manson calls a ‘Fuck Yes’ girl in Models. Definitely side chick material tho, given that she’s already in a relationship with another woman.

Cassie had dyed red hair, two underbite piercings on her lower lip, with an affinity toward darker color palettes. Her appearance and dress was geared toward the metalhead subculture. The best part? She was fit. A tight ass with firm abs. Her personality was the definition of push-pull. A mix of super flirty, super touchy, but she’d pull away to gauge my reaction.

After I fucked her, it was all pull, no push.

Before I officially begin my report, I’d like to thank u/fastlife15 for extending valuable inner game advice that lead to my success with Cassie – and no doubt, my future success with women. And winging with u/Part2Pete, who I swear, is one of the handful of PUAs who knows what the fuck he’s doing.

If I hadn’t discovered r/CovertPickup during the Fall of 2020 – and most importantly, devoted myself to writing FRs and taking everyone’s advice to heart – none of this would have been possible.

Notch Report #5:

After my initial date with Cassie on 05/04/21, Tuesday, we scheduled a meet-up on Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to secure my notch during the first date due to token ASD/LMR. After day gaming with u/Part2Pete, I texted Cassie a bit before she sent me her address. It was a 25 minute drive, located in Northwest Chicago. At first, my goal was to pick up Cassie -> take her to a taco bar in Downtown Chicago -> pull her to my car. However, the cost/benefit ratio was so skewed, I figured I’d wing it and find a bar in her neighborhood.

When I picked her up, I knew Cassie lived in a substance abuse recovery house. During her late teens – early 20s, she was a hardcore party girl and rampant alcoholic. She checked herself in 10 months ago trying to turn her life around… but now had rules to follow. Unfortunately, this included strict guest regulations and curfew at midnight.

I advised we hit up a restaurant near her house, but she said she wasn’t comfortable going to a venue near her neighborhood since she recognizes so many people out and about.

Sooooo off to downtown we go.

We arrived in Downtown Chicago at 8:30PM. While walking, Cassie said she wouldn’t mind hitting up a bar, as long as I kept tabs on her. Since the taco joint I initially planned was a fair distance away, back to the trusty ‘ol Emerald Loop we went lol

In 15-20 minutes, we reserved a comfy secluded table in the bar and escaped the rain which fell upon Chicago. However, this time, I decided to heed u/fastlife15’s advice and seriously tone down my kino. We kissed a few times, sure, but it was closer to little pecks on the lips.

After a little flirty banter, I checked my phone and saw it was 9:30PM. I knew I had to close soon. And I sure as hell didn’t want a repeat of Date #1.

So, while it wasn’t ideal, I dropped a hint that I reserved a hotel nearby since I was staying in Downtown Chicago multiple days. I distinctly recall saying it was the boujiest place I’ve ever seen… but a few minutes later I said I hadn’t checked in yet. Total fuck-up if it wasn’t with Cassie.

In hindsight, I don’t think I had to sell the hotel idea so hard. If it was any other girl that wasn’t 100% sold on me, her ASD would have flared up like a cold sore lol. If I truly had entitlement, I should’ve just taken Cassie back to my car and found some dark alleyway outside of city limits.

Buuuuut it still ended up working. Even if it set my wallet back $150 + service fees );

Unfortunately, I really hadn’t reserved a hotel room. I was a liiiittle panicked since I inherently knew ordering anything off mobile apps sucked ass. Worse yet, Cassie seemed totally down to check the hotel out. After excusing myself to the restroom, I swear it took 10 minutes to reserve a hotel room. My debit card got denied twice. However, I managed to snag a room at Virgin Hotel. It was right across the street from Emerald Loop. Boujie, too.

We left Emerald Loop without finishing my beer lol. After checking in at Virgin Hotel, it truly was boujie as I imagined it to be. Red carpets, classical music, and a hella strong 1920s vibe.

Aaaaand the next part I wouldn’t advise any guy do unless you’re seriously ON with a girl…

Once we arrived at our hotel room, sex began like immediately. All our pent-up urges. All our pleasantries in public – gone. It took a minute, maybe two, before we began passionately making out. I started kissing her neck, my free hand grabbing her small ass. Cassie unzipped my pants, pulling out my cock, “Oh my God, you’re thick,” she said before engulfing my dick in her mouth.

We took off our clothes and I bent her over, inserting my cock and fucking her pussy standing up. After that, we went to doggy -> she began riding me -> doggy again. Unfortunately, I came inside her. She stood up, cleaned herself off, and we snuggled post-sex.

At the end, we left Virgin Hotel and drove back to her house. As she was about to leave, she said, “Hey, be sure to text me when you get back home. I want to know you’re safe.”

After talking with u/fastlife15, he said I put myself in an excellent position. I’m a man just outside her reach. And the inevitable break up will be far less messy if that’s what I desire.

Nevertheless, I slept with a girl with a girlfriend.

Man and woman. Like God intended.

Notch #4: Dumpster Diving

No man should be proud of this.

On 07/19/20, Sunday, a few hours after our highly educational day game session, Chris and I decided to experiment with gutter game. What is gutter game exactly? It’s night street game. Particularly, approaching girls leaving bars/clubs at the mid-end of the night.

I initially learned about gutter game from Roosh V, but never practiced it. That is, until Chase Amante of Girls Chase recommended night street game as I quote, “Street approaches at night, especially at the end of the night, have higher odds of you taking the girl home than any other kind of approach you do.

Very bold claim. Chris and I had to put Chase’s theory to the test.

Needless to say, it worked, but… not in a good way.

At around midnight, we left McGillycuddys and decided to try our hand at gutter game. In the far distance, I spotted two targets who appeared thick, but not overly so. Good practice, I thought, as we made our approach.

I was damn wrong.

As we got closer, I was able to examine their features: Two hard 4s (if there’s even such a thing), overweight, decent faces, but horny as hell. Like, I wasn’t willing to run decent game on them. It wasn’t worth the effort in my opinion. But… they made everything so simple.

I won’t go in-depth on such low-quality targets, but I barely ran any game. For that, I kept going. Low energy, pretty much idle conversation and horny girls? Yeah, I was willing to dumpster dive for a single night. Am I proud of it? Fuck no. I’ll never do it again.

At the end of the night, the 4s brought Chris and I to a Western Plus near Milwaukee airport. We fucked them in the same room. Which was super fucking awkward for Chris and I.

I’m going to end the report there because nothing else needs to be written on. However, a few lessons were learned:

  1. In hindsight, we should have left the set and gone for hotter targets. It would have given us far more accurate, objective data on how effective gutter game is. As Todd V states, “Approaching hotter girls is good for the soul. Decent or ugly girls? Yeah, it’s easy. But what good is that? What have you learned as a person?
  2. Chris and I made a promise to approach and fuck soft HB 6s at a minimum. We felt like shit after fucking the 4s. Never again.
  3. Interestingly enough, with all the benefits of NoFap, I wasn’t able to last long in bed due to increased sensitivity. I’ll have to find ways to counter that.

Date #1: Nerdy Belgian Girl – A Bit Too Rapid Escalation

On 02/15/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University. She arrived at Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea a minute or so before I did. Of course, I intentionally showed up late to display non-neediness and the fact I’m a cool guy with lots of options.

However, there was one issue: The cafe was filled to the brim with patrons.

Consequently, our conversation was mostly platonic with premise/evaluation lines tossed in between. Even Nicole – the Belgian girl – stated she wanted to express herself, but felt restricted due to the heavy social atmosphere of the cafe.

An hour or so into the date, I began to feel socially drained. My game, energy and overall enthusiasm began to drop. With nothing left to lose, I pulled the trigger by stating we should leave the venue and go for a quick walk. As we stepped outside, I did minor kino by locking our arms together – only to hold her hand a moment later.

She didn’t resist and responded positively to my advances.

“Coincidentally” – and I say this because I intentionally chose a day game venue close to my apartment – we walked past my apartment and I pretended to check for my keys. I said I had to grab something and since we’re both here, minus well she tag along. She obliged and we both went upstairs to my room.

In my apartment, my game should have skyrocketed due to the fact it’s only the girl and me; and while it wasn’t bad, it was moreso ‘acceptable’ instead of ‘good’ or ‘great’. It was playful though. We chatted for a bit and I recall she said she had an ‘experience’ with other people before.

It was ‘big bait’, as Roosh calls it, and I had to find out more.

While she said she wasn’t comfortable talking about it, I was curious and didn’t bother drawing out further details. Eventually, for reasons I don’t know, she capitulated and told me a beta orbiter of hers became aggressive without “going through all the steps of getting someone to like you”. We all know what that means. If it’s as terrible as she paints it out to be, that’s anyone’s guess.

I ran some comfort game. She didn’t cry but was obviously distraught at the prospect of being alone at some dude’s apartment due to past experiences.

After a few minutes, she began to settle down. She was calm, her head against my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her. As if I played an actor in a movie, I lifted her chin up and kissed her. She responded by kissing me back and we made out passionately.

I pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs open, and resumed making out. I knew I had to escalate somehow and was calibrated enough not to go for the kill immediately. If I wanted to bang this girl, I had to play it slow.

Therefore, I stepped into the bed, set my head on a pillow with her above me.

As we resumed making out, I escalated in a series of steps: Lips -> Neck -> Chest -> Breast -> She takes off her top -> I kiss down her belly, going for her jean button -> Try taking them off -> Boom.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the sequence.

I managed to take her top off, but she gave a soft whimper when I went for her jeans. I took it as a sign to back off, continue escalating properly, and pray for the best. Meanwhile, I was in nothing except my boxer briefs.

She was deeply aroused, judging by her heavy breathing, hard nipples, and the fact her chest was red. It gave the appearance my girl had hives.

… But damn, she just wouldn’t budge. I mean, I’m not worried. It was the first date. Hell, I’m surprised I was able to escalate as far as I did.

We stopped about 20-30 minutes in. She sat up, quiet for a few minutes, while I wrapped her arm around her. She said she had to go, but will text me later.

I shrugged it off, went to my computer, and began writing this field report.

Update: She text me back a day later. She initially assumed I wanted a casual relationship and said she wasn’t into that. However, I BS’d my text by saying I want something long-term. She was pleasantly surprised and is down to go for a second date.

Notch #2: Drew from Taylor’s – A Night of Hypermasculinity and Sexual Aggressiveness

Warning: NSFW details below

On 12/6/2019, Friday, I met a girl named Drew at Taylor’s. She was drunk, relatively attractive (I’d wager an HB 7; definitely a girl-next-door cuteness), and most importantly, sexually aggressive. Definitely not relationship material, nor remotely useful for anything beyond an ONS.

She had brunette hair, blue eyes, about 5’7”-5’8”, with a definite Germanic look to her. Her appearance and dress reminded me of a girl you’d see in the late ’90s – early 2000s’. Black coat, light blue jeans, and a bun-like hair-do. Hard to describe. Unfortunately, she was also “thick”. Not fat, but not skinny either. Her personality wasn’t terrible – but after we fucked, she began to chase me afterward and I simply responded nonchalantly at her advances.

Before I officially begin my report, I’d like to thank an artist I met along the way. He was a Hispanic gentleman, possibly late 50s, and quiet. He radiated passion which helped lighten the mood. A polar opposite of my logical nature. Without his winging, I don’t know if I would have succeeded tonight.

Techniques and principles used during the seduction primarily hailed from Liam Mcrae’s Rapid Escalation and James Marshall’s lesson on focusing my sexual intent. Thankfully, due to the training from Natural Lifestyles, I was able to secure a notch that very night.

Notch Report #2:

At first, I started the night out at Taylor’s heavily introverted and suffering from approach anxiety. I decided to order a full-serving of Stella Artois, sideglancing at a light-skinned black man adjacent to me gaming a blonde-haired white woman.

After a few minutes, I decided to leave. Don’t get me wrong, Taylor’s was awesome. I loved the deep house music, the older and more mature crowd compared to Victor’s. Once I exited the front door, I lit up a cigarette and met the Hispanic artist.

That’s when Drew and her crew came out. It was her, an older female she met tonight, her friend, and some dude who reeked of beta behavior.

We chatted it up for a bit and Drew’s crew invited me inside for drinks. The Hispanic artist and I looked at each other with a knowing expression and we both went inside.

After dancing with Drew, I started to become a little aggressive. I moved my face closer to her’s, before we finally kissed a few times. She looked at me sternly and said, “We’re so not having sex tonight.” I knew from her expression and tone of voice that this was a shit test. One that I fucking passed with flying colors.

At 11:30PM, she wanted to leave. I wasn’t sexually aggressive enough, and a hint of anger of not pushing harder overcame me. I decided to dance with her one last time, and while dancing, I pushed her against the wall. My hands began unconsciously exploring her body, fingers running down her jeans while I aggressively made out with her. Interestingly enough, her pussy was hairy, but she wasn’t wet. Not yet.

In response to the onset of my aggressive sexual advances, she started moving her hand down my pants, stroking me.

I had a half-chub, and from the corner of the bar I heard a guy scream, “Woo! Get it!” I thought he was trying to cock-block, but it was a split-second later that I learned he was cheering me on.

Within 20 minutes of messing around, her friend decided to pull us into a pizza harbor.

Drew kept insisting she had to see her friend, but I was persistent. Really fucking persistent. I pulled her into an alley (which sounds bad, I know), and began making out with her in a secluded area. My fingers started drilling into her pussy which was visibly wet during this time. Unzipping my belt, I took out my erection and she started stroking it before going out and giving me a blowjob.

She decided we should stop and since this was an alleyway, I started formulating plans to pull her back to my apartment.

Once we went inside the pizza parlor, Drew stated she had to go pee. I simply followed her inside the restroom. She didn’t shoo me out or make any negative responses. After she went pee, I pulled her onto the floor, jeans to her knees. She said, “We shouldn’t do this, people could be coming,” but that changed as I entered my member into her pussy.

In response, no joke, she moaned and said, “Fuck me.”

That was the crazy part of the story. Afterward, Drew’s friends left her after we both spent about 15-20 minutes in the restroom. I pulled her home and we near continuously fucked for about 3 hours. I thought I had fucking sexual stamina. Drew was a fucking sex fiend.

Addendum: I’d like to note Drew is absolutely broken. She enjoyed it when I choked her in public, pulled her hair and slapped her ass hard. There is something terribly wrong with women in American society, and a prime example of that is how Drew loved being treated like trash.

When I decided to be softer after sex, she was still aggressive, but I started seeing a little more disrespect and shit on her end.

11/17/19 – My First Notch!

Warning: NSFW details below
Warning: NSFW details below

My first day I go out hunting, I catch a lone gazelle – an Asian American to be exact. She was 35 years old, half-Filipino/half-Chinese, with a giggly girly personality. She was OK, I’d say a 6 out of 10, but was easy. Like, too easy. I didn’t have to run any game on her and she pretty much was the aggressor in the situation.

I banged her twice, came on her pussy the first time, and the second time was myself. My pull-out skill was pretty spot-on.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use a condom on her either. This scares the living shit out of me due to how easy it was to bang her. In any other case, I’m going to get an STD check tomorrow or during the week day.

While this was an easy catch, I yearn to hunt and plan to approach more difficult sets in the very near future.