Weight Loss Goal

Before I go to Cebu City, I want to weigh 150 lb. I will do this by…

  • Restricting what I eat. No breakfast. Only lunch and dinner before 5PM.
  • Exercising on elliptical until I hit 500 calories. Exercise 6 days a week. Friday, Sat, Sun, Tues, Weds, Thurs. Take Mon off.
  • Vaping will help me hit my diet goals faster.

Let’s see if I can hit 150 lb in 2 months.

My Author Bio

For new clients:

Adam is a tech blogger. He uses his 3+ years of experience as a software engineer to craft engaging content which pulls readers in. His articles have appeared on Medium and Good Men Project. When he’s not working, you can find him planning a new travel destination or playing video games.

For Good Men Project:

Adam is a tech blogger who currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He has 3+ years of experience working as a software engineer. When he’s not writing his latest blog post, you can find him dating or planning his next travel destination.

JP Call #7: Notes And Questions


  1. What’s a good opener for girls who don’t have anything distinct about them? The reason why I ask is because I’m missing lots of opportunities on opening girls who don’t stand out. For example, a girl wearing a normal t-shirt and shorts.

    I usually do an observational opener on most sets. For example:
    • “You look like the most chill person here right now”, if I see a stationary set sitting down, who looks relaxed and texting on their phone.
    • “That is the most flamboyant shirt/outfit/whatever I’ve seen all day!” if I see a girl wearing something colorful.


  1. When it comes to girls who aren’t distinct in ANY venue, you have no choice but to go direct (fuck).


Is Night Game Even Worth It Anymore?

Last night I decided to night game at SITE 1A. The music was great, but the vibes I got from the club, in my opinion, was lackluster… and due to the fact the club was filled with dudes. But then again, I didn’t have the high-energy game that I expected to have either. Which brings up the question: Is night game even worth it for me any more?

As I get into my late 20s, I feel the energy I once had for night game begin to drain. Perhaps, as a strategy, I go to different, lower-energy night venues or a club I can vibe in.

In any other case, I did two approaches last night and both didn’t go anywhere. I attribute this to my approach anxiety combined with the vibes/mindset I had with myself and the venue.

Therefore, I believe it’s imperative for me to focus on day game on Friday coupled with night game. I will make adjustments to my schedule once I find an adequate day game venue in Milwaukee.

Infield Report: 02/24/2019… Who knew taking a break from game for four days could do so much damage?

Evening gentlemen,

Throughout this week I haven’t been approaching as much as I ought to due to the rigorous schedule my college has and therefore, I’ve done one approach within the past 4 days. To top it off, I’ve been a shut-in due to programming constantly and I can sense my social skills declining. Therefore, today I decided to go out and do four approaches today. To start, I felt like a newbie again today: Approach anxiety, awkwardness, and passing opportunities to talk with women were common. Let’s get to the report, shall we?

Approach #1: I started my day game by going to a local Target where hot moms are known to haunt. My first approach was with this relatively attractive white woman. I hesitated immensely, passing her three times before I maned up and did the approach. When I told her she was cute and I wanted to say hi, she looked at me blankly and said, “I’m married” before abruptly walking off. I felt my ego take a hit. Like, big time… which is GOOD. My body needs to readjusts to rejections.

Approach #2: I went indirect and asked this cute Latina girl working at a store about to close down (I forgot the name) by saying, “Excuse me, do you know when this store is closing down?” She told me mid-late March. I smiled and told her another reason why I approached her is because I liked her hairstyle. It was short and curly and honestly looked pretty cute. She thanked me and we chatted for 5 minutes or less. She’s going to college for robotics. I was relatively amused as I’m going to college to become a software engineer – both related fields.

Unfortunately, she went back to work while slowly talking to me, losing interest, before I said my goodbyes.

Approach #3: I walked to Marshalls and did my third approach there. She was a Latina in her mid-20s, shopping down an aisle. I hesitated momentarily before doing the approach. I smiled and said, “Hey, I saw you from an aisle over and I thought you were cute and had to say hi.” She paused momentarily, smiled and laughed before saying, “Hahaha, sorry but I’m with my boyfriend right now!” I smiled politely, thanked her, and gtfo’d faster than Flash Gordon out of that store.

Approach #4: Final approach. I suppose you can call the final set an indirect direct approach. I met this Latina woman, mid-30s, who was wearing this interesting looking fur coat. I approached her and asked where she got her coat from and stated it looked nice. She smiled warmly and said Mexico City before stating she actually lives in San Luis, AZ. She works as an RN in Mexico and went shopping with her sister in my hometown for the weekend. We chatted for about 10 minutes before I noticed her looking around. She said she had to reunite with her sister before smiling pleasantly and waving goodbye to me.

Overall Verdict: Man, remember those days I said getting a phone number was an ‘okay day’? I change my mind, those are GOOD days. I didn’t think I’d lose alot of my game so fast. It doesn’t matter. I need to find a way to do more approaches daily so I can keep working on my game.

The most important lesson: Focus on your intentions.

The modern man’s Holy Bible

“When in doubt, focus on your intentions.” – Mark Manson, Models.

Whatever I said in the past, whether it be about speaking slowly, various techniques to attract women, etc. Nothing beats this one vital aspect that changed my game life forever: My intentions. Today was a revolutionary experience that I personally believe, changed me from a beta to an alpha.

I posted what occurred in another post, but the second I stopped thinking about the perfect direct opener, deciding if I was in the optimal location to approach or not, and focused solely on my intentions. Something happened… I felt an intense, driving force within me scream to get laid. That’s what I was there for, right?!

I didn’t worry about saying the right words, reminding myself to speak in a low, deep tone or “from my chest”. They all came naturally. I felt superhuman.

Whenever I go out, whether for day or night game, I will focus totally and honestly on my intentions. No self-reminders. No nothing. Just remember why you’re gaming: To get laid. At all costs.

Meditation can work wonders

Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk living in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

He was the monk who burned himself alive in protest to South Vietnamese corruption. However, despite being in flames, he never uttered a single word or scream. He was motionless.

This is superhuman, is it not? Literally, clinically, beyond normal human capabilities?

It’s insane that there’s not even one real explanation for how the monk was able to do that.

The entire crowd watching is gripped with horror, all affected and probably traumatized by the scene. And yet, Quảng Đức sits there, calm and postured, and wordless, while fire eats him alive.

He had meditated intensely in the months before his immolation. Meditation has profound effects on the nervous system. Master practitioners are capable of withstanding strong environmental stimuli.

And still. He knew for months what he would do to himself. That he would die in possibly the worst pain the human body can endure. He woke up every day with that thought in his head.

On the morning of, he put on his robes, knowing it would be the last time he would do so. Every step he took, he knew, would bring himself closer to the final spot, where the only thing that awaited him was agony beyond his worst nightmares.

And yet, Thích Quảng Đức walked upright towards it. All human instinct, existential fears and animal desire to avoid death at all costs meant nothing to this man, this superhuman.

Now imagine what I can do if I meditated? Any goals I have, any dream, any doubts stopping me from accomplishing my goals.

JOB UPDATE: Traveling to New Jersey

Recently, I was given two positions as an entry-level Software Engineer in New Jersey. All I have to do is meet up with a Big Data employer for my first opportunity or pass a programming assessment for my second opportunity. If I ace either one of these interviews, I will be able to get the dream life I’ve pursued for years and get one step closer toward being a full on bulldog.