How Advanced PUAs Approach

From here on out, I will never do the jump in-front of the girl approach ever again. Newbies and intermediates do this, but I’m working on stepping up to advanced.

In this video, Karisma King discusses the most optimal day game approaches and how to do it.

This post will be incredibly short, but from the looks of it, I’m able to do the following:

  1. The Police Stop: Stop the girl when she’s right in-front of you
  2. Side Stop: Stop the girl when she’s beside you
  3. The Excuse Me Stop: Stop the girl when you’re behind her a little.

When I’m Infield, Practice F.R.E.D.

After gaming for approximately 1 1/2 weeks in Chicago, I discovered I get blown out way more than I should – particularly in college campuses. Yes, I do observational openers, but they’re not good enough. As fate has it, Todd V submitted a video on YouTube entitled “From Hello to Interested Every Time”, which details a model ensured to hook my target in all instances.

The model is called F.R.E.D.

Looking back, I’m able to execute ‘F.R.D’, as in Focus, Relevance, and Decision. I’m missing Emotion. Let’s look at each individual step.

Focus – I must get her to pay attention to me. This is easy enough and a step I already do. A simple “hey, excuse me,” is good enough.

Relevance – she needs to feel whatever I’m saying to me as a person must have relevance or meaning or something in her life. For example, “you have the most LA look I’ve seen all day.” It implies she has a fashionable sense and it specifically about her outfit.

Emotion – she needs to feel a compulsion to halt whatever resistance she to you. Use emotionally charged words like ‘troublemaker’, ‘devious’, etc. These kinds of phrases have a sexual, yet flattering connotation. It hints at a man-to-woman conversation. For example, let’s say I meet a liberal arts major, I could say, “Anyway, you look like trouble, but interesting.” IMPORTANT: I need to work on this.

Decision – make her accept the proposition. For example, “I’ve gotta go soon, but I’m a little curious about you. I’m Adam, and you are?”

09/26/21 – Exploring New Grounds In Chi Town

On Sunday, 09/26/21, I ventured off to Navy Pier with Chris to find new viable day game venues. Earlier on in the day, we hit up Fulton Market… and subsequently decided there wasn’t nearly enough talent to make it a worthwhile trip. We walked so fuckin’ much that day, we were tempted to call it quits early.

Thankfully, Chris and I both stuck it out. If we hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to run two great sets. While only one was recorded, it’s definitely worth writing an FR on.

Approach #1 – The Columbiana from Medellin

Synopsis: A little after my first set with this adorable South Korean girl, I met this Columbiana from Medellin. She was short (a little under 5 foot), a soft HB 7, and lived in the US for three years. I felt like I had great energy gaming her, given how receptive she was right off the bat. She was with her family tho and I made a few mistakes which I personally think cost me the set.

However, after discussing my approach with Chris, he believes my target simply gave me token resistance. If I persisted, I’d easily be able to land an insta with her – despite the fact her family was nearby.

What I Did Right:

Pushed It To The Limit: I tried my hardest to push the set to the absolute limit. I’m pretty positive she gave me token resistance a few times in set, but I treated it like a shit test and pushed on.

Good Balance of Value/Comfort: I was in the moment, calculating my target’s body language, expressions, vocal tonality, and overall vibe. Thanks to staying grounded, I was able to calibrate and readjust my game in real time.

Sticking Points:

Too Obvious of an Instadate Close: My biggest fuck-up imo. JP states I should treat my instadate closes super casually; like I’ve closed hundreds of hotties to bars and this Columbiana is just another girl. What I did was stop -> say this is “super random” or some bullshit -> before trying to close her. That puts waaaaaay too much pressure on the girl.

If I had to re-do the insta close, it’d be: Walk past bar -> casually point and say ‘Oh I heard this place as bomb ass drinks. Two minutes, let’s check it out’ -> Boom. Instadate.

What do you guys think?

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Make My Insta Closes Super Casual: Since I’m adept at closing at coffee shops, I don’t have a problem. However, bars are another story – but no matter, treat closing at bars the same as your run-of-the-mill Starbucks.

Comments: N/A

Audio recording here:

09/21/21 – The Re-Emergence of Skill & College Campus Intel

On Tuesday, 09/21/21, I ventured off to check out Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. It has a mid-sized student populace of 9,000 and is predominantly filled with cute Latinas. Overall, it’s a venue I’d consider hitting up again during the Winter when I need to game in-doors.

Before I officially begin this report, I’ve been scouting colleges campuses within Chicago to determine if they’re viable day game venues. The upcoming section will primarily be for my personal reference, but if you’re a pickup artist unafraid of gaming college cuties, feel free to use this as intel.

Northeastern Illinois University:

  • Tier List Score: B tier
  • Total Enrollment: 9,000 (mid-sized)
  • Gender Ratio: 59% female, 41% male
  • Observations:
    – Predominantly Latinas, barely any white girls – or anything else, really.
    – Lots of 5s, 6s and 7s.
    – Girls come from mostly poor or low middle class families.
    Pro: Relatively close to my apartment.
    Pro: Great for Winter temperatures due to hallways which connect to campus buildings.
  • Revisit?: Yes

Loyola University Chicago:

  • Tier List Score: A tier
  • Total Enrollment: 16,500 (large)
  • Gender Ratio: 67% female, 33% male
  • Observations:
    – Predominantly white girls, a few minorities scattered about.
    – Girls come from affluent upper middle class families
    Pro: Massively disproportionate gender ratios
    Pro: Lots of 7s, 8s and a few 9s.
    Pro: Perfect for street day game due to sheer amount of quality targets
    Con: Has Marquette University vibes (sheltered, boujie white girls)
    Con: Highly restricted access to campus facilities. Enforced by security personnel.
    Con: Coffee shops and instadate venues are sparse
  • Revisit?: Yes, with caution. Exclusively for street day game.

University of Illinois Chicago:

  • Tier List Score: C- tier
  • Total Enrollment: 33,000 (massive)
  • Gender Ratio: 52% female, 48% male
  • Observations:
    – Diverse student body. No one ethnic group dominated the campus.
    – Girls ranging from poor to low middle class families.
    Con: Lots of 4s, 5s and 6s. Who knew such a diverse community could birth so many ugly chicks lol
    Con: Far away from my apartment
  • Revisit?: No

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get back to the report.

Approach #1 – The Shy, Nerdy Latina

Synopsis: At Northeastern’s library, I met this isolated cute, 22 y/o Latina HB 6 scrolling through her phone. She was def the nerdy type, who giggled a ton and was going to college to learn finances. I ran a good mix of both comfort/value game, before closing my target to a cafe nearby. Once I moved her, we chatted a bit before she had to go. So, I snagged her number and we’ve been texting back and forth.

In my opinion, this was textbook game I ran prior to moving to Missouri.

It was smooth, calculated, and I was running with a plan in my head. Of course, this isn’t to say I’m 100% back to my old self, but if I had to give a wild ass guess, I’d say I’m 60% there lol.

I def did lots of things right, but quite a few things wrong at the same time.

What I Did Right:

Lead, Lead, Lead: I felt fully entitled to the Latina and therefore, my game wasn’t stifled one bit. I inherently knew I had much higher value than my girl, nor did I feel the need to prove myself. I ran textbook game on my target and felt like I did a particularly good job leading her when applicable.

Good Mix of Comfort/Value: Since I’m still practicing on “lowering the bar” out infield, I’m able to calibrate value based game when necessary. I may have thrown in too much value at times, but I def balanced it out with comfort.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Allow My Target To Qualify Enough: I kept talking… and talking… and talking. I don’t know why. If I had to re-do the set, I’d have the Latina qualify herself in the convo + let her contribute by asking me personal questions and getting to know me as a person.

Too High Value: I felt like I was waaaaay too confident and high value compared to the shy, nerdy Latina.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Allow My Target To Qualify Herself: JP states it’s best to let your target do all the work during instadates. As is, bringing her to the cafe cost me loads of social energy. After a while, I begin burning out. It’s best I conserve my energy for upcoming sets and let my target ask ME questions while I take a back seat.

Leveling: As stated above, I was too high value for this girl. If I leveled myself and dropped my value 1 or 2 points below, she’d feel much more relaxed.

Comments: N/A

Audio recording here:

My Supplement Cycle

In order to improve my game and overall well-being, I’ve decided to take supplements. Namely, Ashwagandha, low dose aspirin, and L-Theanine + 5HTP in the afternoon. Here’s my schedule so I don’t become tolerant to my supplements:

1. Ashwagandha:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in morning on empty stomach
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

2. Low dose aspirin:

  • Take every day. No exceptions.

3. L-Theanine + caffeine mix:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in afternoon at 1pm
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

4. 5-HTP:

  • 09/19/21 – 12/19/21 full dose in afternoon at 4pm (before going out)
  • 12/19/21 – 01/19/22 abstain completely

09/18-19/21 – Welcome to Chicago

First report in Chicago.

This report will not be like any other I’ve written thus far.

Instead, it will serve as a reflection of what I’ve lost in Missouri and how I plan to regain my game skillset in Chi Town.

On Saturday, 09/18/21, I ventured off to Chicago with a friend of mine interested in watching me game, accompanied by u/Part2Pete and my old wing Chris. I knew I was rusty since I hadn’t done any approaches – let alone a serious, drawn out set – in approximately 3 weeks.

This report will log three sets which jumpstarted my game in Chi Town.

09/18/21Approach #1The Pink Hipster Girl

Synopsis: My first set, which lasted less than 30 seconds. She was sporting a pink jacket which went down to her knees. At first, she was neutral, before shifting to slightly receptive. Since I didn’t know what to say after the open, I ejected myself out of set.

What I Did Right:

Did The Approach: I’m not mad at myself for ejecting out of set prematurely. I knew I was rusty, but I had NO CHOICE but to approach. I’m proud of that.

Sticking Points:

Ejected Early Despite Growing Receptivity: Since I was running off what I knew off the top of my head, yet was being a bit too try-hard right off the open, I felt I had nothing “interesting” to say. So I left the set. This leads to my next sticking point which is…

Overgaming: I ran push-pulls, qualifiers, etc in consecutive order. So. Much. Value. Too much value based game. Zero comfort. Julian Blanc said it best: “You have to lower the bar. Realize this: Cool people – people of high value – their bar, for how good of what they have to say, is very low. People who are low value – people who are trying to impress – have a very high bar. They worry if what they’re saying isn’t good enough or will offend.”

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Lower The Bar: Don’t try and focus on value-based game concepts (ie. push-pulls, qualifiers, etc). Just say whatever comes to mind. Don’t think about it. The value based game will come with far better calibration if I just focused on lowering the bar.

Comments: First set knocked out. Thousands more to go.

09/18/21Approach #2The Twins In Pink

Synopsis: On Michigan Ave, I ran into these two girls both sporting all-pink mini skirts + tops. Both were hard HB 6s, true neutral, but since I ran a more high-energy type game, they became receptive pretty fast. In hindsight, I ran mostly solid game (ie. lowered the bar, did push-pulls, resonated fun, inner game energy), and I felt my old game skills returning prior to moving to Missouri.

At the end, I fucked up which ended the set, before they ejected since they had to grab something from their car.

What I Did Right:

Lowered The Bar: I took my advice to heart and significantly lowered the bar of what came outta my mouth. Consequently, I ran comfort + bits of value in a more calibrated way vs overgaming the girls and hoping something sticks.

Returning Game Skillset: While I don’t feel I’m remotely close to what I ran in Chicago/Milwaukee learning game from June, 2020 – May, 2021 I’m slowly but surely getting close. Shit man, this was my first day returning from my sorta-kinda hiatus of doing half assed sets in Missouri.

Sticking Points:

High Energy Game: I felt like the type of high-energy, so-called “Clown Game” as Roosh V would put it, would have worked far better at a night club. As u/fastlife15 states, it’s best if I focused on what energy I’m projecting and how I feel about myself vs focusing on trying to be an entertainer which is def what I was doing with the twins.

Careful What You Say: Oh God, oh man lol. So this is what honestly killed the set. So, the twins and I were talking about muscles and random bullshit. And I swear to God, I went, “Well, if you lifted up your skirt–” then I caught myself and was like, “Fuuuuuuck.” What I meant to convey is how I have “abs” even though I totally have a dad bod. I was giving shit to the girl that I bet she totally has six pack abs on her stomach. I came off not as creepy, but I felt a little weird saying it.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Don’t Run “Clown Game”: It’s meant exclusively for night game. Do the following instead: Project a fun, flirty vibe and sexual intent on and off -> significantly lower your verbal game bar (good for calibrating for both comfort/value) -> qualifiers

Comments: I can feel my power returning!

09/19/21Approach #1The Ukrainian Visitor

Synopsis: On Sunday, 09/19/21, I was winging with Chris and while exploring Chicago, I met this cute, soft HB 7 Ukrainian chick from Austin. She was a straight up fob from EE and only arrived to the States 2 months ago. I inherently knew I should run a far more comfort based game vs value based. It worked like a charm. All I did was actively listen and ran a few compliance tests. In hindsight, if I had to re-do the sesh, I’d re-work it as the following: Actively listen -> casually talk to her but project sexual intent + playful vibe (important) -> qualify/lead her.

So I did everything (mostly) right.

At the end, I tried instadating her, but a good venue wasn’t nearby sadly. So, I snagged her phone number and made plans to meet up with her that night.

It didn’t work out, but here’s the text exchange:

Me: “Hey Eugenia it was nice meeting you”
Her: “Nice to meet you as well, Adam)”
Me: “How’s my favorite wine sipping Ukrainian doing right now🤔”
Her: “I’ve just come to the hotel. Feeling exhausted, going to take some rest.”
Me: “Gotchu. I’m headin to Emerald Loop at 8pm why dont you come down”

No response after that.

What I Did Right:

Lowered The Bar: On Sunday’s game session, I was still focused on casually talking in a high value way, but haven’t gotten around to projecting sexual intent on and off + having a playful vibe. With that in mind, I’d say I did relatively well. She was interested at times, but I was able to read when Eugenia was losing interest. Consequently, I’d add in a push-pull or mimic a slavic accent she seemed to enjoy.

Stated Premise: I’ve always felt verbalizing intent was moreso a beginner – low intermediate method of showing a girl you’re interested in her. Right now, since I’m working up to my prior game skill, I felt this was def acceptable, especially since this girl was Eastern European. Eventually, I want to be at a stage where I don’t verbalize my interest in a girl, but let my body language show it instead.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Know Where Good Insta Venue Was: Chris and I explored a new venue in Chicago, but we had no clue about logistics or where to pull if necessary. I should have definitely found a good coffeeshop or shit, any sort of venue that permitted casual convo. Need to scout next time.

Lack of Non-Verbals / Body Language: After I lower the bar and I’m able to permanently display “high value” comfort game, my next goal is to insert subtle premise while allowing my non-verbal body language do all the talking (no pun intended). Of course, the idea here isn’t to focus on body language, but rather mindsets (important). Once I’m in the fun, playful mindset, I can project sexual intent on and off to show my interest to girls.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Scout For Insta Venues: This was the biggest drawback of the set. I bet if I was able to instadate Eugenia, she’d be a way, way more solid girl and I’d be able to maneuver myself a bit more game-wise.

Comments: Continue practicing lower the bar, after that, focus on non-verbals via mindsets.

The 10 Week Boost

When I first hit up Chicago on September, 17th 2021 I will be at a slight disadvantage. I haven’t gamed full-time in 4 months ever since I left Milwaukee to live in Springfield. Therefore, I begin my day game sessions in Chi Town I’ll be a little rusty. I’m creating a 10 week plan starting September 17th, 2021 – December 1st, 2021 in order to play catch-up with my pickup skillset.

The plan is: Go out 5 times a week. In a mix of both college + street game settings.


  • Monday: Exercise (30 mins)
  • Tuesday: Harry S Truman College
  • Wednesday: DuPaul University
  • Thursday: Harry S Truman College
  • Friday: OFF – exercise (30 mins)
  • Saturday: Chicago street game
  • Sunday: Chicago street game – exercise (early in the morning; 30 min)

After my day game session, I will strive to submit at a bare minimum 1-2 field reports per week + an audio recording.

07/17/21 – Accept Where You Are; Accept The Now

On Saturday, 07/17/21, I ventured off to Springfield, MO for a another typical day game session. As per usual, I felt like gaming in Missouri was a drag; but I didn’t want to lose my PUA skillset, so I persisted to prepare myself for Chicago.

While pulling up at a Ross store, I decided to pop on The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. As fate had it, my audible book started with Eckhart mentioning how most people live eternally under distress; living in hopes for a future that may never come, in an attempt to escape their present life circumstances.

IMPORTANT: The goal isn’t FOCUSING on your life circumstances (despite if it’s your fault or not), but to focus on your life. Your life now. In the present.

This hit me to the core. Yes, I was warming up to the idea of living in Missouri, but I truly hadn’t hit the point of true acceptance.

Once I did, I felt everything change. My focus I once possessed in Milwaukee/Chicago returned to me; I felt alive, ready to hit the ground running during my day game session; and best of all…

I met a Fuck Yes girl, as Mark Manson calls it, which this report will log. I admit, lots of mistakes I surpassed in Chicago returned, but I made strides in a few weak points as well.

07/17/21 – The Giggling Girl

Synopsis: At Battlefield Mall, I ran into this adorable, 19 y/o quarter Filipina, 75% white girl. She was, as Mark Manson puts it, a ‘Fuck yes’ girl right off the bat. She obeyed my leading, responded positively to my qualifiers, but didn’t have enough social intelligence to detect sarcasm or my push-pulls. Unfortunately, I made a few fuck-ups I knew I shouldn’t have. They will be listed on my Sticking Points section.

In hindsight, I believe a few factors which screwed the set come into play:

a.) The last ‘Fuck yes’ girl I met was in Milwaukee. That was – at bare minimum – at least 2-3 months ago. My experience with highly receptive girls has been significantly dumbed down due to…

b.) … the fact I’ve only been going out twice a week. Why? Yesterday, I drove 1 hour, 10 minutes to hit my first day game venue. Imagine tryin’ that 4-5 times a week. Hell no. This is why logistics is important.

c.) Since I haven’t been going out regularly enough, my skillset has seen a visible decline. Now, to be fair, it isn’t a drastic drop in game skill, but it’s noticeable.

So, with that in mind, I did the best I possibly good. My girl was mostly on, but at the end, we agreed to meet up later on tonight since she had work at 4PM. Called her and she gave a whirlwind of excuses why she couldn’t come out.

What I Did Right:

Pushed The Interaction As Far As I Could Go: I knew from my prior training in Milwaukee/Chicago that I needed to push the set as far as humanly possible. I tried bouncing her to a Starbucks, going for her phone # instead of social media, etc.

Comfort With Indoor Venues: An interesting observation I noticed after my day game session is how I had zero fear approaching at Battlefield Mall. In the past, I absolutely abhorred indoor venues (ie. malls, supermarkets, etc) with people going to and fro. I didn’t enjoy the idea of some stranger listening, but most importantly judging, my game. I feel like when I’m truly present in the moment, I simply don’t give a shit.

Sticking Points:

Leveling: Kaitlyn, the Giggling Girl, wasn’t socially in-tune to detect sarcasm or comprehend push-pulls to any meaningful extent. This is what Todd V calls “leveling”. A big reason why I shot myself in the foot was the fact I was “over-gaming” her by being too socially savvy. She’s 19, from SoCal, and felt like she wanted a guy she can look up to. If I had to re-do the set, I’d focus more on having her qualify a fuck-ton more + adding more comfort.

A Bit Needy: Fuck, I can’t believe I made this mistake. This is what happens when you significantly slow down gaming in a mid-sized town. Anyway, Kaitlyn had to check on her job application at a Dillards. I lead her in the right direction, but after I tried Starbucks closing her, she told me, “You don’t have to go, you can come with me,” and I took that as a green light to continue the set.

JP told me, in such situs, to NOT follow a girl’s lead if she’s shopping or has to meet anyone. Why? It comes off as needy and you degrade your value in the girl’s eyes. A better alternative would’ve been to take her # and had her meet up AFTERWARD.

Caught By Surprise: I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect a cheery, happy-go-lucky demeanor from Kaitlyn soon after the open. Like, I almost froze since my brain was like, “Wtf?” Yes, yes, I know I should be well prepared given my year of experience as a pick-up artist. It’s just that cutting down my game sessions left a mark in my skillset.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Correctly Handle Fuck Yes Girls: Remember how I gamed highly receptive girls in Chicago. Don’t DHV yourself as much, establish comfort + have her qualify alot + leading. That’s it.

Comments: The real question is: Should I leave Springfield -> Chicago earlier than October 1st?

06/26/21 – Removing Barriers To Success

On Saturday, 06/26/2021 I ventured off to Springfield, MO after deciding to go out only twice a week, but approach 5 girls at a bare minimum. This would leave me at 10 girls per week, enough time to manage my current skillset with minimal regression when I hit Chicago. However, I still feel this is far too little and I’m debating on popping in another day of the week so there isn’t a 5 day gap before my next game session.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a formal field report and won’t detail my man-to-woman interactions like I normally do; instead, it will focus on what actions I took to up my game in unfavorable situations. This info will be incredibly useful during Chicago winters given how brutally cold they can be. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

For the past month or so, my game lagged due to bad mindsets and my personal decision to live in Springfield. In my mind, I fucked up by moving to Missouri to save money. It cost me ample targets and a flourishing dating life I once had in Chicago; the fact I drive an hour away to hit up my day game venues; and by the time I hit up Chi Town, I would have lost months of progress.

Of course, my low vibration energy displayed itself in set. Girls sensed this and cut the interaction short. It didn’t help I abruptly ended practicing any inner game mindsets (ie. power of now, affirmation meditation, etc) due to the slump I put myself in.

Thankfully, I’m starting to turn shit around.

After telling myself I’d go out both Saturday and Sunday, I kept myself on a leash from ejecting out of Springfield early by promising to do 5 sets at a minimum. Of course, once you do your 5 sets, you’re already in state and ready to knock off a few more. That’s when shit really gets good.

I started practicing being present in the moment between sets, scouted for girls no matter the day game venue, etc. I ended up knocking out 6 sets – and pushing them a little, but not as far as I could – before calling it a day.

IMPORTANT: Therefore, I will do the following: Go out to Springfield on Wednesday (starting July 14th), Saturday and Sunday. On Sat/Sun, do 5 approaches. No excuses. No riding out of town early. On Weds, since I arrive at 5pm, do 3 sets. No excuses. However, since it will be dark when I get back, drive super slow back to Dad’s place.

When I’m between sets, I will focus on the present moment without checking my phone when bored.

My Finance Plan

In order to leave Springfield on October 29th, I will need to spend $400 or less per month max on food, while the rest goes to my $322 car payment. I believe I can easily cover breakfast by the pop tarts Dad buys me at the Dollar Tree, while a majority of my income will go toward lunch ONLY. Therefore, I will write up a pay schedule depending on what I’m doing that day.

Pay Schedule:

  • Monday: Adderall day – just eat canned food at clinic
  • Tuesday: Just eat canned food at clinic
  • Wednesday: Game session – eat general chicken ($6) at Woods and that’s it.
  • Thursday: Adderall day – just eat canned food at clinic
  • Friday: Just eat canned food at clinic
  • Saturday: Game session – eat breakfast at clinic; eat Ichiban lunch ($10) and that’s it.
  • Sunday: Game session – eat breakfast at clinic; eat Ichiban lunch ($10) and that’s it.

Total: $26 + $30 gas = $56/wk = $224/mth

The next section will detail how much I SHOULD be saving if I follow these guidelines without straying. It will list out my potential savings month-by-month and encourage me to obey my schedule.

Monthly Savings:

  • End of July should be $14,400
  • End of August should be $17,100
  • End of September should be $19,900
  • End of October should be $22,500


  • Approximately $80 a month will go toward gas to Springfield. This may increase once I bump my game sessions to 3-4 times a week once college semester starts.