Breakthrough: Revenge of the Ego

Why do I persist on submitting controversial comments that I know will draw the ire of SJWs on Reddit? Why do I persist reading up on left-wing talking points I know I’ll get pissed at? Why do I persist on debating how I’ll AMOG Alex’s shit when I meet him in Missouri vs focusing on the now?

It’s my ego desperately trying to defend itself from the positive changes I’m making in life.

It views advancing in pickup, changing who I am as a person, as a threat.

After listening to The Power of Now, Eckhart states the mind, to ensure it stays in control, seeks to continuously cover up the present moment with past and future. This includes bringing up bad past memories and habits to distract me from being in the present. If I don’t want to add to past pain that still lives on in me, then don’t add any more time – or any more than what’s necessary to deal with the practical aspects of the present.

How do I stop creating time? Realize that the present moment is all I ever have.

Make the now the primary focus of my life.

Important: In the past, I’d let past and future events dictate who I am as a person, while briefly visiting the present. Instead, I should let present events dictate who I am as a person, while briefly visiting the past and future.

Always say yes to the present moment.

Say yes to what’s in front of you. And see how life starts working in YOUR favor instead of against you.

Important: Negative, intruding thoughts that keep the mind fixed on the past and future originate from being a judging person. Due to it, I feed my subconscious/ego with bad shit (ie. googling left-leaning political talking points, posting comments that shit or challenge people, etc) that stops me from being permanently anchored in the now.

What should I do? Stop feeding the painbody, stop feeding bad experiences from my past, ergo my ego.

Breakthrough: Why is my entitlement with middle-upper class girls so bad?

After gaming (and getting blown out) at Marquette University once again, I kept getting blown out left and right. This has been a common occurrence every single damn time I step into the threshold of the university. However, last night was a massive win. Why? Because despite the fact I’ve been hitting up Marquette for months on in, it never occurred to me why I kept getting blown out all the time.

It’s because I’m not entitled to upper-middle class girls who come from a sheltered background.

It’s alien to me and because of that, I fall into their frame.

Important: I spoke to Fast Life and Ethical PUA regarding the issue, and Fast Life said to self-amuse he told them he worked at fucking Taco Bell and made fun of them for being too sheltered.

He didn’t fall into their frame – he shat all over it.

I never realized it until now. This was a major breakthrough that will most certainly extend throughout private universities across the States. It’s best if I take care of it now.

So, what’s my game plan? Go into the upper-middle class universities. Get into self-amusement mode. Shit all over their frame. It doesn’t matter. As long as I don’t fall into it. To go even further, I won’t even dress remotely nice to fit in the crowd. I’m going into my average joe clothes.

04/06/21 – Focus Outward + Clear Mind + Sleep Deprivation

Guys, I found how to be permanently present in the moment: Getting 4 hours of sleep a night. Just kidding – yet, not really. It’s weird, but lots of my great sets out infield happened when I’m sleep deprived. If I had to guesstimate, I think it’s because you’re operating entirely on instinct without that pesky thing called intruding/negative thoughts cockblocking you at every turn. In other words, you literally don’t have the brainpower to cockblock yourself; so you roll with what you know.

With that in mind, I decided to hit up UWM after a week after Spring Break. The weather was phenomenal for Milwaukee (73F) and I simply couldn’t pass the opportunity.

Overall, I managed to score 4 approaches, but this report will log two of them.

Approach #1The SJW Art Student

Synopsis: After an approach or two outside of the Student Union building, I ran into this cute, 18 year old art major student who is on her second semester of college. She was inherently quiet, probably nervous since she hasn’t been approached before. I tried my best to get her to invest by utilizing push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. She invested only a tiny bit, hooked a few times, but not enough to net a solid number.

It felt weird since I thought my verbals were on point.

Going off experience, I’d bet it’s due to her age. She isn’t socially skilled enough to handle a sexy, confident Asian dude who knows what the fucks up.

What I Did Right:

Ran Solid Game: At least in my opinion I did. I utilized a good mix of value/comfort, but since she was 18 years old, living with her parents, I doubt she knew how to handle the situation.

The Power of Now: Looking back, I’d always wonder how to get into state. It’s simply due to being present in the current moment. No daydreaming. No planning ahead. Just truly being there. Me and the girl. That’s how I landed my best sets.

Sticking Points:

Weak Leading: I shoulda just taken my girl to the coffee shop even if it was closed. Any sort of leading would have elicited further investment that could have net me a solid phone number. Remember, verbals alone don’t decide the outcome of the set; but rather internal factors such as your subcomms, leading, decisiveness, etc. In this situation, it’d be highly beneficial if I simply lead the girl – shit, even around campus for a casual walk.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Lead, Lead, Lead: As Fast Life states, leading and showing that you’re a man who is willing to be adventurous despite circumstances telling you otherwise, is a massive advantage compared to the average dude. Even if my logistics are fucked, it’s best to lead the girl around to closed coffee shops than to stay stationary in one spot.

Comments: 18 year old girls can be the flakiest, yet most rewarding sets ever.

Audio recording here:

Approach #2The Horror Film Girl

Synopsis: At the end of my game session, I ran into this brunette with a pixie haircut. Cute, sporting a tattoo on her neck and fingers. Very hipster-ish mixed in with a new age look. I didn’t expect my open to go as well as it did, but I opened my girl’s dog instead of rolling with a traditional direct friendly open.

As anticipated, she was neutral, but it wasn’t long before we got into deeper topics.

At the end, she gave me her phone number, but since I wasn’t Man-to-Woman enough, I bet I’ve been friend-zoned or she’s hiding her interest away until she gets to know me as a person. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep a good vibe on this girl.

What I Did Right:

Going More Indirect: As my game skillset increases, I find it more viable to run a more indirect style of game and make it work. As long as it’s congruent with how I’m feeling and inherently know I can turn it into a Man-to-Woman direction, I can make it work.

Sticking Points:

Lying: I made a bullshit story up of how I attend the university. This was totally off reflexes, but looking back, I can fosure say it was entitlement issues. She wasn’t a middle-high class girl, but moreso her tattoos kinda shook me. Most girls I engage are normal college students who I’ve dealt with hundreds of times before. This one, however, was a bit unique given her flair.

Not Man-to-Woman: Self-explanatory. Since I’m unfamiliar going indirect (ie. opening the dog), I wasn’t sure how to approach the situation so I mostly played it safe. If I had to re-do the scenario again, I could have easily let her “win me over” by her interests and/or subtly inserted a premise-y frame.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Treat Her Like Any UWM Student: I’ve ran game on dozens – if not hundreds – of UWM students. They’re unique yes, but nothing special game-wise. It’s the same time tested formula: Open -> Insert premise -> Have her qualify -> Try and lead her around/make a narrative in her head -> Close.

Comments: This is interesting. I made up total BS why I’m at the college and it still worked out in my favor. She must simply be into me.

Audio recording here:

04/03/21 – The Power of Now With A 2-Set

On Saturday, 04/02/21, u/Part2Pete and I ventured off into numerous side streets in Downtown Chicago. As is, Michigan Ave was getting played out by unskilled, “hobbyist” PUAs who shotgun approached a couple sets that afternoon. A few times – I, and Pete included – ran into girls who said some guy approached them or a similar experience occurred recently.

Therefore, we decided to hit up “unmarked territory” with less people, but even less so-called “pickup artists” who run game once a week without seriously upping their skillset.

Overall, my game session was based on realigning my focus to outer game and letting my inner, “be focused on the present” game run passively.

That day was marked by two successes:

  1. Gaming 2-sets: Due to the 10 mil metro pop of Chicago + millions of visitors hitting up Chi Town every year, I never found the need to game anything more than an isolated girl. I decided to fix my dilemma by gaming 2, 3, 4-sets and utilized Mystery Method group theory when applicable.

    This report details a 2-set, two girls who recently moved from Austria, who I’m surprised I gamed pretty good on. It wasn’t perfect, given my inexperience with group dynamics, but I thought I fared decently.
  2. The Power of Now: Thanks to u/fastlife15’s recommendation of reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I was able to get into a flow state twice in Chicago. Once with the two Austrians and another by simply emptying my mind and projecting my focus outward. It could have been anything. As long as I had a clear objective that operated from my subconscious.

    Due to this, I think it’d be beneficial to listen to The Power of Now on Audible during my 1 1/2 hour drives to Chicago.

Anyway, let’s get to the report.

Approach #1The Austrian Newcomers

Synopsis: In a park bordering Lake Michigan, I ran into this 2-set. They were encamped on a patch of grass on a picnic blanket, snapping photos of themselves on the other’s phone. I did an observation opener – a rarity that I never usually do – and decided to run totally on instinct. It’s like my subconscious recalled Mystery Method’s group theory and I remember ignoring my target most of the time, while engaging with her friend. A few times I did talk to my target, I usually said something along the lines of, “you’re trouble,” “you’re the crazy one,” etc. My energy was far, far higher than usual compared to running game on a 1-set.

In set, I could see her eyes light up multiple times, and I swear – I fucking swear – after she gave me ‘fuck me’ eyes at the end of the set, she wanted to ditch her cockblocking kraut friend.

Nevertheless, these girls came from Austria. My target recently arrived, while her friend remained here for a year. Unfortunately, they both were involved in this exchange program where they live with their American “parents” and in exchange, they nanny their kids. So, I don’t know if I have to pull some 1950s shit, but my target didn’t have an American phone number and I had to grab her American parent’s phone number instead lol.

Looking back, I’m sure I made a few mistakes, but I damn well know I did a few right things, too.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Take Friend’s Number: After talking to u/fastlife15 on WhatsApp, he said it was a far better solution to grab the friend’s number instead of taking the American parent’s number. In hindsight, yeah, I was thinking about that, but I thought shit would’ve been awkward if I tried some flirty, push-pulls texts that the friend would say. Big mistake on my part.

A Bit Too High Energy: After re-listening to segments of my audio recording with them, I thought I was waaaaay too high energy and didn’t let them invest as much as they should have. Next time, keep the energy up, but not ridiculously high.

What I Did Right:

The Power of Now: I was present, aware of my surroundings and their responses. I felt like I was operating in a flow state gaming both Alina and Catarina. I was able to successfully digest the information I got from The Power of Now during my drive to Chicago. Thankfully, 2-3 weeks of practice beforehand heavily assisted my endeavors.

Gaming 2-sets: I was proud of myself and even if this set doesn’t pan out, I got positive reference experience from the two girls while gaming them.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– N/A. Will leave blank and will update based on what the boys say on Reddit.

Comments: Focus on outer game infield. Focus on inner game anywhere else (ie. walking to the grocery store, in the shower, long drives, inbetween sets, etc).

Audio recording here:

Inner Game and Outer Game: A MMORPG Comparison

On WhatsApp, I spoke to a guy named Ryan and he said his game sucks when he tries to “be in the moment,” like what I’m practicing right now. When typing, I gave an interesting comparison that I think rings incredibly true when it comes to game concepts.

In MMORPGs, you have your active and passive abilities.

Inner game is like your passive abilities that are on at all times. You don’t use it for combat, but they’re always activated and massively assist you when you’re in combat. In other words, don’t focus on your inner game when you’re talking to a girl. It’s always on – and it’s strengths depend on how much you honed it outside of game.

Outer game is like your active abilities you utilize infield. It’s what you “level up” and focus on when talking to a girl.

My Verbal Game is Dropping. What should I focus on now?

After practicing inner game (ie. being present in the moment) for 2-3 weeks, my verbal game took a significant dive. I’m anxious, I don’t express myself (ie. lack entitlement) in a way that’s true to my desires, and I’m losing morale since this regression was far greater than any I’ve experienced before.

I decided to hit up Fast Life and a few advanced PUAs who mastered the game.

They said it reminded them of my game when I decided to totally turn off sexual intent with white girls. Game is all volumes and knobs you move a little up and down (vs switches you turn on and off).

Being present helps my subcomms and turns off my mental dialogue. But it’s kinda like how a great athlete is still practicing technique–but since they’ve spent hours training that technique, in the game they’re just able to flow.

Important: However, they innovated from the fundamentals (ie. outer, verbal game) instead of totally throwing the fundamentals out.

What does that mean? I told Fast Life that I’m going to realign my focus back to outer game, but “passively” learn inner game when I’m not in set.

So when I’m home alone, in-between sets, etc – just focus on inner game.

When I’m in set, focus on outer game and the right process.

Shift Section 2: You Are What You Think – Lesson 2.1: Staying Motivated

In order to achieve a certain level of success, I need to find a certain level of motivation.

As I know by now, this shit is tough. Pickup is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life (it’s true – even learning programming was easier than this) and I need to have a burning desire to get through all the bullshit to reach my full potential.

Important: I can’t just want this. I need to need this. I should feel compelled to learn game instead of simply desiring it. Stop dabbling around. This should be life or death. I need to feel forced to do this – there are no alternatives.

Game is emotionally traumatizing and it will fuck with me on every level.

How motivated I am determines my level of success. And I need to find motivation that’s bigger than all the bullshit that binds me and holds me back.

Julian says, “If this is important enough for you, you will find a way. If not – you will find an excuse.”

When it comes to pickup, most guys just take a shitload of information they find on the internet and just freestyle it. That’s the wrong way.

Important: Another common problem are guys heading in the right direction, but then they get stuck. It’s what PUAs call “intermediate purgatory”. I’ve experienced this so, so many times in my pickup journey. This is generally characterized by making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

[Start at 9:05]

“Give, Give, Give” and Being Genuine

This isn’t exactly a field report, but moreso a few observations I noticed when gaming in Chicago on 03/27/21, Saturday.

When it comes to “being in the moment” + forcing myself to have fun, I discovered this works to an extent. Sure, I can have fun, but what if the girl doesn’t like the vibe? I could keep pushing on and calibrating, but what I personally thought worked better is coming from the frame of “give, give, give”.

It’s a concept coined by Julian Blanc which states I should always come from a giving value frame.

Important: When I’m in the moment + “give, give, give” frame, my interactions tend to fare much better. This is because being the moment + force myself to have fun may not resonate with all girls; especially older ones. With a giving frame, you’re able to calibrate depending on the girl’s personality.

Next, being genuine.

When I open, I generally say something about the girl’s dress style, how she carries herself, etc. It’s usually genuine, but if I see a plain clothes girl that I usually do – I make up some bullshit. Girls sense this and bounce. That, or make a sarcastic quip about their dress style before rolling their eyes.

This is interesting, since I didn’t expect to learn anything from him, but Not Good Julian made a point that I think will carry on with plain-clothes girls.

Just be genuine.

It’s okay to say, “Excuse me, I know this is totally random, but I thought you had the cutest look and I had to say hi.”

That’s it.

FAQ for my Game

How do I get in state? Clear your mind of all thoughts, focus on the present moment + force myself to have fun by smiling and coming from a “give, give, give” frame.

How do I stop ejecting out of set early? Accept the awkwardness. Accept the pressure that comes from an awkward approach.

How can I be more present in the moment? There are a few ways, but aside from clearing my mind, John Sonmez states I shouldn’t be self-conscious – or thinking of what I’m saying is good, or if my tonality is ass, just be present with the girl.

Update: How Can I Become More Grounded?

This post will be short and will serve as a reference guide.

So, I shouldn’t exclusively be just grounded. After my day game session at Marquette University, I discovered a way to improve on the spot. While chilling in the Computer Science Center, I recalled Julian’s mantra of “give, give, give” and – this may sound weird – forcing myself to have fun.

After opening two sets with high, yet calibrated energy, my state began shooting up.