I Found A Demographic Which Suites Me

Unfortunately, the job in New Jersey didn’t pan out as expected. However, I discovered something incredibly important during my travel back to Yuma, AZ.

I decided to stay at a Ramada Inn in Scottsdale, AZ. During this time, I was given the opportunity to bar hop in Scottsdale or Tempe; both are renown for their impressive club scenes, but each consisting of a very different demographic in mind:

  • Tempe caters to the high energy, college crowd. You know the type: Raver or college girls who can’t hold a conversation for very long, but given the right energy and attitude, you can go far with these women, especially if you can dance. Easier, but you NEED to exude fun loving (but exhausting) energy to succeed.
  • Scottsdale caters to young, professional women in their late 20s or 30s. Yeah, they like guys who are interesting and who can hold their attention, but the energy required to expend on them isn’t nearly as much as Tempe girls.  They are, alternatively, much more conversation based and while dancing is important, it doesn’t appear to have as much a foothold compared to college types.

For gentlemen who prefer the slower crowd and have intermediate or advanced level of game, you can do quite well with these type of women.

As you may have guessed, I discovered I had much better attraction and feminine attention in Scottsdale. Granted, I visited Scottsdale bars and clubs during the first half of my night out and therefore hadn’t wasted any mental energy socializing, but from what I’ve seen, going solo in so-called “Snobsdale” worked wonders for me.

I met a marketer (let’s call her Eva) from NYC who I really connected with. Eva is a pale, Irish descendant woman (mid-30s, but by God she looked like she was in her late 20s) who flew into Scottsdale adjoined by two co-workers to impress a client interested in buying some sort of product. I’d personally rate her an 8.6/10. She laughed at all my jokes, including any negging I did, leaned in to any touching on her shoulder and arms, and even when Eva’s friends left her – she decided to stay and chat it up with me. Unfortunately, her friends forcefully pulled her aside and left after an hour of returning. This taught me two valuable lessons:

1.) Escalate faster.

2.) Befriend her co-workers (which reminds me how absolutely vital social circle game is).

After Eva left, I was able to hold at least three other minor conversations with women in the area. Not important, but notable approaches that went past “Hi”.

And with that, I’m adding “young professional women” as a demographic I can connect with.

I guess I’m growing too old for the young, dumb college girls! Unless, perhaps, the venue is quieter.

JOB UPDATE: Traveling to New Jersey

Recently, I was given two positions as an entry-level Software Engineer in New Jersey. All I have to do is meet up with a Big Data employer for my first opportunity or pass a programming assessment for my second opportunity. If I ace either one of these interviews, I will be able to get the dream life I’ve pursued for years and get one step closer toward being a full on bulldog.

Time To Get Back Into Gear

It’s been 7 months since I’ve made my last post on Adam’s Ladder. I’ve decided to put down game until I’m financially secure enough to live the life I want to. Once that’s done, I can finally rededicate myself fully to the art of game.

As a recently graduated Software Engineer, I need to prepare myself for the inevitable technical interview and will use this post to log my weaknesses, how to fix them, and any methodologies available to become a better programmer.

I’m very goal oriented and will list down what I want to accomplish within the next few months:

  • September, 2018: Prepare for the technical interview. Use InterviewCake to practice, track my weaknesses, and enough knowledge of algorithms to pass the technical interview. Do 8 pomodori 4 days/week/off-days; 4-5 pomodori 3 days/week/work-days.
  • October, 2018: Land a job. I need to land a job before or during October. The sooner the better. I’ll do this by waking up every morning at 5:30am and sending 4-5 applications M-F.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Your ability to deal with the failure will determine how much you get to deal with success.” – Dan Kennedy


We’ve all been through it along with the baggage it brings: It’s painful, embarrassing, and leaves you vulnerable. Oftentimes, men imagine the worst possible scenario imaginable like some girl screaming, “Ew! Fuck off, creep!” or “NO! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”, while dozens of bystanders stare in awe, shaking their heads in disbelief.

Yeah, I feel you.

Lately, especially while cold approaching during day game, these thoughts flood my mind.

But seriously?

What’s really the worst that can happen?

Yes, harsh rejections will occur every once in a while, but from many men’s experiences, it’s surprising how many women will respond with attraction to nothing other than a man who is bold and willing to stick his neck out.

A lot of men (myself included) assume that directly approaching a woman, telling my truth to her, will invite a mountain of rejections onto them. The surprising thing is this is rarely the case. If you’re bold and downright blunt about your intentions (ie. you’re cute and I wanted to meet you), she will respect that.

Ironically, most of the harshest rejections come from being needy, over-investing, and performing for a woman.

So next time, when you’re patrolling the mall, club, or any popular social outlet, remember to invest very little in women. Like Roosh V and many others within the PUA community state: It’s a numbers game. Move on, accept rejection as a positive thing (Hey, you two were incompatible anyway. Saves you the time and effort to try and win her over), and immediately scope your next target.

Happy hunting, gentlemen.

Shit Is About To Go Down

Holy fuck, this is going to be a memorable journey for sure.

So, I was reading Models by Mark Manson and he stated I must be direct, honest, and most importantly, vulnerable with my advances. What does that mean exactly? That means I should walk up to a woman, having low investment in her, and tell her the truth: “Hey, what’s your name? You’re beautiful and I wanted to meet you.”

There is no acting.

There is no preperation.

This is balls to the wall, I look and immediately approach, spewing my true feelings without hesitation.

To achieve non-neediness and not care if she becomes Responsive or Non-Responsive.

Real shit.

I will apply Mark’s advice from now on.

Shit is about to go down.

PS: This is on page 79 of Models. Read it. Love it. Learn it.

In-Field Report (02/10/18): Yuma Palms Regional Center

Verdict: A learning experience.

I didn’t get any numbers, but I learned three valuable lessons during my first day game:

a.) There’s a massive difference between game theory and actual game in-field. I thought I was prepared, but in actuality, I wasn’t.

b.) Don’t be super proactive. I learned this the first time I hit Kress Nightclub: The more proactive and goal oriented I am, the worse my results will be. Today’s day game reaffirmed that.

I discovered the best way to game is to remain calm. Yes, have an agenda, but don’t try too hard to persue it. Let it flow naturally. Do not overprepare. Do not obsessively think about game. Be natural.

c.) Who the fuck cares what these bitches think? In the back of my mind, I was anxious about approaching – especially during the first half dozen cold approaches. It wasn’t until I asked myself, “Why do I give a fuck what these bitches think?” the correct alpha mindset kicked in.

Remember these three points for game on Sunday at downtown Yuma.

In-Field Report (02/03/18): Kress Nightclub


This will be a very brief report as it wasn’t too eventful.

In any other case, I reunited with two people – Miguel and Rebeckah – old classmates from Carpe Diem. I talked with Rebeckah and got her number (for a later bang). I wouldn’t personally call her attractive, a 6.5 at most, sporting freckles, red hair, and pale skin. A ginger.

Miguel, on the other hand, I didn’t care for.

It was nice seeing him again, but I didn’t know him too well.


  • Got Rebeckah’s number. I’m debating if I should text her or not.
  • Played it casual. I discovered when I’m not proactive or setting a goal to get at least one number, I usually accomplish more.


  • Didn’t approach enough. To be honest, I should have approached alot more.
  • Couldn’t carry on an interesting conversation with Rebeckah for long. I need to remember Models by Mark Manson. Be genuinely interested in her, find something in common and focus on that.

Memorable Quotes I’ve Come Across

While eating at a Chinese restaurant, I opened my fortune cookie and read a quote which I personally found remarkable, yet true:

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.”

I won’t interpret other memorable quotes I come across on this blog, but rather reflect and apply it’s meaning to my life.

Here are more inspirational, thought-provoking quotes:

“To women, a man with confidence is like a woman with nice tits and a perfectly sculpted ass.” -Mark Manson, Models.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“A tiger hunts best when he’s hungry.” – Bill Bowerman

“Energy flows where attention goes.” – Tony Robbins


Action Vs. Mindset Vs. Feelings

I’ve learned there are three main emotions us humans feel when we’re driven to complete our projects or accomplish our goals:


In this simple, yet effective approach by John Sonmez, I start by performing action. In order to change my mindset, I must act as the person I want to be (ie. the ‘ideal Adam’) by faking it until I make it. I will act as if I’m already the ideal Adam, as if I’ve already obtained true self-confidence, sporting an impressive physique, and I’m the prize in a relationship. Act as if I’m the person I want to be. This is action.

After a while, my subconscious will internalize my actions and will say, “Hey, that’s fucking weird. I thought you were a shy and socially anxious person who’s afraid of rejection.”

“But… you keep on talking to girls every single day without fear. What the fuck are you doing, dude?”

“Wait a minute…”

“This can’t be right…”

“…based on your actions, you must be a confident,  alpha male!”

In the past, I erroneously believed changing my mindset through self-induced hypnotherapy, listening to self-help YouTube videos, and repeating positive affirmations will inevitably change my actions and feelings. While not completely false, and while changing my mindset can help me become confident, study longer hours, or help me hit on as many girls as I possibly can – they’re not THE definitive answer.

What has happened, however, is a temporary change of mindset. For example, let’s reflect on my attitude and personality at work. At times, particularly after consuming a caffeinated beverage (ie. Rockstar Energy Drink or Starbucks Frappe), I get a dopamine rush. All of a sudden, I’m happy, I playfully tease my co-workers, speak to patients in a pleasant, calm, and slow tone, and if they’re attractive women, my voice deepens and I get into my “ideal Adam” persona.

Now, to be fair, this isn’t bad. Not at all.

I simply need to focus on acting out my desires instead of psyching myself up beforehand.

Just do. Don’t think. And I will eventually become whatever I desire.